I'm so glad I found you.

/ Thursday, December 24, 2009 /
You're everything I thought you never were
And nothing like I thought you could have been
But still, you live inside of me, so tell me how is that?
You're the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I love to not forgive
And though you break my heart, you're the only one
And though there are times when I hate you
'Cause I can't erase
The times that you hurt me and put tears on my face
And even now, while I hate you, it pains me to say
I know I'll be there at the end of the day

boyyy, Beyonce really does know how to put up a great , rather meaningful song.

Quick Updates!

/ Saturday, December 19, 2009 /
This probably the millionth time I apologised for abandoning my blog, and I'm pretty shore you had had enough of it, but really, I'm so sorry, I've got distracted by sooo many things for sooo many times. haha

Anywhoooo, I'm here now and there's been a lot going on after I got back from UiTM. They're mostly family moments and some other ID moments. I will not eloborate much on that, but I will, ladies and gentleman, leave you with some pictures that hopefully will tell you stories of what I did before for not updating the blog. hehe.

these are the direct links to my facebook album, just click on the picture to go to the album. boleh laaaa ni okay? xxx love!


see, I'm busier than the Queen Bee. haha

hate is a strong word.

/ Wednesday, November 4, 2009 /

the thing I did not like after formatting my laptop?

besides you then have to re format the laptop over and over again,
ALL the websites that I've bookmarked, GONE, just like that.

you know how I always, ALWAYS, struggling with the time because I'm an
Interior Design student (haha)? yeah, and how I always loveeee, just loveeee wasting
my time reading blogs, looking at beautiful design and stuff? you bet I do. so, that
is whyyyy I bookmarked all the websites I know I will love and will regret my whole life
not reading it, all in the laptop, so when I have the time on semester breaks, to
pamper myself going through the websites I've bookmarked for hours not wanting
to do anything else.

This is like to have a pay back of me not having a life when I'm on school mode.
But it is all gonee, out the window. All of my months of hard works bookmarking
hundredth website go wasted and nothing I can do about it but to start
bookmarking again. haihhh

maybe I should write it down somewhere, because I
never need to format a notebook,

didn't I? ? ?

and just prayyyy, I will not lose the notebook. haha

oh my gawdddd!

/ Friday, October 23, 2009 /

Aren't this the cutest thing you've ever seen like ever?

That does it! I am soooo gonna own a Himalayan Kitty or Teacup Kitties some call it .
In fact, I wanna have maybe a couple or a triplets. They're just so adorable,
I feel like preserving them so they would stay that small forever.
( oooh so creepy I would say such a thing).
Okay scratch that, from the preserving the kitties thing. hehe

But, one thing fer shore, it will not be anytime soon, because my little-miss-jealous
cat is still young and restless. I'll wait another 2 or 4 years,
I'm pretty sure Kaime would want a little company.
hehe . no seriously, I'll make her if I have to. haha

you wouldn't guessed it right anyway.

/ Thursday, October 22, 2009 /

I did something really stupid today.

I just brushed my hair with a clothes brush.
I don't know why I did that, but I just did.
and I lost a gazillion hair from that.

CLOTHES BRUSH!! I mean, what was I thinking?
I was in the shower just now, and felt like doing it, and I did.
What is wronggg with me? Am I wired wrong or something?

Something is seriously wrong with me, I think the nervous breakdown just hit me,
HARDDD, straight to the head. haha


/ Wednesday, October 21, 2009 /
I'm seriously at the highest peak of BUSY mountain right now
and I breathe PANIC every single day.

oh you know what I meannnn.

ETR 300 Presentation - 23rd October
Final Project Full Submission - 26th October
ETR 300 Full Report Submission - 28th October
Environmental Science ( Hotel's Ceiling Plan Working Drawing ) - before 1st November
Specifications (Furniture Specs ) - before 1st November

and the thing with 14 Event that needed to be settled for Encik OJ .


November 6th - ETR 300
November 10th - Environmental Science

andddd the thing with practical training for next semester too.

I'm not complaining, but a girl's gotta need her rest too. haih.

in case you still didn't get the message that I'm really telling from all of the above,
it is actually I am not supposed to blog, or fb-ing right now.

ps: I'm so sorry for all the tension on this post, that's just really what I am now.
I'm sure I'll get to my old supposedly sweet (hehe) and sarcastic self after all this end.

wish me luck!

Quote of the Day

/ Friday, October 2, 2009 /

Whenever in doubt, you just need your mama.
000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000- Amirah Farhana

spoken from true experience, this is so true, even if it's just to hear her voice.


/ Thursday, September 24, 2009 /
is it just me,

or did Nabil from Raja Lawak ( woerkhhhh, I know)

has emerged to be a handsome, young man? uishh, like goofy-hot punya kind.
Think Ross Geller!

nabil hot3

nabil hot2

see what I mean? well at least, I think he's hot 'tho he ain't got that so man-ly body.

I just finished watching Spontan, a new hit game show by Afdlin Shauki my mannn, haha
and my eyes keep coming back to Nabil, he's sooo fineee.

