the big day

/ Friday, December 28, 2007 /
i just finished packing up my bag leaving for university just few minutes ago. with everything were out of place and i have have have to find them, thats pretty much make my packing-up more difficult and stressing. and we had a last minute shopping on wednesday and yesterday, there so many things to bring and i just cant leave anything behind. yeah, im pretty much a last-minute person and i kinda annoyed by that fact sometimes.

and yesterday, after picking up ayah at the KL Central, we went to mamak, and i guess thats our last mamak for this year :(

omg omg omg! its my



im so nervous-plus-happy feeling inside the stomach already. iwanttopuke. finally, the moment i've been waiting my whole life, haha, dramatic sikit. esok pagi, lepas subuhh, uitm perak we go! hee. ok so, its official, its my last post for this year. because i dont think i get to online in the university, because busy with transferring, unpack and stuff, so. many sorry for that.

if i dont get to online till new years, im wishing all the people in the world (this time its ALL) , HAPPY NEW YEAR! goodbye 2007, hello 2008. ok u people, im off to bed and wish me all the best leaving tomorrow okayy. eeeeek, im so scaredddddd. :D:D



/ Tuesday, December 25, 2007 /

to all the people in the world who are celebrating. hv a wonderful xmas (:

and as for me, im celebrating as well, but for a whole different occasion. im delighted to share the good news to all you people. here goes... i got to go to uitm perakkkkkk! and the best of all, im going to study interior! omg, can u believe this? this has been one of the many happiest moments in my life. u can only imagine how i felt just now. for a second there, i thought my heart dropped, and all of my system shut off automatically. haha, im good with exaggerating, didnt i? hahaha. bear with me people, im so freaking happy.

i've been longing to say this for a long time and now i can say this out loud, finally.


be happy for me kay? wish me luck on this new course okayy?
ttyl xoxoxo

dedoink doink doink

/ Monday, December 24, 2007 /
im tired of hunting houses, u know? i mean, whats the point, really? at the end of the day, its the parents who makes the decision anyway. who cares what i think right? so why the hell should i be hunting and give opinions and waste many many days looking for houses. haih.

BTW, we did went for house hunting yesterday. from am til pm. the whole day we were at NILAI. and i hate that place. very very much. later that night we went to uptown damansara for dinner and got back. had a late night movie with hani and adik, we watched catch and release. i loveeeee that movie, very nice indeed.

today, i had a movie marathon, yes, thats me alone having a movie marathon. managed to watched Riding In Cars With Boys, Borat, A Long Week & Dirty Love. but the movie was okayyy je for all four movies.

im boreddddd, can u tell?

this probably one of the lasttt post as im going back to the uni this 28th. pls pls pls let it be some kind of miracle so i wont have to go back to segamat. i just dont want to. but i guess, i have to jugak kan? haih.

season's greeting

/ Thursday, December 20, 2007 /
first and foremost;

to all the muslims in the world. good day everybody!

i know i have been celebrating it for the past 18 years, but every years i will always sit back and reminiscing about what are we actually celebrating and do at this time of the year. i know, this is the event where we slaughter the cows and all but is that all we do? xde like duit raya or anything ke? haha. but, oneeeee thing that i love love love about hari raya haji is that my expectation of eating sup tulang for literally the whole weekend is very high! haha. dont blame me for liking it so much k, i just do. hee

ok, abt the we-are-moving thing ni, of course la i know, this time, it is serious. i dont know la it was that serious. it was like ayah was searching for the right house for him and mama to settle down, for the rest of their life like that. ishh. mula la diorg nak cari yg out-of-town, outskirtish, and less smokey area, haggle-with-people less, u know what i mean kan? they want like a place where they can grow old together peace-ly. sheesh. and ayah was reading a stack of Anjung Seri at nenek's place just now. EXCUSE ME. since when do ayah read Anjung Seri? and since when do ayah even like/care about interiors? haha. he was very preoccupied with his new found bestfriend (anjung seri). he read the magazine back to back. i dont think he misses anything there. haha. im sure im not the only one who's feeling a bit weird by ayah's new hobby. but a good kind of weird la. well, then, one thing for sure,


ttyl ;)

hunting for more

/ Sunday, December 16, 2007 /
house hunting has become our latest routine for this past few weeks. and im sure months to come. as much as im loving the houses we've looked, i love more to the fact that we are really moving. YAY! just what i needed. we've looked at few, eh no, LOTS of houses and im soooo exhausted. im not complaining but really la, u have know when to stop kan? not ayah ok. he wont duduk diam until he found the right house. haih. typical ayah la. and then had a late dinner at shakeys.

