love issues

/ Friday, July 31, 2009 /

I have a problem. BIG problem.

A walk to remember

The Notebook

right now: I'm craaaaaaaaaving for love story movies.

I could just line up 50 movies right now, sit in front of the TV with my gear on ( blankets and popcorn ) and watch & cry my eyes out all week and do nothing else.

and I realllly think I should should should watch

The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, Titanic, While You Were Sleeping,
50 First Date, Notting Hill, P.S I Love You, Bridget Jones Diary
(oh this is just to name a few)

all OVER again!

oh this time I'm craving big time, you have no idea.

and if you lovelies know any GOOD love story movies,
please be a darling and let me know okay.

class tripppp

/ Wednesday, July 22, 2009 /
July 13th to July 16th recently, I had a class trip to Terengganu.
and obviously, the best part was Redang Island. we had a blasttt!
here's some of the pictures while we were there.

more pictures here







It was the best 4 days class trip of my life, so far and hopefully next semester will be
better, better, better. :D


/ Monday, July 20, 2009 /
I don't know if you've noticed that I haven't got around posting anything lately


I promise to update about EVERYthangggg later kay. xoxo

and oh! i PASSED the 2nd JPJ test! weeeeee. yeeee, second. hmph.
I failed
the first one, nak buat macam mana :(


/ Wednesday, July 1, 2009 /
" I got chilllllls, they're multiplyin "


oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

exactly 10 hours from now, I'll be sitting next to Mr. JPJ for the driving test.

please be nice to me Mr. JPJ sir :S

ps: i've already got some butterflies in my stomach since this morning,
in fact, I see them everywhere now
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