/ Monday, April 30, 2007 /
thing with crushes is, they supposed to be well kept secret and nobody in the world should really know abt it kan? yeah, til u meet this haziq, he always seemingly love doing his pranks on me and u know what, he succeeded every single time. the day before yesterday, i've got a msg from him at Friendster to go to this link to calculate ur love with ur crushes and everything. and it does sounds very tempting, u know. at least, i tot, what have i got to lose kan if i try pun. then i listed only one names, but they want 3, fine i give them 3. and i clicked 'calculate'. then,

'ooppsss. u have been fooled. all the name u listed just now have been sent to'

omg. haziq. i swear i want to crush all his bone down, really.he already knew all my crushes. thank god its only 3 names. thats were just a teeny weeny bit of the crushes i had been set my eyes head heart ears foot on. i dont know how in the world he did it but he did! and i hoped it to be the very last time he'll get me in wtv matter. im not trusting him ever again and he knew that. hahaha. u deserve that. god knows how i felt when i clicked the calculate button. im seriously going to kill this haziq. ugh.

nvm that.

yesterday, i went to a wedding. seriosly, this is not like a typical wedding where 2 YOUNG people in love with each other and just wanted to settle down wedding. nothing close. my uncle's wife's daddy was gettng married yesterday. when mama said we're going to a wedding, im like, awww wedding for i had always love going to the wedding and eating nasi minyak and all. but when she said an atuk going to marry a 48 yrs old swinger, i was like, what a bummer. no, like seriously, he's a 70+! should he be focusing on something else than marriage? but then, what can i do rather than just go. its not like i can stop the wedding or something kan? wtv i think.

then, i got there, omg the atukkkkk, he's soo freaking cute la. he's like glowing, eeee takkk la, bukan glowing but very happy like that. like a peson-going-to-be-married punye happy tau. seriously, he's so cute. no wonder that mak cik terpikat. hahahaha. but no pelamin. thank god. but i felt kesianed to the mak cik. its her first wedding and no pelamin. crushes a girls heart kan? lol. wtv it is, they seemed happy. but the rendang was very very yucky ok. but i love the nasi tho. thats all kot.


sleepless night

/ Saturday, April 28, 2007 /
its 3 in the morning, and i cant sleep for heaven's sake! ugh!


/ Thursday, April 26, 2007 /
you know Viggo Mortensen? alaa... that super hot cute handsome buff gorgeous(mind me) from LOTR tu. omg he's hot kannn? i knoww! when i first watched LOTR, i fell in love with him already. when i watched for the second time, i've fallen for him again, this time like really really fall punye. haha. so, i searched for his pictures at yahoo and i just cant believe my eyes. he's not as gorgeous as he was in LOTR. seriously! has he gotten old or something? just look at his pictures. well, he still got the manly-kind of look but still.... ala.. why la like this? haiiii...

this one is the hottest kann?? <3

see my point? he's geting older kottt. well dont get me wrong. he still is gorgeous like he used to but not as. why laaaaaa?

DVD marathon.

/ /
i've finished my 2 of my LOTR sequals! one more to go babeyh! :)


/ Wednesday, April 25, 2007 /
logging in just now had almost giving me a heart attack. i thought im going to lose my blog again. i cant seem to log in. thats what happened to my previous blog. there's this problems about my cookies and stuff and hell should i know what a cookies is except for the eatable one. so i yahooed abt it and then im like, "ohhh, so thattts cookies!" so this cookies la that have eaten all the space in my last computer. stupid cookies. then after i deleted them all, here I am ppl! phew. hee x_x

MySpace is sooo getting on my nerves. i hate it soo much that i've deleted more of my friends that left after the last time i deleted them. it have now came down to 18 friends only. real friends that reallly kept in touch. well, thats what i do. raze them all down. fake friends that is. bear with me darling. :)


U talk.

/ Tuesday, April 24, 2007 /
just when i thought i've nothing 'interesting' to post today, izzati came. yahuuuuu! she's from school to pick something up and too bored to head back to her house. haha. thats what i thought la. right timing darling. im bored too! so, we dont really have anything to do except for searching the net about diet recipes that we both thought would be really a should-dos before going to the U. hopefully the UiTM. speaking of which, we did talked sooo many things abt it. how izzati flunk her interview the other day, what to or not to wear there, where we'd be placed and so on.

ugh. its stressing to even think about it. what if i got placed in melaka or johor or terengganu??!! (please no) i sometimes think that maybe im not ready to leave mama and ayah yet. but to think about all the freedom and the life from what i heard its so surreal! maybe i'll survive. but no astro, at least tv is ok, and magazines, and mall? mama, i sure will come back every week! pls dont throw away my things yet. ;) cehh, pandai2 je cakap. the real question now is, what if i didnt make the cut? for heaven's sake! this is making me crazy i tell u. and what if i didnt get any friends there? and aunty faiz even mentioned abt every U except the shah alam campus and penang campus to be tempat keras. wth was that supposed to mean? dont u think u should puji2 sikit that place so i didnt get all scared, which im beginning to right now. um, not helping. but thanks for the tip. :)

so i guess, ttyl!

its raining men.

