/ Sunday, June 29, 2008 /
yesterday, we went for the school theatre. they said, st mary's always known for their great theatres. not that i know, cos i've only been to that school since 2003, and i think their great years was way way wayyy back then. and that 2003 itself, they did a musical on sound of music which was a hit but i didnt go, and i can literally taste the regretness in me for not going, haha

anyways, they did phantom of the opera yesterday. and they did greatttt, and i were even thinking of not going to the theatre before that. bodoh je. thank god i didnt listen to my heart, haha. but what i hate about it cos, we bought the rm15 ticket, and yeah i know, we deserve the back seat, but its too much okay if we'd to missed some of the scene where the actresses act out of the stage. and suddenly all the frontseat audience were all sitting so tall, cos they had to like practically stretched up their nect to see whats going on infront, leaving us terkapai-kapai at the back. cheap ticket, do i have to say more?

but i gotta say, i loveeee the props and all the costume. so victorian-y, soo vintage!

the only picture i have from the theatre, for now. i'll post more once i got them.

earlier today, we got to wake up as early as 10 to have breakfast(not to early,i know), but its weekends for god sakes! later after that, we went to see mak anjang, she was admitted in icu cos she was suspected to have dengue, and to top that off, she's pregnant. poor mak anjang, but the baby's okayy, so pheww. hehe. i ammm so excited to welcome 5 new babies to our freakishly huge extended family. 4 from ayah's side and 1 from mama's side, paksu.

we got to raya with new babies, cool. we had Audi Andrika. she's from paksu and auntie rose. just look at that name, i love it. i always gets so excited to what paksu will name their baby. cos they got all creative with it. first, Rose Julia, second, Chinta Seri (i love this name) and the latest, Audi Andrika. hehe, this make me more tak sabar to have my own babies so i can name them beautifully, haha.

Audi Andrika, and i know, not in her best look but this picture is from her cukur jambul and this is all i got for the time being. haha, but you're a baby, you can put all of Opah's bedah sejuk on your face and still look cute, hehe

and this is that Chinta i've been telling u about. how can u not cinta her kan?

and from ayah's side, we got kak ayu's and yaseer's first baby, Balqis Fazana( i hope i got this right) which is atuk&nenek's first great grandchildren. oh cool. finally, i got someone who'll be calling me auntie in a few years from now, when she can actually talk. cant wait! and we already had pak cik syukor's and cik sal's fifth baby, but im so so sorry, i forgot her name. SORRY! and coming up, we'll have mak anjang's and mak bi's. i sooo cant wait. i love babies, hehe

Balqis Fazana, yaseer's and kak ayu's baby, the first great grandchild in the family. and she is great. she's sooo cute, u cant help kissing her over and over again. i know i did. hehe

melencong banyak dah ni. haha. continue onnn, we went to uncle bullet's brother wedding in Klang. and we saw that huge mansion of Datuk Z who just passed away bcos of only Allah knows what. i dont know u heard abt the story or not cos i dont know how to tell it here cos i myself dont really gets the whole-truth. so, mind your own business mira. and oh, the wedding was okay la. all i can say, im only interested in their fried chicken cos it was gooood, haha

that Datuk Z's mansion, if u know what im talking about.

later after that, pak long called ayah and he asked us to come to his kastam's hi tea, at the Restoran Berputar KL Tower. of course we got so excited, who wouldnt? enjoying KL from the bird-eye view and EAT! i would never say no to that. haha. and we took a little pictures with the cousins. nurul, ewan, boy and harun were there, so we had fun. the conclusion is, all we did today is eating all the way from morning til evening. nice mira, nice.

ps: i bought all the stuff i need to bring back to uitm, and its so freaking banyak, and i knowww what ayah's going to say bout this. haih


ye olde friendss

/ Friday, June 27, 2008 /

went to ou to met raisa yesterday, boyyy i sure miss that girl so much. she's one of my good friend back in segamat. and to see her again, we had so much to talk about. we went to see HULK and yeah, i did underestimate that movie a little before watching it. its a great movie, had a little humour here and there, so i liked it okay, hehe.

we were supposed to watch 2 movies yesterday, get smart and hulk. but that stupid GSC guy gave us the get smart ticket with a wrong timing. we asked for the first show, the 12.10pm show and that dude gave us the 2.30pm ticket. and we already bought hulk ticket at 2.40pm. how do u think we can see both show when it is 2.30 and 2.40 show? and that dudeeee didnt even care to trade the ticket to the first show. i swearrr to u, we've alreadyy like begging our ass off to that guy. hello, its like freaking thursday, i dont think the first show is sold out unless its weekends, i can understand that. andd we didnt get the refund back too. ugh, i swear to godd i want to punch that guy soo hard right on the face.

so, we went to Neway karaoke box before watching hulk. i never really have been to karaoke with my friends before, and im quite kampung in there. haha. but its ok, i havent done anything thattt embarassing, just a little thing. haha

and look! who i bumped into yesterday? its dianaaaaa! this girl also, i havent see like forever, since i left nandos kot. sorry d, we havent had time to talk so much cos im going back that time. at least we had prove we saw each other kann? haha

my forever-will-be obsession

/ Thursday, June 26, 2008 /


this is officially my favourite indonesian production, like ever!