If anyone in the world knows me better, they would SO knoww that I have a soft spot for funny, spontaneous people. They could just crack me up all day long and I would laughed all over the floor and never looked back. hahaha

ps: I should realllly finish my assignment faster, the clock's ticking.

pps: You'll be updated with my faaaaabulous raya ever pictures soon, hang in there!

French Guys are hot!

/ Wednesday, September 16, 2009 /
Good Morning Loveliesssss, I'm home for raya, already.

here's a morning boost fer you guys.

World, this handsome gentleman here is SLIIMY. say it right, sleeee - meee.
and he's French alright. ay ay mamma cita. ok, that's not right.

Je ne soigne pas, je l'aime juste autant de !
it means, I don't care, I just love him so much!

that's nothing, I know my French.

okay, a little.

okayyy, I don't.

I looked it up in the dictionary.

I had to put the meaning here, so I don't forget what it means the next time I read this. hehe

castle castle

/ Wednesday, August 5, 2009 /
We've already assigned to do a site analysis on Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah last Monday. What more can I say, it was scorching hot there and to make everything more challenging, some of us were fasting that day. THAT people were actually kyrie, dini , fizan and moi only. But, we got through it all kan, especially me and kyrie.

HAHAHA mana tak nya, we were sitting downstairs mostly the whole time (when everybody else were busy measuring the building), while Che Rose guessing the type of GUYS we should or should not date. hehe. but strangely accurate :S





and we're going back to the site again today. aiyayaya.
People, put your sunscreen and your pretty shades on.


love issues

/ Friday, July 31, 2009 /

I have a problem. BIG problem.

A walk to remember

The Notebook

right now: I'm craaaaaaaaaving for love story movies.

I could just line up 50 movies right now, sit in front of the TV with my gear on ( blankets and popcorn ) and watch & cry my eyes out all week and do nothing else.

and I realllly think I should should should watch

The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, Titanic, While You Were Sleeping,
50 First Date, Notting Hill, P.S I Love You, Bridget Jones Diary
(oh this is just to name a few)

all OVER again!

oh this time I'm craving big time, you have no idea.

and if you lovelies know any GOOD love story movies,
please be a darling and let me know okay.

class tripppp

/ Wednesday, July 22, 2009 /
July 13th to July 16th recently, I had a class trip to Terengganu.
and obviously, the best part was Redang Island. we had a blasttt!
here's some of the pictures while we were there.

more pictures here







It was the best 4 days class trip of my life, so far and hopefully next semester will be
better, better, better. :D


/ Monday, July 20, 2009 /
I don't know if you've noticed that I haven't got around posting anything lately


I promise to update about EVERYthangggg later kay. xoxo

and oh! i PASSED the 2nd JPJ test! weeeeee. yeeee, second. hmph.
I failed
the first one, nak buat macam mana :(


/ Wednesday, July 1, 2009 /
" I got chilllllls, they're multiplyin "


oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

exactly 10 hours from now, I'll be sitting next to Mr. JPJ for the driving test.

please be nice to me Mr. JPJ sir :S

ps: i've already got some butterflies in my stomach since this morning,
in fact, I see them everywhere now

marie marie

/ Monday, June 29, 2009 /

someone should have told me earlier about this !

marie antoinette

Eat breakfast like a king,

Lunch like a princess,

Dinner like a beggar.

( oh I will now )


/ Sunday, June 21, 2009 /

you know what they say:


but more like:

and that's what really describe me right now.

UiTM Segamat

/ Sunday, June 14, 2009 /
I just got back from segamat, (yes, nenek's 2nd home) for attending a wedding reception. normal weddings, usual traditions. and later that evening was where the day started.

mama took us ( me, hny, fatina, nurul) to UiTM Segamat! that feeling was unforgettable as I was awwww-ing everything that remembers me of segamat, even the toilet i used to go to.

more pictures here

later that night, we did a little video, for the little buddy of ours, our dear little cousins.
this video is to give you a picture of what we did when we usually together.

they're a natural, really. haha. so cute la you guys :)

oscar 2009

/ Friday, June 12, 2009 /
I just went through Rizalman the Fashion Designer's blog. He pretty much have everything a person could dream of, but what a show off!

but that's not the main point though. I admit, I'm not the one who knows when the Grammys, Oscars, VMAs and all that kinds to that matter, but on the recent Oscar Award (not that recent), there's a few dresses that really really really caught my eyes.

Penelope Cruz in Balmain Vintage

ooohh, this is just breath taking.
I want a similar dress for my wedding.
no kidding, haha

Miley Cyrus in Zuhair Murad

This dress looks very swan-ish but
I liked it on her. (and me) haha

Marisa Tomei in Versace

I like the colour and I just love
the layerings of the dress.

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

She was awarded the best dress of the
night and I couldn't agree more.

Tilda Swinton in Lanvin

I just love this. This is not really a dress but
I adore the draperies on the skirts so much.

&& I can see myself wearing the top to class everyday. haha


/ Monday, June 8, 2009 /
hey, look what I've found!

gosh, I really missed tuition days at Kasturi.
I remembered how me and Farah can't stand the wait
to go Kasturi together after school.

