the big day

/ Friday, December 28, 2007 /
i just finished packing up my bag leaving for university just few minutes ago. with everything were out of place and i have have have to find them, thats pretty much make my packing-up more difficult and stressing. and we had a last minute shopping on wednesday and yesterday, there so many things to bring and i just cant leave anything behind. yeah, im pretty much a last-minute person and i kinda annoyed by that fact sometimes.

and yesterday, after picking up ayah at the KL Central, we went to mamak, and i guess thats our last mamak for this year :(

omg omg omg! its my



im so nervous-plus-happy feeling inside the stomach already. iwanttopuke. finally, the moment i've been waiting my whole life, haha, dramatic sikit. esok pagi, lepas subuhh, uitm perak we go! hee. ok so, its official, its my last post for this year. because i dont think i get to online in the university, because busy with transferring, unpack and stuff, so. many sorry for that.

if i dont get to online till new years, im wishing all the people in the world (this time its ALL) , HAPPY NEW YEAR! goodbye 2007, hello 2008. ok u people, im off to bed and wish me all the best leaving tomorrow okayy. eeeeek, im so scaredddddd. :D:D



/ Tuesday, December 25, 2007 /

to all the people in the world who are celebrating. hv a wonderful xmas (:

and as for me, im celebrating as well, but for a whole different occasion. im delighted to share the good news to all you people. here goes... i got to go to uitm perakkkkkk! and the best of all, im going to study interior! omg, can u believe this? this has been one of the many happiest moments in my life. u can only imagine how i felt just now. for a second there, i thought my heart dropped, and all of my system shut off automatically. haha, im good with exaggerating, didnt i? hahaha. bear with me people, im so freaking happy.

i've been longing to say this for a long time and now i can say this out loud, finally.


be happy for me kay? wish me luck on this new course okayy?
ttyl xoxoxo

dedoink doink doink

/ Monday, December 24, 2007 /
im tired of hunting houses, u know? i mean, whats the point, really? at the end of the day, its the parents who makes the decision anyway. who cares what i think right? so why the hell should i be hunting and give opinions and waste many many days looking for houses. haih.

BTW, we did went for house hunting yesterday. from am til pm. the whole day we were at NILAI. and i hate that place. very very much. later that night we went to uptown damansara for dinner and got back. had a late night movie with hani and adik, we watched catch and release. i loveeeee that movie, very nice indeed.

today, i had a movie marathon, yes, thats me alone having a movie marathon. managed to watched Riding In Cars With Boys, Borat, A Long Week & Dirty Love. but the movie was okayyy je for all four movies.

im boreddddd, can u tell?

this probably one of the lasttt post as im going back to the uni this 28th. pls pls pls let it be some kind of miracle so i wont have to go back to segamat. i just dont want to. but i guess, i have to jugak kan? haih.

season's greeting

/ Thursday, December 20, 2007 /
first and foremost;

to all the muslims in the world. good day everybody!

i know i have been celebrating it for the past 18 years, but every years i will always sit back and reminiscing about what are we actually celebrating and do at this time of the year. i know, this is the event where we slaughter the cows and all but is that all we do? xde like duit raya or anything ke? haha. but, oneeeee thing that i love love love about hari raya haji is that my expectation of eating sup tulang for literally the whole weekend is very high! haha. dont blame me for liking it so much k, i just do. hee

ok, abt the we-are-moving thing ni, of course la i know, this time, it is serious. i dont know la it was that serious. it was like ayah was searching for the right house for him and mama to settle down, for the rest of their life like that. ishh. mula la diorg nak cari yg out-of-town, outskirtish, and less smokey area, haggle-with-people less, u know what i mean kan? they want like a place where they can grow old together peace-ly. sheesh. and ayah was reading a stack of Anjung Seri at nenek's place just now. EXCUSE ME. since when do ayah read Anjung Seri? and since when do ayah even like/care about interiors? haha. he was very preoccupied with his new found bestfriend (anjung seri). he read the magazine back to back. i dont think he misses anything there. haha. im sure im not the only one who's feeling a bit weird by ayah's new hobby. but a good kind of weird la. well, then, one thing for sure,


ttyl ;)

hunting for more

/ Sunday, December 16, 2007 /
house hunting has become our latest routine for this past few weeks. and im sure months to come. as much as im loving the houses we've looked, i love more to the fact that we are really moving. YAY! just what i needed. we've looked at few, eh no, LOTS of houses and im soooo exhausted. im not complaining but really la, u have know when to stop kan? not ayah ok. he wont duduk diam until he found the right house. haih. typical ayah la. and then had a late dinner at shakeys.

