/ Monday, November 26, 2007 /
i've been wondering about this quite a few times, and maybe some of you we're too. why is it that rich people have cute names && all elegance &&& you knowww, the RICH names. like PARIS HILTON. she is named over a beautiful city, the oh-so-romantic place on earth for god sake. you know what i mean right? and also, OPRAH. thats not a name we heard everyday for biasa-biasa people like us kan? maybe in the future i have to look for so so so many baby's names books if i wanted my children to have the richness in their names. hahaha. crap. oh yea, nicole RICHie. ughhhh

anyways, i've just uploaded a surprise video my friends back in uitm made for me. well, not literally as i was holding the camera the whole time, and it wasn't really a surprise, but well, its a surprise for me how darling my friends have been to make this video ok and having to say a surprise video is much more seronok rather than saying just video kan? haha. come on people. agree with me and just play along :DD

the first one is shireen, then shera and melya. dont go around and mocking me about showing off this video. i AM proud to get this video. its not everyday u received a video like this from ur friends kan? and well, i never got any. they're the first. i love them.

ttyl love.


/ Friday, November 23, 2007 /
this cat was so malas to get out of his/her so-small bekas ok. his/her face is so penyek, i loveeee it!
look at the ears, so kecik and kebawah and comel kan? i thought so. haha
tembam, thats what i love abt this kucing :DD
so does this one. aren't they just heaven? haih.

and then went to watch BEE MOVIE right after, which was very interesting and cute and catchy. and later to bowling. no strike today or whatsoever for me, just not my luck. but hani and adik striked once, just ONCE okayyy. eleh. hahaha

MyCat Exhibition @ MATRADE

/ /
one word. super duper awwwwwesome! okay, 3 words. its beyond words. you have to be there to know how i feel about it. hahaha. the cats there were super glamorous, they're living a fairytale. they're treated like super duper royal mighty highness. they were groomed by their masters and take pictures all day long. what a way to live your life ey? now i wish i were those ever-so-expensive cats. sheesh.


/ Tuesday, November 20, 2007 /
heee. the smiley face with a big grin is just the sign of my sorry for not updating. u cant really blame me that blogger is banned in the uitm, and that im pretty busy with the books for my finals. but now that it is all over, i can blog whenever i wanted to, it just that, i cant get the hold of everything this holiday. it seems like there's so much to do and meet (and watch, i've been kinda behind of everything lately, so) this holiday and dont really have the time to sit in front of my laptop and blog. sad, yes. and omg, i just dont know in the world, why i've been putting up soooo much food in my mouth lately. im like verrrry hungry all the time, not that i eat few in the previous days but this time its like, i feel like i want to eat all the time. and i've been searching for recipes that i can make. and oh, i've been bugging mama to cook her carbonara and mee curry for me since before the day im coming back home.

this reallly freaks the hell out of me! what has got into me, idk but it really freaks me out. and i really do think i need to get back on my diet and the exercising machine that i'd abandoned quite some time. i really need to. i dont want to have to show up for the second semester looking like Fat Albert, god no.

but can i at least make one of my recipe that i searched for? hahaha.

oh yea, forgot to tell u this, but im on my semester break and it is only for one and a half months. i dont think i could ever do anything with that very short of time. haih. and i went for an interview on 171107 about my change of course for the next semester and yes i know i have to expect there will be a drawing test but why why why i hate art lessons in my high school years. i could have drawn a better blocks on the test, and at least know how to shade the freaking drawings. omg, im soooo intimidated by this one girl who apparently just got back from the UK and was taking the drawing test with me. she said she used to hate art lesson in primary school and she moved to the UK when she was in std 5 and fall madly in love with the subject. why cant i be the one who move to the UK and love art? that way, i will easily shade the drawing off, even anything that they put before me. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshhhh! ugh.

yeah, i guess u could just figured how my interview went. my drawings sucked. luckily the interviewer was so comel, the rasa-nak-cubit-pipi punye comel, yeap its a SHE. she made me feel comfortable to talk to her. so the part of interview where i talked to her is okayyyy la, i guess. i just hoped i get the course. oh please please please lemme in that course. i promise i do good and give you a biggggggg pressie. hahaha. if it just that simple.

ttyl :)
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