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/ Wednesday, June 20, 2007 /
just got back from a so called farewell outing with farah hira izzati amalina. and altho we only went to metro prima, the older sister to selayang mall, but up sikit, said izzati, we had fun jugak. mmg kott. we went to see fantastic 4. i dont quite remember the storyline for the first sequal but i dont think it related that much. and i loved it. chris evans HOT sgt kott. tgv metro prima was not bad tho. and very selesa i must say.

after a popcorn 2 large popcorn, lots of cokes and a toilet visit, konon nak jalan2 but seriously, there's nothing much in here to jalan2 about, so we went to crepe. oh sumpah i loveeee this thing la. i had one chicken toast and bungkus another 3, to bawak balik, since the guilt of leaving opah alone has grown inside of me as big as the size of afrika. :) but of course, by the time i got home, the crepe dah hilang kecrispyan nye. :D:D but ok lah tu, its the tot that counts kann??

and time balik pulak, omg i hate this part. saying goodbyes. i knowww, as if la im going to somewhere jauh sgt and will never see them again but, u know la kan. i just cant believe the fact that we all semua dah besarr, by besar i meant grown ups. and everybody going separate ways, to college, university and all, for some reason, i broke downnn, :{:{:{ i dont know why i got all emotional when everybody else doesnt, eish malu pulakkk. we hugged a dozen of times, then i dont think i cant tahan lagi, so i said the very last goodbyes, and masuk rumah. haih miraaa, typical you laaa.

anyways, i definately will treasure the wonderful days with u guys back in high school. im sure going to miss u guys a lot.

ps: i miss u guys alreadyyyyy! :X:{

pss: oh yeah, the camera, buat hal balik, somehow, i think it some kind of a hint that we needed a new camera kot. mcm tau2 je, the camera rosak in the place where it first bought by ayah, metro prima. maybe it wanted to meninggal in her hometown kott. just maybe. haha :D:D

whats up puddy tat.

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the little princess i've been telling u about. and i didnt mentioned this before, but she's drawer-obssessed. this is her, in a verrrry small drawer and she thinks she sooo thin that she can fit in there. hahaha. she's living in denial weh.


/ Tuesday, June 19, 2007 /
i read athira's blog, and she's definately right on 1 thing. sleeping IS a waste of time. ok, i'll try to sleep less from this day on okay. i said i'll try. :]

things about cats is, they pampered way too much la. watching my cat everyday routine made me realised, she's gone over princess-y lahh. my cat, lembu, what hani called her, wont eat her makanan if whats left, only bits of it. sure, no one does, but still boleh makan lagi la banyak die tu. buttt, she wants it menggunung baru she eat them. mengade takkkk? haih. so i have to put more to make her eat. as if she finished her food there and then kan? sheesh, talk about tamak. but, in a way, that makes her sooo cute for me. :)

and i cant imagine leaving her nanti, when i got into uni and not having her around the house so i can peluk2 kiss2 her until die lemas. oh i canttt. i'll go insane.


daddy's day.

/ Sunday, June 17, 2007 /
happy father's day ayah!

and to all the wonderful daddys in the world too. keep on being a supportive and cool daddy okayyy. and handsome too. i love u ayah, altho i dont usually showed it. :]

doa selamat.

/ Saturday, June 16, 2007 /
today pulak, went to suhaila's with my other circle of love. farah zati me sesat2 nak cari rumah suhaila okay. as usual, I, yes me, saved the day. pfffttthahaha. tak la. but kan, dont u think doa selamat shud be at night? kan? pandai la tu suhaila buat pagi2 buta. nvm that. i love suhaila's little friends la. haha. her cousin were the cutest thing. peramah lagi tu. and this maisara, kepoh sial. kids nowadays ;] these are some pictures, most of them are that little budak2 tu, considering they took over my camera and fell in love in photography instantly. sort of. and they even said to their mom, "mama, tadi adik main gambar." kelakar la u guys.

ps: told u the budak2 wont let go the camera and wont let us four only take pics, they'll enterframe. trust me. ;]

nandos get-together.

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well, sort of. went to nandos yesterday with diana tag along. boy oh boy this time i can really talk to them about everything around nandos. they dont like this girl la, this girl like this la, yada yada yada. and the mak cik kepoh nye is none other than faizul, hahahaha, and kak nariti. like of course. and pie, stop with ur charmness right this second please before i really really fall for u dear. u know how easy i am around charming guys. stop, but i hate the fact that u know how to make me go crazy all over u dear. but i loike! :] definately.

so there were kak nariti, linda, kifli, viky, faizul, faiz, abg zaimi and mr rao. yes, there were only that much only people left, that i know la. but i so so so missed achin, kak liza, apai, shida, apai, and zizi. ey, did i say apai already? and oh yeah, APAI. hahahahaha. hell i missed that guy so much k.

these are a few pics. love them okay? :]

genting with love. :)

/ Friday, June 8, 2007 /


/ /
well well well, what do u know. the camera is back in action. oh i miss u soooo much!