/ Monday, April 23, 2007 /
well, not really. whoa, today was the worst. i woke up very v.late. 11 am kott. i've watched in her shoes (its a good movie) last night so i had a late night last night. and i think its verrry reasonable for me to wake up that late kan? ahaha. wtv. ok so, when i 'terjaga sekejap' at 9, ayah was using the computer so i continue on sleeping la considering i wont go on9 if he's in the same room kan? then, when i woke up at 11 just now, he's still using it. okayyy i thought. but what the hellll. he's still using it when i got upstairs at 2 pm. what in the world was he doing on9ing for soooo long in front of the computer. well, if it hani, i can understand but him? i dont think he got myspace or friendster that requires him to reply all the comments dont u think? ahahaha. then i asked him, what were u doing sooo long in front of the computer? he said he was checking his mails but is he some kind of a superstar that have sooo many fans emailing him? no, i dont think so. well, he said usually mama would print his email all out and that he did not familiar with all this thing with emails. ohhh, ye ke? then i thought, awwww, thats so cute okayy. for mama to do all that. :)

oooh btw, i find it very cute when men are very helpless and just dont know what to do. its good to have women lead the way sometimes for a change. by lead the way, i mean, tell them what to do. they reminded me of my former employer, Abg Zaimi. he just so cute when he's very helpless. so does his little brother, apai. :)



/ Sunday, April 22, 2007 /
went nowhere today. just wanted to stay in today. but uncle shafie came (hurrah) to fix the comp. and when he check-check, nothing seems to go wrong yea, and the stupid internet went running smoothly. omg im sooo freaking pissed. dont la nanti he thinks i've made the whole story up. hish. and what do you know, he brought his little brat (son) along. well, so, in the beginning, i treated him verrry nice, like what a grown ups will treat a little kid like him. but, he found a ball and a place to throw the ball at. MY FACE for god sake! then, i took the ball and wasn't going to give him back but that rat, yes RAT, keep punching my body. ohh suddenly, im his punching bag la? i give him back, and as what i expected, he threw the ball back at me. i swear to god im gonna punch that kid right on the face if uncle shafie wasn't there. ugh. god knows what im gonna do to that kid. i hate that stupid little brat that happened to be uncle shafie's. poor him. i like uncle shafie. if it wasnt for him, this internet thingy wouldnt be fixed for years. trust me. well, i guess, one hyper-active, stink kid, ruins my day. he did.

p/s: failed to keep my records clean by getting up early. i woke up at 9. haha. ;)

adik's sports day.

/ Friday, April 20, 2007 /
god! im getting up earlier and earlier nowadays. well, thats good news. and had breakfast, watched trading spaces, my faveorite, then work out a little then off to shower cos ayah said adik's having her sports day and he wanted to be there. well, i, as usual, are verrry excited abt this kind of occasion that requires to jerit2 until my lungs plop out, i dont care. count me in. so, went there and adik already ran her first 100 metres. and she was just abt to run her 200 when we got there. u cant imagine how my face was that time cos, i were screaming my hearts out. well duh! of course, im a good kakak and i am very very proud of my 2 sisters. they've both been olahragawati and im the one who bangga like i were the one who won that title. talk abt kepoh! and oh yeah, adik won that title. you can guess what i'd do. lol.

after that izzati came to fetch her irdina and so i tot of going selayang mall to grab some brunch. geddit? breakfast/lunch? wtv. and we had cake. haha. then zati sent me home and she went home too. ohh, we hung out with hira as well as she was working at elianto. she's so cute in her uniform. but too much make-up kott. even she never wore that much of make up before. but she said, everyday working with the make ups, its almost heaven. yeah, knowing u. ;)

p/s: oh yea, ive just known that adik is the house captain. the green house/petronas(long story). i mean like, really? well, i guess she did deserve the designation, but seeing her on the field im like, whats the purpose of house captain again? ;) cute la this sekolah rendah people. haha.

thats all for today. ttyl.

night falls in.

