/ Tuesday, April 28, 2009 /
i found another great Japanese movie, Lovely Complex. i think you should give it a try. comes with adequate dose of sweet and humor. it's about a tall girl, who's in love with a shorter guy. happens all the time in real life, ea? not to forget, the settings were loveeeelayyyy!

RANTING & Le Gardenia Dinner updates

/ Thursday, April 23, 2009 /
and we did got our dinner after all, after a semester with no dinner, we had enough. hehe thanks to our juniors, the dinner was all the rage back now. haha part twos, you deserve a biggggg massive round of applause for pulling such a lovely dinner, although i did not get a bite on that super tempting kambing golek of you guy's. nvm, i'll live. hee

truth: last semester, my batch were supposed to host a dinner, but we didnt. malu kottt, you have no idea.

but we got over that, and id day was a success, so. but here's some pictures (click pictures for larger view)


Le Gardenia Dinner

oh yea, I've managed to collect 3 guys who'd volunteered
to give me a bouquet of flowers. they totally volunteered
okay, i did not ask them, or threaten to trashed their
ID drawings ok. ( oooh, the nose just grew longer)

1st guy: syed, the gentleman
2nd guy: syahmi, the cool one
3rd guy: apis, the kecoh one, haha

and lastly, my dates kyrie, who is at my side the
whole time at the dinner. thank you darling. hehe

ps: these pictures are for your eyes thira, tak sabar betul. haha


/ Monday, April 20, 2009 /

The family just break the supposedly great BIG holiday news and how do I react to that? Like a stupid, ungrateful jerk. Oh I’m such a killjoy. To get all moody just because of the dates. Dates mira! So what if it is too early, we’re still going. What have I got to lose? What happened to you ni mira oiii? Haih.

Sorry mama, hny, adik.


/ Sunday, April 19, 2009 /
the sleepless-nights-and-lots-of-blackkkk-coffee session is now BEGIN.

APRIL 22ND, 2009

APRIL 26TH, 2009

APRIL 27TH, 2009

APRIL 29TH, 2009

that is just how I want it to be. SHORT & sweet! hehe
woah! that leaves me with a looooong semester break ! weee

GOOD LORD, im homeee

/ Thursday, April 16, 2009 /
so i finished watching 6 movies, already. in 2 days. yay. first, bride wars, then major movie star, yes man, get smart, inkheart (u should see this!) . and im lovin every bit of it. they all were great movie, MADE MY DAY punye kind. hehe ok, i have a confession to make, i've just watched SATC the movie. thats sex and the city for those who dont know. i know, I'm pathetic and all cos it took me t h i s long to finally watched it, when everybody's had watched it like decades ago. excuse me for that.

im in love with the movie, not just for the fashion (duhh) but i love how Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda were there for each other, ALLLL the time, thru thick and thin. i dont know abt you guys, but im practically a loner and yes i enjoy being all by myself for most of the time, but i kinda envy with the relationship they had. i want that too. its like, when the gloomy days punched in, you know you'll always have them with you. no matter what. and you did almost everything together. and you hears your friends thought not because you have to, but because you wanted to.

i needed that.

so, its a good movie, you have my two thumbs up.
i cant wait to see the confessions of a shopaholic. ttyl
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