Sunday Morning

/ Sunday, January 31, 2010 /

Waking up today, feeling chipper as ever , had my scrambled egg for brunch, snuggled back in my super comfy ruffled blankets reading tons of emails (still) and had Colbie Caillat's You Got Me on replay, thousand of times. I'm so stuck to this song that I personally admit I can really relate too. This song put up a really big smiles on my face all day long and yeah, I did crinkled my nose one (or two) times :)

Pretty walls

/ Friday, January 29, 2010 /
I came across Charlotte Mann, and it's a she and this uber talented artist is found deeeeep down in my truck loads of emails that I've been working on to clear since forever, and thank goddd I've found her! oh, you just got to see what she do to feel what I felt right now. She is known for her large life-sized drawings, murals to be exact and they're just wonderful. As I scroll down her portfolio (with my jaw dropped on the floor obviously), I kept on thinking of putting up these babies on the blog, since I havent been so friendly with my own blog lately. I mean, it's a shameee not to show off these babies to the world, no?


I was right about her, didn't I? ;)

I Got The Blues For You .

/ Wednesday, January 13, 2010 /
I was blown away when acik wati told about her going to Greece this Chinese New Year break. I was reallllly. okay, you have to know, I have this list in my diary of places I should go, or things I should do before I die ( or probably after I have enough $$$ to go ) , and I've been carrying that little diary with me for years now. and Greece was like in 2nd place, well of course first would be Makkah and the third would definitely be Paris! and the list goes on til the number 11th already, for nowww. haha

ok, where was I? oh yea, GREECE! my most favourite place in Greece, that I think no one should NOT not go, is the Oia Village in Santorini. I remembered reading about Santorini at MPH when I'm always too early for work, when I was working with Nandos back then when I'm 18. and I fell in love since.

I mean, how can I notttt???

the houses are small, yes, but they're cute. and all that
vibrant colours all over the town, how can you resistttt?

Ahhhh, if only the myths about treasures at the end of rainbows is true,
I'll go dig for them in my imaginary garden. :D

oh ! I found this cute map for those of you who are going to Oia ! you're welcome ;))

teen vogue

/ Monday, January 4, 2010 /
I can't believe the time finally came, faster than I've expected, that I'll be starting my
internship soon. REAL SOON I say, like tomorrow soon. haha.
This really reminds me of Whitney and Lauren in The Hills and The City,

and all in my head was I wanted it to be all-glamour like
the teen vogue internship. haha , a girl can dream kan?

but anywayyyy, it's confirmed now that I'll be doing my internship in LTW Design Works ( Lim . Teo + Wilkes ), Damansara Heights, starts from tomorrow onwards. I know what I will and will not learn there, and I've been longing to learn 3D max ever since I laid my eyes on my senior's 3D and to know that they did not practice 3D Max there kind of bummed me out.

But it's okay tho, I guess I can brush up my Auto CAD skills more than ever now and I hope it'll work for me just fine for my final project for Part 6.

I reallllllly hope I'll fit in there and everything to be smooth sailing along the way. InsyaAllah, I'll tell you stories about me on the job okay.

wish me luck people, xoxo


/ Friday, January 1, 2010 /



May this be a better year for all of us, I've already felt the tingle in my stomach,
cause I know this will be a great year and I feel so lucky already :D

I hope you do too!
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