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/ Sunday, January 20, 2008 /
since i am back here, at home, took all the chance i can to surf the net. uitm is making their students susah as they did not provide internet in the room. ugh. as if its not enough for them to ban so many websites and yet still did not provide internet access in our dorm room. wtv la.

ooooh, i have so many things to do, the assignments, research, sketching to do and stillll have time to blog? haih mira.

oh yea, yesterday went to kak yui's engagement ceremony. firstly, congratulations kak yui, walaupun belum kahwin lagi, still congratulation jugak. hee. the ceremony was seronok sgt. the caterer were mostly guys, CUTE guys kot. haha, kak yui, where did u get all the cute caterer? i wantttt for my engagement jugak, haha. kak yui was soo cantik and soo cute with the white bows and anis looks so dashing that day in black. what more can i say, u guys are sooo cute together la. (:

ok la, i think i should just stop now, got to settle the heavy loads of assignments and my bus to sri iskandar is leaving at 8.30 in the morning tomorrow. aduh, ok bye!


in love

/ Tuesday, January 15, 2008 /

This is the best part of learning ID, these are the kind of reference books I’m dealing with. Top that with lots and lots and lots of interior and architecture magazines. How great is that right? I know I know. Haha. And the tutorial was the total opposite of what I had when I used to still studying business (which was a complete bore), but not ID. The subject is great itself, and just fascinates me in every ways. I love the lecturers here, they’re fun and energetic and definitely friendly-er. Like seriously. But I hate to the fact that almost every single baju (excluded baju kurung) that I brought here, is inappropriate here. Shaite, inappropriate my arse la. Haih, who am I to complain kan? But still, im glad that I changed to this course. It benefits me in many ways. Really.

Ps: there’s so much assignment to be done, researches and all. Hey, I’m not complaining okay, just to share experience of what I’ve been through here. But so far, I’m doing very goooood here :)


sri iskandar

/ Wednesday, January 2, 2008 /
hi :) people, im in uitm sri iskandar now. well, at least its good to know that uitm perak did not block Blogger. but, honestly, i still in love with uitm segamat. i tell about it later.

u will be hearing from me soon
ttyl :D:D
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