yesterday, i went to OU for a small get-together. for finally meeting izzati, farah, suhaila, hira and amalina again, i couldnt be any happier. we went to see golden compas (i love love love the movie but i just hateeee the ending, blerkhh) and then talked all evening. we covered everything. haha. everyone's changed, sure. well before that, i went to see raisa but we talked sikit-sikit je cos im in a rush (sooo me). boy, i miss that girl. well, as if i wont see her again kan? :D:D anddd, what do u know, OU sale menggila kot yesterday. and im broke. shaite. but its all good cos im sooo happy to see them again. fair enough. and that night, auntie-sebelah (mrs lee, but we called her auntie sebelah je anyway) had a wedding reception for her son. the food was HEAVEN! for the love of food, i ate sooooo banyak. haha. best best, like seriously. hee

at auntie sebelah's son's wedding reception

this is a few pictures we took on the get-together :D:D

random thoughts

/ Thursday, December 13, 2007 /
as i go through ppl's blog, i realise this few great blogs that somehow to me, very menginsafkan. for how long, i dont know, every single time after my every prayers, without failing, i will have my doa. and by doa i mean, asking what i want from the Almighty God ALLAH. little did i know that i never really thank ALLAH for what He had given to me rather than what He havent. there's so many beautiful things He had given me, and miss-ungrateful-me here is always asking for more, without even saying thank you to ALLAH for the beautiful things that ever happened to me. how awful does that made me feel? really really awful, u have no idea.

everyday, i will go wondering what have i done wrong that ALLAH didnt seem to reply my prayers. well, what do u know, i never appreciate what He have done and still questioning His job. i felt realllly bad for that. i should've know better. if it were for me, i will not give anything to ppl that dont appreciate what i'd gave them or at least, what i'd do for them. KARMA sucks baby! so, be nice to everybody, esp to The Almighty God ALLAH who created u for what u are. im sure, there'll be good return. trust me.

thank u ALLAH for the great family You had given me, the great life, friends and for still caring for me for all these years. and hopefully for the many great years to come. Amin.

ttyl :)

birthday wishes

/ Monday, December 10, 2007 /
happy 18th birthday farrah zawani!

having u in my high school years have never been anything but great. u r my partner in crime when it comes to kenakan hantu hitam. we even have the longest history together, we've met when we're in mdea (remember?) and that was like when we're in Std 4 kan? i remembered sitting at one corner eating one benjo together because we did not have enough money to buy one for oneself. and of course, for liking the same boy in that tuition. haha. thanks for being there when i need u the other night farrah. thanks for being a great BFF. ily always.

how i miss

/ Sunday, December 9, 2007 /
-oh how i missed talking long hours on the phone with farrah & izzati ;

-oh how i missed cam-whoring with farrah & izzati ;

-oh how i missed skipping assembly with farrah that annoys izzati (hehe) ;

-oh how i missed swearing, mocking endlessly about hantu hitam in the classroom with farrah ;

-oh how i missed getting the offence slip and going to the detention ;

-oh how i missed coming to school really late and got in the school illegally ;

-& if i were caught coming late, to pick up the rubbish in the canteen ;

-oh how i missed to the fact that i can be bad at school (haha) ;

and i cant really believe what im going to say but

-oh how i missed HIGH SCHOOL.

&& just now, farrah && i had a loooooooong chat. im having a so-called sesi luahan hati to her, and it felt good. really good. i know i missed that girl, but i didnt know THAT much. i need to see her la. its been ages since we saw each other. seriously farrah, i really need to talk to u selalu la.

lupe pulak, the thing that i missed most is having my two best friends, farrah and izzati around.

like seriously, we need to meet anywhere la before u guys go masuk university la, ape la, k?

ttyl (:


/ /
im suuuuuper happy, the examination results just made my day okayy. its not VERY excellent or anything, but, its up to my expectation that is what very great about it. but whats important is that i managed to make my folks happy. because of that im superrrr happy. im lost with word already, and cannot seem to express my happiness in words.