/ Thursday, April 19, 2007 /
my 4th post of the day. u cant stop me. im just, in the mood kot. um, tonight, we had a nice dinner together. all 5 of us. the reason i said 5 of us is cos usually, like, most of the time, there'll be like, "ma, mira xnak makan today" , or "hani dah kenyang la ma, xnak makan". but today, nothing special really, we only had this ikan jacket what mama called it and hani's kicap with cili padi. i cant miss that. trying to stick with eating based on the 'moderate is the key' whatsoever, but, cannottt la. lapar tgk ikan tu. its a lovely dinner. we even laughed abt things.

p/s: for some reason, i think my cat is not a cat tau. i dunno. she doesn't seems to be attracted by fish. i mean, all cats MUST love fish kan? weird la you sayang. should i be worried? haha.

look at this!

/ /
i know i know. i've posted like 2 post today. why not make that 3. 3 are better than 1 kan? wtv. sorry but i just cant help it okay. i havent read my emails like, forever. but im in love with all the mails. i could do this everyday! cik wati sure have some great emails. so does mama. i say this cos 99% of my mails were from them. haha. and some from myspace, of course. sureee. well, im sure u'll love my emails too. so, i just wanted to share some of them with u. i've posted the CATS earlier. these are some great pictures. believe me. they are. its actually an art. im sure will appreciate arts from now because they're just great. its amazing how these people figured such things. prepare to be amaze people.


they look so freaking real kan?? freaky kan? but amazing punye freaky. ;)

more dvd.

/ /
well well well. today i woke up at 6.55 a.m. yeah, thats pretty much too early for non-schooling girls like moi but i just did. what can i say, im a morning person. ceittt. ;) well actualy, i slept a a bit early last night. 9.30 pm. a bit too early kottt. nvm that. woke up and got an sms from amalina and she said she'd be at my house today. like this morning, like 7.30 like that. the msg was like "oh mira, kte dtg rumah awk hari ni tau. and confirmed." haha. im like, what is that? confirmed? haha. amalina, amalina. and yes, she's punctual, wth. and she even brought nasi lemak with her. oih. so much for puasa today.

and later after the very early breakfast, we went on9 and she wanted to update on her MySpace (wtv) and put up some new pictures of her but i went to check my emails instead. i got bored of myspace easily nowadays. i wonder why. haih. moving onnn. after that went to watch dvd. i've watched material girls before and still loving it today. she's frigging pretty but i must say her sister is so much better of an actress than of her. and omg, just yesterday, i've downloaded all her tracks from her new album Dignity and to be completely honest, she sucked! big time. there havent much good, listenable song in there. i guess 'with love' is the best and im not really a fan of that song either. so, her song had become from okayyy to worst i guess. how sad to be saying this when you're a big fan for ur whole life. i mean, like, right now, i still love her, but not her song. thank u very much.

oh yea, back to amalina, she's going back already without even waiting for the movie to end. well, i can see she's not enjoying the movie pun at the very beginning of it. haha. xpe. next time we watch someting else yea. but its fun having her here sometime. at least im not dying of boredom here. so i guess that just it.


for your viewing pleasure.

/ /

cute sgt kottt kan? but pity la them. but very cool kan? ;)


/ Wednesday, April 18, 2007 /
well guess what people, i woke up at 7.30 today! i quite proud actualy and i started to think that im actually a morning slash early person. haha. cehh. baru 2 days je. and i made breakfast for the family today. nasi goreng. yahuuuu. im ready to get married. hoiii. nayy. to early kot. but i will. hopefully ;p

after breakfast went to see Oprah (hee) and went straight upstairs to check on the computer. super friggin shaite punye computer. just clicked on the start button and it start to hang like bodoh. ugh. so i uninstall FireFox which i've just downloaded yesterday. and ppl ppl, i've downloaded Ares, too! guess what my first search? The Hills, duh! yup, i download it all over again. what a hard work.

and yeah, hani's friend, anith's here. ponteng sekolah. thats all i can say ;)

little note for my girl.