just yesterday, we went to genting since we hani adik me continuously annoying ayah complaining abt us not going anywhere this school holiday. seems like ayah annoyed gila kot and booked us rooms in genting right away. haha. so okay, our plan to redang did not go so well and we end up going to genting instead, but, that'll do cos i swear i'll die from this boredom. and genting was a chaos okay. but very nice punye chaos tau. i, yes, the human scarediest cat ever, for the first time ever, rode ALL the rides. even the space shot, yeah that thing, that big giant pole (?) that humban people atas bawah tu. sumpah scaryyy and i gotta say i almost pee myself for getting so freaking scared. but the one thing i did not do was the spiderman roller coaster. well, it did not exactly called after spidey, but the ride were pretty much like it. both my sister rode the ride, TWICE kott. but no thank you. and i did felt the warm in the air. screw you global warming! :

and i did not get enough sleep okay. thanks to the tompok2 merah on the room's carpet. dont blame me, i heard stories abt ppl getting killed in genting's hotel, i just dont know which hotel. and that tompok2, i assumed, were dead ppl's blood. oih mira. i sooo hate myself for worrying to much and thanks to that again, i slept at 2. TWO!

and i do realise this, the theme park staff, the guys were sooo cute okayyy and thats why la im sooo thrilled to take all the rides. haha. they should have done that looooong before this to make me like going to genting. :p

bday girl.

/ Monday, June 4, 2007 /
happy 44th birthday mama!

mama mama, ily ily ily! sumpah syg. xtau apsl :p

i know this picture is a bit tragic, haha, the quality i meant, bear with me. this is all i got and she, being all cute in this gambar, how could i not put this picture kan? anyways, i love being around u mama. we shared everything kan ma? our dirty little secrets and all. mama, ur simply the best. ily okayy. sgt sgt kott. :]

some mama moment: yesterday, went to this wedding la. and everything mcm biasa la until julia was eating her fruit cake in front of mama. and we alllllll KNOW la how mama just loveeee fruit cake and mama went on like, "hish, mane julia dapat cake ni?" u got to see her face la. mmg yg jenis terkejut slash curious gile punye kind. and hani and i gelak tak ingat dunia ohh. and then, she asked us to go get the cake for her. mama said "ambik la about 3 ke 4 ke..or 5." hahahahahaha. mama! buat perangai ohh. and tau plk malu mase balik when she asked me hani adik hold each one of her cake so that she dont look like a some budak yg, u knowww, every hari raya, if they liked the kuih so much, they hide the kuih inside the bag raya and all. hah, that kind la. comel la mama. mama and her fruit cake. :]

out w the gals :]

/ Saturday, June 2, 2007 /
yesterday i had a so called sleepover party slash movie marathon night. it would be a party alright, except to the fact that theres only 3 people ONLY turn up, well not like i invite other people, okayyy, so, no, not a party at all. saje mengade :p

well, the 'crowd' include izzati hani me. wthellll, izzati brought mi sedap along. hahaha. i wont denied that it tak sedap, just okay but mi sedap? hahaha. u shud have think of something better next time, if, there's next time la kan. okay, then we watched nacho libre and not really a fan, but it was definately a fun to watch. then, I suggested anchorman cos i tot its ben stiler who r playing the role, but its will ferrel. do u know how much did i hate that guy? he's stupid and i've never liked any of his movie. and yes, i've watched a LOADS of his movie but not feeling it. halfway thru it, i broke the silence. "eeeei, bosan oh." sumpah, it was that bosan okay. then, we watched ice age the meltdown since im not strong enough to finished the movie alone. haha. yeah. the movie's storyline was tooo kiamat-y. it just too scary. of course, i would've known, hani slept off the second the movie had started. cehhh. so there were 2. the incridible 2. :p

and we all woke up at 11 in the am today. well, its quite okay cos for crying out loud, we slept at 0500 so, there u go. and we all off to shower and went out at 1158 to OU. dropped hani at the ktm station and went to fetch suhaila. there, im feeling soooo friggin helpless la. i dont know how ppl can stand window shopping-ing. i just cant. its so depressing dont u think? so, guess where did all the dosh went? yeah, makan la. surprise surprise. later that evening, at 1830 went straight home and were so freaking exhausted yea. and depressed. but it was fun alright.

ps: this time, i've finally at the right day, time. i've met kak ida againnnn. oh how i missed that kakak kann. and i definately got around to see faizul. he totally went to the gym. i just knew it. he looked sooo fineeee today . heee. and pie tooo. he's definately a cutie pie lah. haih.

pps: im lovin the sneakers ayah bought me yesterday. love love love. when everybody's one by one surrendering, not walking properly i mean, me on the contrary were the last one standing. thanks to THE shoes, i'll be walking forever. izzati and suhaila, they even have to buy themself some plasters. even hani who wore her kononnye mahal-er sneakers, too, collapse. heh, exxagerating kott. haha. wtv.

pppps: and i've found the perfect bday pressie for mama. at last.

ttyl :]
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