anywaysss, went to julia's bday at noon, and of course, if we went to julia's bday, we have to get chinta a pressie as well && vice versa. we came early, early enough that we didnt even get to eat the cake bcos the party start at 5 and we came like at 3pm. so u go figure. and then, after saying goodbyes later at 4 pm mcm tu we went to pick up hani. yes, budak nak ambik SPM. she and her tuition lah. cehh. then, went to pak anjang's doa selamat celebrating the twin, amin & amir. they'll having their sunat tomorrow. hahaha. the next step of becoming a man la ni. hahaha. and the unclessss cannot seem to let them off easily. always with the teasing okay. poor twins.

then, we went HOUSE HUNTING!!! yay :DDDD


long week

/ Thursday, December 6, 2007 /
yes, the title says it all.

and that is why i have all the rights in the world for not updating. hee :DD

on monday, we had a movie marathon (in the house) since we did not have the energy to go keluar jalan2 whatsoever. and im really in the mood for staying in. watched white chick, again (i've wathed this movie like the hundredth time kot) , aquamarine (cried, again pfffttt) and final destination 2. can u believe it? i normally dont watch this kind of movie, the kind that full with dead bodies from the beginning till the end of the movies, but no, i actually have watched it! haha. but not really takut pun. ye la, considering that i close my eyes with the pillow at all times and the part where the people that are suppose to die, tragically, of course, that also my friend, i did not see. hahaha. thank goddd hani already told me the whole story before this because she knows that i will never want to watch the movie. we had SUSHI to go along instead of popcorn. and of course, its hand-made, by US! haha. thats the best part of it.

for tuesday, we went to midvalley cos i need to meet shireen and adik & nurul want to see the movie andd im looking for something. i met shireen and her new beau and i just knew she had forget the past back in uitm. she said, "never trust uitm's guys, they're a jerk." and i sometimes, kinda agree on that. nvm that. hani went back early cos she had tuition and adik&nurul left for movies and i end up, walking around midvalley ALONE. mcm org gila kot. pathetic oh. and balik is the penatest part of all, and all of a sudden, i just hate going out.

on wednesday, i was suppose to go OU with hani cos i need to buy some stuff, too but i just cant get myself up in the morning because im wayyy too tired to get my arse up to go and mandi, so i just said to hani to buy the thing for me and continue back to sleep. heaven :DD

and today, i woke up reallllllllly late, u have no idea. blerkhhh

not literally the longest week anyone ever had but i just felt tired this whole week without knowing what i did. haha, i dont think i did anything pun but ntah la.

ps: i found the november issue for teen vogue already, yay! not really liking the cover girl (rihanna) but YAY!

ttyl :)

out and about

/ Sunday, December 2, 2007 /
i have so much to tell :))

yesterday was niceee. heee. went to klcc to hani's small reunion. yea yea, whats a 2-years-old-gap senior doing in an all-junior reunion kan? thats what i told hani but she insisted me to come with her, she afraid to the fact that she did not close enough to the girls to have fun and have something anything to talk about and so that she wont feel left out. please, im the one who should be thinking of being left out okay because im like a third-wheel between hani and her friends. but, it went all ok la. but, they were like sitting in two separate tables, 1 for the girls and another for boys. most of the girls did not talk to the boys and vice versa. and you call that a REUNION? maybe thats just how u guys do it, i will mind my own business. :DD oh, the girls were all like telling stupid jokes && u know how i feel about stupid jokes right? cannot tahan la. so we as in hani and i, most of the times sat with the guys. they were all like cute, not just physically, but, perangai cute, u know. very charming and sweet. and they dont tell stupid jokes okay. how nice is that?

natalya and shafiqah tagged along yesterday, but they had to come late because, actually they had to attend kasturi but they skipped. cih, budak ponteng. hahaha. and i just loveee having this three amigos (haninatalyasyafiqah) around okay. they just, so fun, happenning, oh, they just make my day. im sure anyone will love them.

well, nvm thatt. the mega sale started yesterday && i cant barely see what is so MEGA about it. it seems to me that it is just the same, and they were all still very pricey for me, out-of-my-league price, very hundred-ish. sheesh. oh BUT BUT BUT, NAF NAF was the only one kedai that i think had a super mega sale. it was like 50% 70% 80%!! like, can u believe that? naf naf? and why is it so hard for me to find teen vogue nowadays ea? i missed the november issue so i need to have itttt. i just need to. ugh.