yesterday, i went to OU for a small get-together. for finally meeting izzati, farah, suhaila, hira and amalina again, i couldnt be any happier. we went to see golden compas (i love love love the movie but i just hateeee the ending, blerkhh) and then talked all evening. we covered everything. haha. everyone's changed, sure. well before that, i went to see raisa but we talked sikit-sikit je cos im in a rush (sooo me). boy, i miss that girl. well, as if i wont see her again kan? :D:D anddd, what do u know, OU sale menggila kot yesterday. and im broke. shaite. but its all good cos im sooo happy to see them again. fair enough. and that night, auntie-sebelah (mrs lee, but we called her auntie sebelah je anyway) had a wedding reception for her son. the food was HEAVEN! for the love of food, i ate sooooo banyak. haha. best best, like seriously. hee

at auntie sebelah's son's wedding reception

this is a few pictures we took on the get-together :D:D

random thoughts

/ Thursday, December 13, 2007 /
as i go through ppl's blog, i realise this few great blogs that somehow to me, very menginsafkan. for how long, i dont know, every single time after my every prayers, without failing, i will have my doa. and by doa i mean, asking what i want from the Almighty God ALLAH. little did i know that i never really thank ALLAH for what He had given to me rather than what He havent. there's so many beautiful things He had given me, and miss-ungrateful-me here is always asking for more, without even saying thank you to ALLAH for the beautiful things that ever happened to me. how awful does that made me feel? really really awful, u have no idea.

everyday, i will go wondering what have i done wrong that ALLAH didnt seem to reply my prayers. well, what do u know, i never appreciate what He have done and still questioning His job. i felt realllly bad for that. i should've know better. if it were for me, i will not give anything to ppl that dont appreciate what i'd gave them or at least, what i'd do for them. KARMA sucks baby! so, be nice to everybody, esp to The Almighty God ALLAH who created u for what u are. im sure, there'll be good return. trust me.

thank u ALLAH for the great family You had given me, the great life, friends and for still caring for me for all these years. and hopefully for the many great years to come. Amin.

ttyl :)

birthday wishes

/ Monday, December 10, 2007 /
happy 18th birthday farrah zawani!

having u in my high school years have never been anything but great. u r my partner in crime when it comes to kenakan hantu hitam. we even have the longest history together, we've met when we're in mdea (remember?) and that was like when we're in Std 4 kan? i remembered sitting at one corner eating one benjo together because we did not have enough money to buy one for oneself. and of course, for liking the same boy in that tuition. haha. thanks for being there when i need u the other night farrah. thanks for being a great BFF. ily always.

how i miss

/ Sunday, December 9, 2007 /
-oh how i missed talking long hours on the phone with farrah & izzati ;

-oh how i missed cam-whoring with farrah & izzati ;

-oh how i missed skipping assembly with farrah that annoys izzati (hehe) ;

-oh how i missed swearing, mocking endlessly about hantu hitam in the classroom with farrah ;

-oh how i missed getting the offence slip and going to the detention ;

-oh how i missed coming to school really late and got in the school illegally ;

-& if i were caught coming late, to pick up the rubbish in the canteen ;

-oh how i missed to the fact that i can be bad at school (haha) ;

and i cant really believe what im going to say but

-oh how i missed HIGH SCHOOL.

&& just now, farrah && i had a loooooooong chat. im having a so-called sesi luahan hati to her, and it felt good. really good. i know i missed that girl, but i didnt know THAT much. i need to see her la. its been ages since we saw each other. seriously farrah, i really need to talk to u selalu la.

lupe pulak, the thing that i missed most is having my two best friends, farrah and izzati around.

like seriously, we need to meet anywhere la before u guys go masuk university la, ape la, k?

ttyl (:


/ /
im suuuuuper happy, the examination results just made my day okayy. its not VERY excellent or anything, but, its up to my expectation that is what very great about it. but whats important is that i managed to make my folks happy. because of that im superrrr happy. im lost with word already, and cannot seem to express my happiness in words.

anywaysss, went to julia's bday at noon, and of course, if we went to julia's bday, we have to get chinta a pressie as well && vice versa. we came early, early enough that we didnt even get to eat the cake bcos the party start at 5 and we came like at 3pm. so u go figure. and then, after saying goodbyes later at 4 pm mcm tu we went to pick up hani. yes, budak nak ambik SPM. she and her tuition lah. cehh. then, went to pak anjang's doa selamat celebrating the twin, amin & amir. they'll having their sunat tomorrow. hahaha. the next step of becoming a man la ni. hahaha. and the unclessss cannot seem to let them off easily. always with the teasing okay. poor twins.

then, we went HOUSE HUNTING!!! yay :DDDD


long week

/ Thursday, December 6, 2007 /
yes, the title says it all.

and that is why i have all the rights in the world for not updating. hee :DD

on monday, we had a movie marathon (in the house) since we did not have the energy to go keluar jalan2 whatsoever. and im really in the mood for staying in. watched white chick, again (i've wathed this movie like the hundredth time kot) , aquamarine (cried, again pfffttt) and final destination 2. can u believe it? i normally dont watch this kind of movie, the kind that full with dead bodies from the beginning till the end of the movies, but no, i actually have watched it! haha. but not really takut pun. ye la, considering that i close my eyes with the pillow at all times and the part where the people that are suppose to die, tragically, of course, that also my friend, i did not see. hahaha. thank goddd hani already told me the whole story before this because she knows that i will never want to watch the movie. we had SUSHI to go along instead of popcorn. and of course, its hand-made, by US! haha. thats the best part of it.

