Christian The Lion

/ Thursday, May 21, 2009 /
The Power of Love.

To make a long story short, Anthony "Ace" Bourke and John Rendall, two Australians living in the hip Chelsea section of London in 1969 bought and raised a 35 lbs lion cub from a department store, which they named Christian, in their living room. They became local celebrities of sorts, parading around London with him, taking him to restaurants and even playing soccer with him.

But as the 35-pound cub grew to 185 pounds and food bills became astronomical, they knew he would have to be released to a less urban habitat. So they arranged to take him to a wildlife refuge in Kenya. They visited him periodically for several years.

After going without seeing their old friend for several months, they were told he had adapted to his new environment, and the two returned to say goodbye. That's when the famed reunion took place.

Watch Christian The Lion here because I'm having some trouble posting the video up here. watch it, I promised you wont regret any of your time. It gets me everytime i watched the video. I know you will too.

ps: i cried my arse off, there i said it. hmphh.


/ Tuesday, May 19, 2009 /
i wonder where have all my posts goneeee? when i logged in just now, my jaw dropped to the floor when seeing the number of posts i've had. 170? what the heck? before this it was right near the number 200. sheep.

nvm anyways, im starting the driving lessons tomorrow. not the driving part, the 5 hours ceramah, all over again. thanks to the lazy arse me back when i'm 17. i should've just finished the lessons with izzati back then. haihhh

speaking of which, i realllly miss izzati. i don't know she's graduating. what kind of bff am I? haih.

beautiful ads

/ Sunday, May 17, 2009 /
can these advertisement get any prettierrrrr?

the first time i set my eyes at these ads, I knew I am in love.

the Miss Cherie Dior Perfume ad was directed by the uber genius, Sofia Coppola, the same person who directed Marie Antoinette. the ad was set in Paris (who doesn't love Paris?) and it got all the very things that I lived for. the ad got me so baddd, with the pretty flowers, the balloons, all of the surroundings and the cute pastriesss. I need to be in the ad. I just got to.

the second ad, is the Elizabeth Arden new perfume, Pretty. the ad was just a simple girl-watching-herself-in-the-mirror ad, but the whole dramatic flower mural on the wall that makes it remarkably fascinating, eye catching and lively. the ad was directed by Mark Dixon. you got some taste here, Mark! hehe

I know these ads will blow ur mind away. if they didn't, I dont know what will.

Miss Cherie Dior

Elizabeth Arden - Pretty

i was proposing the whole dramatic flower wallpaper for our room to my sister, and she said it'll be too crowded for our oh-so-small room, and i knowww she got a point there but a girl can dream right?

and the dream is to have a BIGGER room! oh please, please please please!


/ Friday, May 15, 2009 /
i really really really need to start on my diet plans. I just did a quiz on facebook entitled "How Fat Are You?" and my results screams back to me. " You're just a Fat Ass!" waaaaaaaa~

you're a killjoy. cehh

ps: this is not how I planned my holidays okayy.

mom's the word.

/ Sunday, May 10, 2009 /

happy mother's day mama
and to all the mothers around the world.

i thank you for every little things to all
the big things that you have done for me,

not even one time have you complained about it,
thank you mama

i will trade anything in the world for you.
i love you mama.

people, cherish them while you still can.


/ Saturday, May 9, 2009 /
oh I just came back from Jakarta - Bandung one-week trip. I had a blast anddd a loads to unpack. will share the photos later ye. oh boyy , going to Indonesia for just a week have been such an eye opener. It made me realised how I am sooo grateful that I was born here, not there.

have a nice day people :DD
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