we went back not as plan because the stupid keretapi tanah melayu delayed. if it wasnt the fact that ktm was the only transport that will take us to klcc, i never wanted to take ktm to anywhere kot. but we were back safe and sound. and yeah, we pergi && balik dgn nazreen, so cute la that boy. malu2 je but he knows how to treat the ladies. :DD haha. and then mama broke the news to us that the person that wanted to have a look at our house (the reason we got up early in the morning and sleep late this few days to make the house as presentable as ever) could not come. ugh ugh ugh. ugh! im soooo freaking hot right now but i know i cannot blame the person kan but, why la? penat tauu kemas hari2. well, its ur lost anyway for not looking at our sparkling clean house. its not like everyday u can see us doing the house chores. heh, in your face. hahaha. cehh, nak sedapkan hati. haha. tak rugi pun orang tu kot. well WHATEVERRR. hahahahahaha

we all, as in hani adik nurul and I were all dying slowly as boredom strike us that night. i dont know, maybe ayah is psychic. he called me down last night, and i thought he was going to marah because we were so bising upstairs because hani and the the two budak were doing their britney video clip, && it was funny as hell && u know, funny comes with a lot of big and verrrrry LOUD laughter kan? but no, he asked us to go siap and said we're going to uptown danau kota. and it was like 1 in the morning. great timing ayah. but we suke, hee :DD there, hani and adik bought some baju and adik and i bought hani a handbag for her bday pressie. cih, i cannot stand looking at her face when she was holding the bag. she was like admiring the bag and looking at me like she's telling something. hish. i know, u want the bag so much kan? so i bought the bag for her. im a goooooood kakak, i know. hahaha. yeah, being a good kakak costs me RM60. blerkhhh.

&& today, from the morning we were playing snail mail, and u must look at the two budak face okay. they were very preoccupied to the games, like boleh termasuk kepala dalam computer tu okay. hahaha. so cute la u guys niii. i recorded them in action but i cannot get the part when they were losing. haha. slamming the mouse, knocking the tables, screaming as if they were attacked by a molester or something. so funny. and i just cannot stand to bug them by video-recording them. haha. just look at the video of adik and nurul.

good day people and ttyl :DD


/ Monday, November 26, 2007 /
i've been wondering about this quite a few times, and maybe some of you we're too. why is it that rich people have cute names && all elegance &&& you knowww, the RICH names. like PARIS HILTON. she is named over a beautiful city, the oh-so-romantic place on earth for god sake. you know what i mean right? and also, OPRAH. thats not a name we heard everyday for biasa-biasa people like us kan? maybe in the future i have to look for so so so many baby's names books if i wanted my children to have the richness in their names. hahaha. crap. oh yea, nicole RICHie. ughhhh

anyways, i've just uploaded a surprise video my friends back in uitm made for me. well, not literally as i was holding the camera the whole time, and it wasn't really a surprise, but well, its a surprise for me how darling my friends have been to make this video ok and having to say a surprise video is much more seronok rather than saying just video kan? haha. come on people. agree with me and just play along :DD

the first one is shireen, then shera and melya. dont go around and mocking me about showing off this video. i AM proud to get this video. its not everyday u received a video like this from ur friends kan? and well, i never got any. they're the first. i love them.

ttyl love.


/ Friday, November 23, 2007 /
this cat was so malas to get out of his/her so-small bekas ok. his/her face is so penyek, i loveeee it!
look at the ears, so kecik and kebawah and comel kan? i thought so. haha
tembam, thats what i love abt this kucing :DD
so does this one. aren't they just heaven? haih.

and then went to watch BEE MOVIE right after, which was very interesting and cute and catchy. and later to bowling. no strike today or whatsoever for me, just not my luck. but hani and adik striked once, just ONCE okayyy. eleh. hahaha

MyCat Exhibition @ MATRADE

/ /
one word. super duper awwwwwesome! okay, 3 words. its beyond words. you have to be there to know how i feel about it. hahaha. the cats there were super glamorous, they're living a fairytale. they're treated like super duper royal mighty highness. they were groomed by their masters and take pictures all day long. what a way to live your life ey? now i wish i were those ever-so-expensive cats. sheesh.


