hate is a strong word.

/ Wednesday, November 4, 2009 /

the thing I did not like after formatting my laptop?

besides you then have to re format the laptop over and over again,
ALL the websites that I've bookmarked, GONE, just like that.

you know how I always, ALWAYS, struggling with the time because I'm an
Interior Design student (haha)? yeah, and how I always loveeee, just loveeee wasting
my time reading blogs, looking at beautiful design and stuff? you bet I do. so, that
is whyyyy I bookmarked all the websites I know I will love and will regret my whole life
not reading it, all in the laptop, so when I have the time on semester breaks, to
pamper myself going through the websites I've bookmarked for hours not wanting
to do anything else.

This is like to have a pay back of me not having a life when I'm on school mode.
But it is all gonee, out the window. All of my months of hard works bookmarking
hundredth website go wasted and nothing I can do about it but to start
bookmarking again. haihhh

maybe I should write it down somewhere, because I
never need to format a notebook,

didn't I? ? ?

and just prayyyy, I will not lose the notebook. haha

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