I missed this Farah :(

picking up the pieces

/ Saturday, June 6, 2009 /
so family day was a blast even when we still did not get a goodnight sleep there because of arranging the set, and the prizes for all the winners. what could possibly go wrong when all the families were there and everyone were having heaps of fun.

Pre Family Day.
click here for more pictures.

Family Villa at A Famosa
( 30th, 31st May & 1st June 2009)
more pictures here

the second we arrived at the villa,
the kids were already in the pool.

this is a HIPPOPOTAMUS, how the kids sees it.
haha, cute la you guys.

simon says. good times. :DD

Costume Design, and team hny, cik sal and auni won.
just look at hny's proud face, cannot go hnyy.

this is a game called 'buah gantung' and girlsss,
you don't want to take part in this. trust me. haha

lari dalam kain batik.

you see, what a big, happy and strong family we have
(and these were just the half of us) and
I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.


/ Thursday, June 4, 2009 /


may all your wishes and dreams come true.
thanks for still putting up with me after all these years.
may Allah bless you always.

ily mama :)

i think

/ Tuesday, June 2, 2009 /
. . . . you should listen to Zee Avi's single, Bitter Heart.

Her voice is so mesmerizing, you wouldn't think
the song exist because of her broken heart.

Plus, she's prettyyyy lah.

Christian The Lion

/ Thursday, May 21, 2009 /
The Power of Love.

To make a long story short, Anthony "Ace" Bourke and John Rendall, two Australians living in the hip Chelsea section of London in 1969 bought and raised a 35 lbs lion cub from a department store, which they named Christian, in their living room. They became local celebrities of sorts, parading around London with him, taking him to restaurants and even playing soccer with him.

But as the 35-pound cub grew to 185 pounds and food bills became astronomical, they knew he would have to be released to a less urban habitat. So they arranged to take him to a wildlife refuge in Kenya. They visited him periodically for several years.

After going without seeing their old friend for several months, they were told he had adapted to his new environment, and the two returned to say goodbye. That's when the famed reunion took place.

Watch Christian The Lion here because I'm having some trouble posting the video up here. watch it, I promised you wont regret any of your time. It gets me everytime i watched the video. I know you will too.

ps: i cried my arse off, there i said it. hmphh.


/ Tuesday, May 19, 2009 /
i wonder where have all my posts goneeee? when i logged in just now, my jaw dropped to the floor when seeing the number of posts i've had. 170? what the heck? before this it was right near the number 200. sheep.

nvm anyways, im starting the driving lessons tomorrow. not the driving part, the 5 hours ceramah, all over again. thanks to the lazy arse me back when i'm 17. i should've just finished the lessons with izzati back then. haihhh

speaking of which, i realllly miss izzati. i don't know she's graduating. what kind of bff am I? haih.

beautiful ads

/ Sunday, May 17, 2009 /
can these advertisement get any prettierrrrr?

the first time i set my eyes at these ads, I knew I am in love.

the Miss Cherie Dior Perfume ad was directed by the uber genius, Sofia Coppola, the same person who directed Marie Antoinette. the ad was set in Paris (who doesn't love Paris?) and it got all the very things that I lived for. the ad got me so baddd, with the pretty flowers, the balloons, all of the surroundings and the cute pastriesss. I need to be in the ad. I just got to.

the second ad, is the Elizabeth Arden new perfume, Pretty. the ad was just a simple girl-watching-herself-in-the-mirror ad, but the whole dramatic flower mural on the wall that makes it remarkably fascinating, eye catching and lively. the ad was directed by Mark Dixon. you got some taste here, Mark! hehe

I know these ads will blow ur mind away. if they didn't, I dont know what will.

Miss Cherie Dior

Elizabeth Arden - Pretty

i was proposing the whole dramatic flower wallpaper for our room to my sister, and she said it'll be too crowded for our oh-so-small room, and i knowww she got a point there but a girl can dream right?

and the dream is to have a BIGGER room! oh please, please please please!


/ Friday, May 15, 2009 /
i really really really need to start on my diet plans. I just did a quiz on facebook entitled "How Fat Are You?" and my results screams back to me. " You're just a Fat Ass!" waaaaaaaa~

you're a killjoy. cehh

ps: this is not how I planned my holidays okayy.

mom's the word.

/ Sunday, May 10, 2009 /

happy mother's day mama
and to all the mothers around the world.

i thank you for every little things to all
the big things that you have done for me,

not even one time have you complained about it,
thank you mama

i will trade anything in the world for you.
i love you mama.

people, cherish them while you still can.


/ Saturday, May 9, 2009 /
oh I just came back from Jakarta - Bandung one-week trip. I had a blast anddd a loads to unpack. will share the photos later ye. oh boyy , going to Indonesia for just a week have been such an eye opener. It made me realised how I am sooo grateful that I was born here, not there.

have a nice day people :DD


/ Tuesday, April 28, 2009 /
i found another great Japanese movie, Lovely Complex. i think you should give it a try. comes with adequate dose of sweet and humor. it's about a tall girl, who's in love with a shorter guy. happens all the time in real life, ea? not to forget, the settings were loveeeelayyyy!

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