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/ Saturday, August 30, 2008 /

thats aizat, the konon-diva one, with me and yasmin(far left)

hi again. i just finished my apartment project and Alhamdulillah, it went well. yeah, not my best work yet but im just gladdd it ended. so, last wednesday the whole part 2 went to KL, pavillion and sunway tobe exact and boyyy it sure an exhausting trip. but i enjoyed the trip so much that i didnt actually sleep throughout the journey. this sure is better from the one i had last semester, dont ask.

ok so, just yesterday we had a brief on our last project which is a kiosk. not really a surprise for me since i've known abt it all along. i got a 3 new faces in my group for this project and i love them already. i just cant wait to start this project and we got all giddy just to mention about it. haha, except for azhari, he's the control/cool/macho one, but i know he's excited deep down inside. haha, righttt

so, i'll post more abt it next time. if, i have the time. :)

ps: Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan to all Malaysians!


longgg month.

/ Saturday, August 16, 2008 /
yea, the title kinda speaks for me. u and i know that semester 2 would be a whole lot different, very busy+++ (and very tough too!) and so, not posting anything for nearly a month should not be a question. hehe

nvm, im here now. i havent come back home since the registration, it feels like forever. so now that im home, im going to spend every second IN it. there's nothing much change here, except that my cat has a pair of cute bells around her neck now. and its like sooo cute watching her run down the stairs with that cute noise the bells make. hehe

ok, back to work. we are assigned with new project last 2 weeks. its an individual project of course. we're suppose to design the interior of an apartment for a pretty complcated family. the husband is a very religious 55 y.o senior citizen, the wife is a 34 y.o XXXXXL size model who is VERY obsessed with exercising, the daughter is 18 and seems to be the only normal person in the house. so, the design have to meet certain requirements such as the traffic flows of the house should be very well revised since the wife is very F. this, makes everything more difficult and complicated as it already does. u have to confirmed abt the dimensions with the lecturer, u got to have ur time saver with u 24/7, and the most important thing is that u have to stay W I D E awake throughout the projects. so much to do, so little time.

thats basically what im doing right now. u know how i love to blog kan? but busy sikit kot skrg. i'll post something next time. i promise.


ps: its my 1-week mid term breaks now, but i dont feel like it. im only back home for a few days. this monday i'll be going back to perak. haish
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