/ Tuesday, April 17, 2007 /
Izzati Jamal yes, thats Izzati J. on my beautiful people link. this girl here got herself an interview worth a million from UiTM. well, a normal interview actually. well for us, the budak-baru-habis-belajar, this seems pretty BIG! im just here to wish u congratulation girl. u sure make me proud dear. dont worry, u'll get the course for sure.

im just scared i weren't going to get mine. haih. insyaAllah. thats insyaAllah for i will get somewhere, not insyaAllah for not getting it. geddit? nvm.

more DVDs

/ /
uhuh, to be honest, i woke up at 9 today. the a.m. not something that you guys think so-wow here but when i slept at 4 and woke up at this time, that pretty much WOW to me okay. wtv. watched Oprah and at the same time were watching ANTM. yeah, im not much of a reality-tv-lover kinda girl but im a sucker at America's Next Top Model---- ooooh and The Hills!

later that hour i figured to watch the dvd i bought just yesterday. american pie. heee. well this time the guys were preeeeeetty much hotter than the last time tho. but they're plain nasty like the other american pie. well, then watched a few other OKAY movies. and i tot of going to puasa today, but nayyy. what a movie without a popcorn rightt? actually no popcorn, just biscuits. hmph. and the 5th movie i saw was 50 First Date. omg! well, not that i havent watched it before, but it gets me every time i watched it. well pathetic but i love love stories. and i cried every time, yes, every time, over the same movies. can i just say, girls. thats what we do. haha.

okay, officially my new best actor is Adam Sandler. not only he's hot but he's verrrry funny. i laughed like an idiot over his non-stop spontaneous jokes. i mean, he got the whole package. he's not very handsome but somehow, i find it verrry likeable. okayyyy, forget the part when i said he's not handsome. of course he does silly. pfffft. he just a ladies-man mannnn! i liked The Longest Yard, in fact, love 'em. as much as i love Click too. oh yeah, Mr. Deed tooo. omg. im sooo in love. haihhhh.

p/s: ayah and uncle shafie are at the lowyatt now to fix the cpu, and i should be happy, right? nope. guess what, after the fix-fix, all the data in the cpu will gone. zero. nada. and so does my The Hills season 1 and The Hills season 2 collection as well. do u think its verrry easy for me to download one single episode of it? righttt. it takes days to download it. life crushes heart. it does. its the way of life. quote by Mr. Xhibit sir! heee.

pp/s: i really hope the CPU is okay after they come back. i hate using this fugging laptop. it misses some abjects that i clicked on. stupid!

good day ppl.

back in action.

/ Monday, April 16, 2007 /
well yeah, since ayah bought himself a new toy ; this laptop, the daughters are back in action, or back to normal, internet surfing is really how u put it. but i kinda sick of doing MySpace everyday for my daily basis. im sooo in need for some kind of miracle from up there to drop down here. give me pleaseeee one good website for me to unwind myself from my boring, jobless day. and i've watched a LOT of dvds lately. why am i not surprise. i swear to god im gonna be glued to the tv for waching toooo much of dvds. sos.

and somehow, ive been having this weird dreams abt all american rejects, yes, the famous boy band, to be malays, and i know who's my future husband isss, dreamt abt a girl at school that i never talked to, and many other dreams that u probably dont want to hear. i mean, its good to know who's ur hubby-to-be, but its freakyyyy. dont u think? haih. orang boring. mcm ni la.

ohh and thira mention something abt this website that will make u crave for more. i dont know. there's no harm in trying, rightttttt?

ohh guys, this is a full-time gossip page. i just gonna say that. nothing else. enjoy ur reading ;)

p/s: i still didnt get my hand on the pictures, blame izzati for this, or her brother, but i will soon. hopefully. hee

bake bake!

/ Friday, April 13, 2007 /
wake up in the morning (if 1pm consider to be morning, yes) surprise to see thira there. oh so, mama did told me that wanyah's coming but knowing me. so, i got ready and wanyah keep asking to come to hers to teman opah while they're out dinner. oh yeah, opah's herrrre.... ;p

so, being cair by wanyah's kesian face, i went. bored, thira's like "
hey, lets make muffins!"
so, okay. lets! then wanyah like, while you're on it, make cheese cakes too. oh like making cheesecakes is easy laaa. so end up, we make the cheesecakes after all because the ingredients we needed to make the muffins tak cukup.
e e menyampah. so, did the cake and hoping that this one would work. anis konon la said that he does cheesecakes all the time but when we ask do we really have to put this&that in this? and he went like, "i know abt cheesecakes, but not this one." ele... tak pe la. haha. he did helped la. tgk je.

so now, the cake's in the fridge to cool off. it smells great hopefully it tastes the same. but im sooo proud of myself mannn! i made a cheesecakes! ;) and now that they left for dinner, im stuck with opah. the couch-potato opah. haih. its gonna be loooong night people.....


