A year in pictures

/ Sunday, December 30, 2012 /
As usual, since I didn't update anything since the last post, I hope these pictures make up for my M.I.A. 

You folks have a great New Year! X

Haji Rashid & Hajah Salimah Annual Family Day at Teluk Gorek, Mersing, Johor.
My happiest few last days in Malaysia before going back to UK :')

My cousin & I are back in London mate!

A week spent at Ariane's place before settling in to my new home.

Yayoi Kusama takes London! . My first time at Tate Modern. Ahhh-mazing.

Ballgown Exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum London . Site visit for our final project at Fort Amherst. 

Endless weeks at the studios - fooling around.

My essential project: Me as a barber. It was realllllly hard to find the braces!  
My first Potato & Cheese at Borough Market. yummers!

A weekend well spent with love.

My first saltwater taffy experience! . And look who's here? SNOW!

Made new friends from Brunei! 

Final week of Autumn term. Sleepless nights, multi-tasking. Glad that was over.

Final installation at Fort Amherst. Lakeisha's & Josh's cult room.

Final model for Guys & Dolls theater for Paul's module. 

Spent winter holidays in London with +Dalila Khairi . Had a bittersweet experience feeding the squirrels.
And we met all kinds of purrrrrdy birds at Kensington Garden.

Went to Winter Wonderland and I met my nutcracker and here, the moose TALKS! haha

Hope you guys have a great year. Mine was great Alhamdulillah. May all of us be blessed with one more great year! Here's to a new adventure!

Love, Mira.

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