for tuesday, we went to midvalley cos i need to meet shireen and adik & nurul want to see the movie andd im looking for something. i met shireen and her new beau and i just knew she had forget the past back in uitm. she said, "never trust uitm's guys, they're a jerk." and i sometimes, kinda agree on that. nvm that. hani went back early cos she had tuition and adik&nurul left for movies and i end up, walking around midvalley ALONE. mcm org gila kot. pathetic oh. and balik is the penatest part of all, and all of a sudden, i just hate going out.

on wednesday, i was suppose to go OU with hani cos i need to buy some stuff, too but i just cant get myself up in the morning because im wayyy too tired to get my arse up to go and mandi, so i just said to hani to buy the thing for me and continue back to sleep. heaven :DD

and today, i woke up reallllllllly late, u have no idea. blerkhhh

not literally the longest week anyone ever had but i just felt tired this whole week without knowing what i did. haha, i dont think i did anything pun but ntah la.

ps: i found the november issue for teen vogue already, yay! not really liking the cover girl (rihanna) but YAY!

ttyl :)

out and about

/ Sunday, December 2, 2007 /
i have so much to tell :))

yesterday was niceee. heee. went to klcc to hani's small reunion. yea yea, whats a 2-years-old-gap senior doing in an all-junior reunion kan? thats what i told hani but she insisted me to come with her, she afraid to the fact that she did not close enough to the girls to have fun and have something anything to talk about and so that she wont feel left out. please, im the one who should be thinking of being left out okay because im like a third-wheel between hani and her friends. but, it went all ok la. but, they were like sitting in two separate tables, 1 for the girls and another for boys. most of the girls did not talk to the boys and vice versa. and you call that a REUNION? maybe thats just how u guys do it, i will mind my own business. :DD oh, the girls were all like telling stupid jokes && u know how i feel about stupid jokes right? cannot tahan la. so we as in hani and i, most of the times sat with the guys. they were all like cute, not just physically, but, perangai cute, u know. very charming and sweet. and they dont tell stupid jokes okay. how nice is that?

natalya and shafiqah tagged along yesterday, but they had to come late because, actually they had to attend kasturi but they skipped. cih, budak ponteng. hahaha. and i just loveee having this three amigos (haninatalyasyafiqah) around okay. they just, so fun, happenning, oh, they just make my day. im sure anyone will love them.

well, nvm thatt. the mega sale started yesterday && i cant barely see what is so MEGA about it. it seems to me that it is just the same, and they were all still very pricey for me, out-of-my-league price, very hundred-ish. sheesh. oh BUT BUT BUT, NAF NAF was the only one kedai that i think had a super mega sale. it was like 50% 70% 80%!! like, can u believe that? naf naf? and why is it so hard for me to find teen vogue nowadays ea? i missed the november issue so i need to have itttt. i just need to. ugh.

we went back not as plan because the stupid keretapi tanah melayu delayed. if it wasnt the fact that ktm was the only transport that will take us to klcc, i never wanted to take ktm to anywhere kot. but we were back safe and sound. and yeah, we pergi && balik dgn nazreen, so cute la that boy. malu2 je but he knows how to treat the ladies. :DD haha. and then mama broke the news to us that the person that wanted to have a look at our house (the reason we got up early in the morning and sleep late this few days to make the house as presentable as ever) could not come. ugh ugh ugh. ugh! im soooo freaking hot right now but i know i cannot blame the person kan but, why la? penat tauu kemas hari2. well, its ur lost anyway for not looking at our sparkling clean house. its not like everyday u can see us doing the house chores. heh, in your face. hahaha. cehh, nak sedapkan hati. haha. tak rugi pun orang tu kot. well WHATEVERRR. hahahahahaha

we all, as in hani adik nurul and I were all dying slowly as boredom strike us that night. i dont know, maybe ayah is psychic. he called me down last night, and i thought he was going to marah because we were so bising upstairs because hani and the the two budak were doing their britney video clip, && it was funny as hell && u know, funny comes with a lot of big and verrrrry LOUD laughter kan? but no, he asked us to go siap and said we're going to uptown danau kota. and it was like 1 in the morning. great timing ayah. but we suke, hee :DD there, hani and adik bought some baju and adik and i bought hani a handbag for her bday pressie. cih, i cannot stand looking at her face when she was holding the bag. she was like admiring the bag and looking at me like she's telling something. hish. i know, u want the bag so much kan? so i bought the bag for her. im a goooooood kakak, i know. hahaha. yeah, being a good kakak costs me RM60. blerkhhh.

&& today, from the morning we were playing snail mail, and u must look at the two budak face okay. they were very preoccupied to the games, like boleh termasuk kepala dalam computer tu okay. hahaha. so cute la u guys niii. i recorded them in action but i cannot get the part when they were losing. haha. slamming the mouse, knocking the tables, screaming as if they were attacked by a molester or something. so funny. and i just cannot stand to bug them by video-recording them. haha. just look at the video of adik and nurul.

good day people and ttyl :DD
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