the day I fell in love.

/ Saturday, March 28, 2009 /

Michael Cera, need I say more?
YOU are all I ask for a guy, pretty please?

ps: watch Juno & Nick and Norah Infinite Playlist, then you know.


/ Sunday, March 22, 2009 /

Alhamdulillah, the event went really well. apart from all the misunderstandings along the way, we did got credits from the lecturers for the job well done, our seniors liked it and we felt the loveee from the people from other courses too, i felt ittt. hahaha they showed up filling all the foyers' floor, the first, second and third floor. and that, i must say, is quite an achievement. hee

the morning event was hectic, i couldnt get my hands on that nasi lemak or any food that matter, but they all love the games i chose for that day and to see all the happy faces from the people, i couldnt be more happier. i made some nasty 'bombs', (was planning to induct the part ones) but plan backfired, they give excuses to leave early and i was the one who ended up wet with the disgusting smell bombs i made myself. sheesh. nvm.

the evening event was okayy, but im actually so very prouddd of myself( i have to say ittt) because i handled the games allllll by myself. how can i juggle 3 things at one time? the jumble sale, the tribal mask design and the tribal statue carving? oh i cannn, hahahahahaha berlagak la sikit ni. im a tad disappointed with my crews, they all seem to disappear on the evening activities. but, what the heckkk, the games went smooth sailing btw. DONT MEAN TO BRAG OKAYY, just so we clear here.

okay, the peak of the event, the ID NIGHT was the busiest time of my life, im the stage manager (the job sounds very important kan? but biasa2 jee) so i have to run here and there preparing all the performers, making sure they goes in and out the stage accordingly. but i freakin loveeed it, cos i get to mingle with all the performers, which were so very cool and very funny if u ask me.

also, the part 5 which went to their internship this semester did came down to Seri Iskandar to support us, oh they're just the sweetest thing. they love love love the stage (thanks to the design crews, logistics, M&E and our dear Project Manager, Rahmat). i dont knoww why, but im loving all my seniors this semester because they're superrrr cool and seem to be very supportive in everything that we did. oh loveeeee!

and the part one and part two students did get inducted by the part six in front of everybody after all, haha, fun moment. the sixers got them all wet with water and MY stinking bombs! yay part six! hehe. but the idea to induct the part one and part two at the night event was NOT my plan, i know nothing abt it, just to make it clear here.

after that, yasmin got flour-ed by the boys because it was her birthday that night and we took our studio pictures together. its kinda saddd cos along the moving and transition of the event before, i don't get to be in most of the pictures cos i kinda stuck in the studio busy with my own things to handle. so, back in the room, i dont wait to change, i just go straightttt to bed. sumpah la penat.

gazillion thanks to all my friends, to all the people who helped me making the bombs, the other night, especially the part two girls, fatin and her friends for guarding the jumble sale booth at all time and special thanks to THE FAMILY for supporting me along the way. i cant possibly get through all this without all your help and prays.

u guys rocks my socks!

march 17

/ Wednesday, March 18, 2009 /
We just lost our dear opah yesterday.
May Allah bless you always and rest in peace.

Al Fatihah.


/ Thursday, March 12, 2009 /

congratulations haniiiii!
tho its kinda hard for me to swallow the fact that you've
beat me( really hard) for your SPM, i am sooo happy for you.
haha, xde la, anyone can beat a 4As student kan, piece of cake je.

hear me people, my sister, score a big 7As
for her SPM. sumpah kecoh la hani. haha
anyhow, choose the path you wanted realll careful,
follow what ur heart says hani, not other people,
you know who.

i love u, go sister! heee

ps: hey, im coming home tomorrow, lets celebrate!


/ Saturday, March 7, 2009 /


not bad ayah, even at 46, you
still look pretty dash to me

apart from all the grudges we had before,

if you have to know, i love you like
the field of flowers i never had,

haha, takk laa, more than that okayyy.

but please please please, control your smoking ayah.

i know its quite impossible for me to
ask for you to quit smoking right away,

but please ayah, for us? pretty please?

we all love you dearly, from the very bottom of our heart.
have a lovely birthday.

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