Is this the end?

/ Sunday, January 29, 2012 /
I think I had this conversation with myself hundredsss of times, not to mention with other people. I really think people will get really annoyed with me if they had to hear another more of my "confuse" situations. I don't know, I don't think it's really THAT confusing, maybe I'm just trying to run from the situation? I thought I've always wanted this to happen, and finally when it's little by little becoming real, I'm running away? WTH?

All I know is, I'm done now. At least that is what I force myself to believe at the moment. Seriously, NEED.  NEW. DISTRACTION. PRONTO!

PS: Watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the second time now, I abandoned my sleep for them, and I'm not even sorry! HAHAHA

Have a lovely one! XX

A slightly longgggg but really HAPPY post. I promise :)

/ Friday, January 13, 2012 /
Nobody likes a grumpy girl post right, I know I don't. So here's a review of what great things that happened in 2011. Just a short recap from early 2011 til the end of 2011. here goessss.

Okay so, I took a degree in Event Management in UiTM Puncak Alam, a longgg 45 minutes drive from home in Shah Alam, made a lot of interesting friends. In early January, we had our Junior's Night (sort of a welcome party the seniors throws for us freshers) and I made this montage on behalf of my class.

And we had a new kitten, named Charlie. But he wasn't strong enough to stay with us for a long time without a mother cat to care for him. RIP Charlie.

My February was rather busy, I did a lot of things.

First, it was my dear dear cousin's birthday soiree.

And then, me and my sisters planned my youngest sister's, Fatinah, her sweet sixteen birthday party, followed by a family BBQ Dinner and Doa selamat at night.

My March was kind of quiet, but me and Hani, baked a cake for our aunt's birthday and we threw her a 'sort-of' a surprise birthday. Long story short, she kinda figured us out. Darn. hehe

And later that April, this was the time I was so busy with assignments and exams. So there was nothing much to be joyful about that month. But one thing that beats everything was when I had an interview via Skype from University of Kent's representative, it went really well and that's why I'm hereeee! 

My Graduation Day for my Diploma was on May, we're finally designers! haha sorta.

We had our sequel to the Pricknick we had at Putrajaya last year. This time, it was held at Kyrie's house, just us friends, catching up and also as an advance birthday for Kyrie.

I went to Bangkok in July! well, for business. wow that's the first! I never had the chance to say I went abroad FOR BUSINESS. I like it! haha. the company I'm working with that time was sourcing out furnitures, for the presidential project that we were working on.

August was mostly gathered up with the girls.

Boyyy, September was hectic! Since this was my last month in Malaysia before I came to England, I need to squeezeeee everyone in that month! So, I made a few gatherings/kenduri (it was Hari Raya Puasa as well) and meet all of them together. One shot! haha

1.My big cousin's baby Rauf Harraz was born. 2.SELAMAT HARI RAYA! 3.Open house at Kyrie's 4.Sent off my cousin, Tira, to England. And yes, she's with me hereeee! 5.Last meal at IKEA. 6.Meet Toby, our new cat! 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14.Eid Mubarak Open House at mine's. 15. Sent off Teekay to England. Yeap, one more friend with me here, bless :)

1.One day before I flew off to England, my friends can't send me off the next day because they had their final presentations on the day. Thanks love :) 2,3,4,5. Friends & family who came to send me off. Love sangat! 6.Me, waving final goodbye to families, braving the new world, in England that is. 7. Reunited with my cousin Tira in London! 8. Portobello!

I went to Berlin for the School of Arts trip! All expense paid! Can it get any better? No, it cannot. HAHA

More Berlin pictures here and here.

Finally, December.
We wandered around London for a couple of week before New Years to see the magical of Christmas in London. Let's just say, spending your time with the right company, it was truly magical. I'll definitely do this again, and again and again.

More London pictures here, here and here :)

So there you go. That's pretty much wrapped up my 2011. I think my 2011 wasn't so bad at all, it was sad and happiness all together that makes it a much memorable year for me. Thank you 2011, you've been good to me.

Here's to a great 2012.
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