Life's good in Cinque Terre // Day 1

/ Saturday, July 12, 2014 /

The next day after we wander around Rome, we woke up really early in the morning (hello 5AM is early) to catch our bus to Florence. When I first booked the bus, I seriously thought the bus would be like so biasa biasa one because it was very cheap, but OMG. Besarrrr sangat punya! Air conditioned somemore! And hear this, free wifi all the way from Rome to Florence! Paling terkejut dalam dunia okay! Ahhh, amazing things happened when you believe .... in researching for your own transport. hehe

OH AND! The view was, MESMERIZING!

Our eye candy during the long journey in the bus, our cute bus driver everyone! :*

Sadly when we arrived Florence, we would have gone to the Duomo but paranoid me, so scared that we would missed our train because I can't get anyone to speak English to me. Not one bit! For anyone who knows me, I can't relax until I get the information I want.

So we missed the Florence experience, but good news is, WE GOT ON THE TRAIN to Cinque Terre, safely! That's okay Florence, I'll come back for you, insyaAllah :)

So, arrived in La Spezia Station (it's the nearest town) , we took a €20 cab to our hostel. Settled in, oh the landlord even gave us free towels (WIN), we then solat-solat, put on our bathing suit and wore them under our clothes and we're set to go explore Cinque Terre!

And I remembered, the first thing I saw when arriving Riomaggiore Village was this roses, all bundled in one stem! How prettyyyyy!

Seriously, how pretty is this house? I want? T.T

And, poppies popping up everywhere toooo! Ahhhh I'm already 80% hyper at this point. Be cool Amirah Farhana! 

So, this is CINQUE TERRE!

Cinque Terre consists of five beautiful hillside towns (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso) on the west coast of Italy. They are famous for being historic and, well, beautiful. Not just “This place is beautiful” beautiful but more like “I died and gone to heaven and never want to leave” kind of beautiful. YES, it was THAT beautiful. 

Cinque Terre has amazing walking trails that give you a chance to fully explore the towns, olive groves, vineyards, and surrounding area. There are quite a few trails around, the easiest of which is the coastal path. You can start the walk in either Riomaggiore or Monterosso.

From Riomaggiore, you walk to Manarola along the section called “Lover’s Lane”. This is the easiest part of the walk, with the path paved and flat and giving you great views of the ocean. It will take you right into Manarola. Sadly, we didn;t get to do that, because the path was closed due to a landslide happened a few months before :( [ All the more reason to come back! hehe]

So, we did the next best thing, we took the train! Walking to the train station was the best because you are surrounded by the ocean and let me tell you, it was a longgg walk , but it was all worth it!

Well, a girl gotta do, what a girl gotta do. Take picture every step of the way! haha

So, here we were. Manarola. One of my favourite village out of all 5. 
Do you know what we're gonna do here?


Look at how blue the water wassss? And it was crystal clear!

And then it was time to go back to our hostel, because it's getting darker. But look how pretty was the sunset here. Haiihhhh. Boleh menangis kalau hari-hari macam ni.

*Kumpul duit, pack barang, pindah sini*

 And as usual, this is the video I made for our trip here. This video is a bit longer than the last Rome video, because, I learnt my lesson. haha


Cinque Terre Part 2 // Day 2 is coming at ya soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon lovelies! :*
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