/ Tuesday, April 10, 2007 /
holy shiznit shit. my dad just bought a new lcd so i tot hah, finaly. i miss spending long hours on the internet till i broke my butt bone. seriously. but, it's the motherboard actually were the trouble cause here. dammit. but thank god ayah left his laptop while he's out of town. yeah, he wouldn't want her daughter to die of boredom kan. what a relief.

going onn..

i've been doing some toughts of getting back to work again but this time, not nandos. selayang mall. omg. what am i thinking? but im so freaking bored lazying around the house. so why not i take this chance to make monayyy kann? i dunno. i'll think abt it later la.

btw, my investment was working so fineeeee. ;)


/ Saturday, April 7, 2007 /
ohhh my god! today started with a normal boring day and as usual i laze around the house but then i switched to channel travel and living. oh thank god.

at 2 there was trading spaces and i was so amazed by the design okayyy. lovely. and then surprise by design was even better. they were designing kids room so tot this should be interesting kannn? mmg pun kott. omg u have to see it to believe it la. it was pink and black. the designer is soooo pandai for thinking abt it at the first time. then material world pulak. not only the guys whice were the designers were hot, but the design as well. ohhhh god! my day filled with precious knowledge kot. hee. so-called la.

after watched all the shows, im beginning to have this thoughts of taking interior design for my future. but, i dunno. we'll just see abt that. but i'll sure take this course. nanti la. yea yea. keep telling urself that darling. haha

get a job.

/ Thursday, April 5, 2007 /
headstart with a gloomy morning but thank god izzati came for rescue. so we went to metroprima cos this izzati wanted to get a job. so we went.

but after a while loafing around the mall, we catch nothing. thanks to this so-picky izzati la. then, ate at crepe. crepe didnt satisfy my perut besar so then after that after we drop hani at the ktm station, went to selayang mall to grab something. not actually grab, but i had kopitiam. heee ;) fair enough.

then, we still had this boring-syndrom, so izzati suggested bukit lagong. haha. lame, but, we went. ohhhh. it was okayy. there's not much of ppl considering its thursday and its like 1 petang. so there u go. not so boring day la. we spent the rest of the day lepaking at mine's. haihhh.

girls day out.

/ Tuesday, April 3, 2007 /
well, today, we went to mid and watched beans ;)

and okayyy, i'm a little carried away by the handbags and bought myself two of em. hee.
two je kott. overall today was nice. just a little exhausted cos i slept at 2 last nite so im less-powered mcm tu la. haha. wtv. nice, all i can say. ;)

oo, my monitor been struck by lightening yea yesterday. so, i've to go to cc to post all this. ugh. meyampah la. not just to post ni la. luckily my mum mmg nak use the comp that insist us to go to cc. yeah, luckily. ;)

one heck of a day :/

/ Monday, April 2, 2007 /

oh god. what i'd do without them? tq. ;)

true true. went to ou along with hnynattsyaf to celebrate natalya. at first, we're thinking of baskin robin's but after a look-see at the price, hehe, next time la natt. then, went to secret recipe, and thought of eating there jugak but hmmph, you know la, we banyak makan punye ppl, lapar sgt. secret recipe doesnt seem like a place where we can eat byk2 and kenyang kan. at last, we went to kenny rogers. finding a place to eat like making a life and death decision je. very fussy la we ppl. now baru sedar ;)

ohh, the price was okayyy, so we order like, main order je. then before bayar only we realise that we over-ordered and sooo takut to ask for the bills. then, we said, laa, just go for it la. how bad can it be kan? thats what we thought la.
the bills was RM90.97 for god sake!

omg. we all like, is this really our bill? for 4 person only. haih. then syaf start saying something like, "mintak nyawa, mintak nyawa". that was sooo funny. hahaha. then syafikah said, "i told ya we should have McD's in the first place". too late dear. tak pe la. this time i pay for them la considering i paid 60 bucks (and 97cents) for it and they pay 10 bucks each. everything for the bday girl. haha.

continue on.

after that, went to chilli's to see talya&putri&tasha. omg i love this ppl. seriously. i've known them for like 2minutes je and we're like bff already. went to stalk putri's crush at RAOUL and talya's at parkson. haha talya. parkson pun parkson la kan. and tasha, u were cute too. i'll always remember that incident just now. cute la u. hahaha. next time we hang out lagi ye. i love going out with this adik-beradik la. seriously.

then, balik part was the hardest. they ajak us to play foosball (i dont know how they spell it) along but cannottt. mama sampai already. shaite la. but today was lovely. we took lots of pics. suke suke ;)


lupe pulak. i went to nando's only to return my uniform and got back my 50 bucks. yay.

i miss all the ppl there. but tadi faizul was nowhere to be seen. i miss that dude. and abg chan too. and i've found out that k. eda's not working there anymore. damn la. i miss her gila2. and i missed diana so much jugak la :(

today was nice. haih.
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