/ Sunday, July 29, 2007 /
tired week. u'll know if u see my face. mcm org hilang suami. haha. im busy with the assignments, orientation that never seems to end (i dont know how many orientation i've attend to, there's so many of them), and i finally registered my hotspot. a BIGGGG relief okayy. internet is something i dont appreciate much when im at home, before i came here and when i have something else to do, but here, its like a major needs tau. pergh, u have nooo idea how important internet is here, at least, to me its quite.

and ayah cute la, he wont allowed me balik KL naik bas. haha. too dangerous, he said. awww, you DO care. and mama said, let him come to u(segamat) every week. and when he tak larat to come down every single week, he will SURUH kottt naik bas. hahaha. we'll just see about that. :))

ps: friends here are THE 'best'. blahhh. :{{{

i still miss the family, the bff hny, the kucing. i misssssss.



/ Sunday, July 22, 2007 /
sunday morning kan? supposingly, everybody's mooning around, zzzzing around, but not me ok? i got tons of assignment, u dont need to know. i mean, pleaseee la. it is only my 2nd week here, in fact it is quite advance for me since this is my first time entering a UNIVERSITY kannn???!! i felt like an adult already. can they at least go easy on us sikit, for the part one-ers specifically. and tambah lagi, we were only been here for 2 weeks je . clueless sgt kott. sheesh.

oh and, i really really really need that freaking laptop here now. i need to register the hotspot, register elictrical app license yada yada yada. see what i mean? and the freaking assigment need to be done, neatly typed. dah la last wednesday, i used my roommate's laptop to do the BEL presentation, no nak mintak lagi? malu kott. and thats why i end up here, zamrud's cyber cafe. i walked all the way from mutiara college. jauh okayy. jangan cakap ar. i need the laptop so baddd.

ps: i missed the family, the kucing, the bed. ugh.

PPS: i reallllly need to borak2 berjam2 dgn hani. there's so much to tell. sheesh, i missed her so much kot. :

hey uuuu.

/ Friday, July 13, 2007 /
wei wei i miss u la. finally, i got around to online. i know i know, my blog had gone RIP for these past 2 weeks. UiTM got me la sayang. well, i miss u gile ok blogger. for my loyal reader, thank u for the visits. um, i dont think i got THAT much time to bebel so much, so i'll keep everything short k?

uitm's orientation, sucked. period.

and oh, happy belated birthday to me. yay. haha.

what? dont u think a girl cant wish herself ey? nvm that.

ttyl. :)
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