What happened in Barcelona.

/ Thursday, February 16, 2012 /
I had theeee best weekend last week! My cousin and I and Shaz & Safwan had a getaway to Barcelona, the city of Gaudi! Words cannot describe how beautiful Barcelona was! It was colourful and whimsical, like candy to my eyes. The weather was nice, the sun shines so brightly, it was like a break from England's gloomy weather. And don't get me started on the food, HEAVENLY! Because of the great company I had with me, I'd do this again in a heartbeat, InsyaAllah next time with my family :)



Kent MNight 2012

/ Monday, February 6, 2012 /
Just last weekend, I went to University of Kent's Malaysian Night to see an "Elis in Wonderland" play. It was sort of a gathering for the Malaysian here in England. It's nice you know, to see familiar Malaysian faces, malaysian language, once in a while. Oh and my first encounter with snow happened here in Canterbury too! eeeekkkk!

If, and I say IF, you're wondering, the booklet's front page, I designed it thank you very much! Yes it's simple and nothing really, but it's a nice feeling, seeing that everyone in the theatre is looking at something that you designed. So bless. Hehehe


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