samuel zylgwyn (it takes me some time to finally remember ur name dear) , im hopelessly deeply in love with you. i dont usually believe in love at first sight, and that first sight is from the tv pulak tu. but boy oh boy, now i do! haha im drooled.

and Panji (i dont know ur real name, yet), you're not so bad yourself.

everyone knows, how similar this sinetron to Meteor Garden(which is my favourite series ever,too), but whatthehellll, i love them. what is wrong with making a similar tv series but a realllly good one(mostly because of the oh-so-handsome studs) than making a boring-sad series kannn? yeah, i thought so.

watch it! Astro Aruna Channel 121, Everyday (YAY!), 9pm. repeat episode is the next day at 8am and 5pm. have fun


yummy in the tummy :)

/ Monday, June 23, 2008 /

just look at all these cupcakes. they're adorable! when i was browsing through the net, looking for gotta-have-treats for a slumber party, i came across Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes. they have like tons of cupcakes, u name it! hehehe, by looking at al these cupcakes, i got all giddy cause they do wedding cakes too, using the cupcakes.

oh how nice is that? i always dreamed of a simple, sweet and not too formal wedding. so, the cake will definately go with the theme u know. very light in the colour, pastel-yyyyy. gosh, all of a sudden im feeling of marrying. (oh, u and i know thats not gonna happen this time around kan with me still studying and everything. hmphhh) u got to love the wedding cakes, they're not the traditional kind of cakes, its like a cupcakes tower, and it creates this happy feeling inside just by looking at it. how can anyone possibly eat that?

i've looked at several websites for cupcakes recipe (the cute cute one), but all i got is normal, boring cupcakes. yeah, its the frosting and the sprinkles what makes it looked all dolly, but the frosting is a little too hard for me. nvm, i'll try to make them, and if you're lucky, u got to see them. if the cupcakes ever going to work out that is ;p

enjoy the cupcakes, ttyl.


/ Friday, June 20, 2008 /
i've got so bored lately. i mean, this is the time i should just sit my butt in front of the tv and take advantage of the so many time i have before i get back to university and not able to see any tv at all. but i get bored easily. i dozzed off the minutes after.

so, i got alternatives. i watched a few movies and tv shows. like i said before, i've finished watching the hills, and then gossip girl. and oh, ghost whisperer too, season 3. i havent watched the first and second yet fr god sakes. so, for some parts i just pretend to understand the situation when most of the time i dont.

and justttt this minute, i've finished watching Penelope. its about a girl who has living practically her whole life with a pig snout. imagine that. its a great movie and i really think u'll regret ur whole life not watching it. the choice is yours, hehe

ps: i tell u how bored i was. i was soo boring, i watched a disc 2 (out of 3 cds) hum saath saath hain over and over again. only the second disc, cos i couldnt find the first and the last disc. pathetic.


famous last word

/ Sunday, June 15, 2008 /
they say, "if you love something, set it free."

well, let's test that theory should we? besides, u did say u need time. so, take all the time in the world, cause it's now officially yours. good luck.


/ Wednesday, June 11, 2008 /
do u feel like crying sometimes, over a stupid reason?

well, if u ask me now, i do feel like bursting into one hell of a cry and did just that. nothing else. and isolating myself from everything. u know, just to get out of my system. but i feel stupid doing that. how can i even would have thought everything's going to be back to how it was? i know i should never think abt it ever again, but i just cant help it u know. as much as i want to put a stop to all this, it kept coming back to me.

u thought i was living perfectly. well, i hate to rain on ur parade, but im just as miserable okayyy. this is pathetic.

busy vacationing, hehe

/ Sunday, June 8, 2008 /

i just got back from a weekend in pulau perhentian, and boyyy it was thee best week i had so far. i really need to break free from all the stress i gotten these past few months. with the assignments and exams, i really thank goddd i had this little vacation. who would have thought malaysia have so much more to offer, rather than harga petrol naik, harga barang naik, yada yada yada. surprisingly, pulau perhentian, was not bad at all. after all, pulau perhentian was to celebrate mama's 45th birthday, and she loved it, so we're good. hehe

i went snorkelling, but that was not my best activity there as we only snorkels in front of the chalet, which, u can only found 3 or 4 fishes only. and if you're lucky enough, u get to see 5 fishes. isnt that great? *ughhhh* and the fishes arent really friendly u know. not like the fishes in sabah's beaches. we make friends with them, just like thattt, haha.

anyways, the best part was we finally had the time for ourselves, as family cos we havent been in a vacation for quite a long time, so. and i have a few pictures when we were there. and ohh, we finally got to see the sun, rising, early in the morning. haha, best

ps: i had quite a few fall-downs moment there too, but wtv, i had a ball falling down. haha, yeah right.
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