/ Tuesday, November 20, 2007 /
heee. the smiley face with a big grin is just the sign of my sorry for not updating. u cant really blame me that blogger is banned in the uitm, and that im pretty busy with the books for my finals. but now that it is all over, i can blog whenever i wanted to, it just that, i cant get the hold of everything this holiday. it seems like there's so much to do and meet (and watch, i've been kinda behind of everything lately, so) this holiday and dont really have the time to sit in front of my laptop and blog. sad, yes. and omg, i just dont know in the world, why i've been putting up soooo much food in my mouth lately. im like verrrry hungry all the time, not that i eat few in the previous days but this time its like, i feel like i want to eat all the time. and i've been searching for recipes that i can make. and oh, i've been bugging mama to cook her carbonara and mee curry for me since before the day im coming back home.

this reallly freaks the hell out of me! what has got into me, idk but it really freaks me out. and i really do think i need to get back on my diet and the exercising machine that i'd abandoned quite some time. i really need to. i dont want to have to show up for the second semester looking like Fat Albert, god no.

but can i at least make one of my recipe that i searched for? hahaha.

oh yea, forgot to tell u this, but im on my semester break and it is only for one and a half months. i dont think i could ever do anything with that very short of time. haih. and i went for an interview on 171107 about my change of course for the next semester and yes i know i have to expect there will be a drawing test but why why why i hate art lessons in my high school years. i could have drawn a better blocks on the test, and at least know how to shade the freaking drawings. omg, im soooo intimidated by this one girl who apparently just got back from the UK and was taking the drawing test with me. she said she used to hate art lesson in primary school and she moved to the UK when she was in std 5 and fall madly in love with the subject. why cant i be the one who move to the UK and love art? that way, i will easily shade the drawing off, even anything that they put before me. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshhhh! ugh.

yeah, i guess u could just figured how my interview went. my drawings sucked. luckily the interviewer was so comel, the rasa-nak-cubit-pipi punye comel, yeap its a SHE. she made me feel comfortable to talk to her. so the part of interview where i talked to her is okayyyy la, i guess. i just hoped i get the course. oh please please please lemme in that course. i promise i do good and give you a biggggggg pressie. hahaha. if it just that simple.

ttyl :)

selamat hari raya :D

/ Wednesday, October 17, 2007 /

alrighty, first things first.

thank godddd my hotspot turn out OK, just ok, after weeks of baiki-baiki here and there with the ustaz-know-it-all tu. not badd, he's actually turned my XP to Vista, not bad at all. oh you know local universities, they banned many many many websites that are unappropriate for students kan, ok, i dont mind that as i dont usually goes to that kind of websites. heee. but, out of everything else, you have to ban la kan? why do you think i wantttt the internet so baddd? to blog kottt, duh. so, its like i went thru freaking many tiring days of melawating the ustaz for nothing, at all. and that is why i havent update my blog. million sorry for that. you shud've blame the ustaz k. :XX

coming to the couples of the very last weeks of finals, the lecturers gila gila give assignments to us students. helllo, in case they havent notice, we have final exams coming and RAYA kot. and dont they think they shud've given us more time to study and raya peacefully? i mean, be considerate. i know stress is good, but i KNOW from the beginning this is not a good stress to me. *sigh* and oh, koko said, i've been sighing a LOTT lately. why eh, i wonder. i hope my application to change my course will be accepted. pleaseeeee.

RAYA. one word. BORING. why niii? i've been looking forward to raya before i even start my puasa. and i got this kind of raya? i dont even feel the raya-feeling i used to get every raya. u have no idea how boring this raya feels. thira raya kat melbourne. cittt. mengade. and yea, duit raya sikitttt sgt. blahh.

and now, i really really need to get my ass to open the book and study. my finals are coming realll soon, and i havent read a single alphabets ok. my finals start next week and try this

22/10 monday - BEL 120 (english) , MGT 162 (management :X)
23/10 tuesday - CTU 101 (agama kott)
27/10 saturday - ACC 115 (accounts ; u know how i just 'LOVE' accounts kan? ish)
7/11 wednesday - MAT 140 (maths)

and the sakit hati part is, why in the worldddd they have to make 10 days gap between accounts and maths ni? sakit hati kot.

wtv. ttyl love. :D:D


/ Thursday, September 13, 2007 /
well, this is like the 2nd time of my coming back home. coming back home has never been this great k. the whole week i was looking forward to coming back home but it all dropped gila2 as the jealous lecturers all are giving truck loads of assignment. try maths, management and account. ACCOUNT. great. and they're all need to be submitted this monday. they said " you guys have a long weekends right? this is just like a light exercise." fahammm tak. wtv.

lately, i've been sleeping late as in lateeee like 4 in the morning and i've been feeling nauseous and sick to my brain, i dont know why, but i think its because of the university. or maybe because of this course im taking. help, someone? its a dog eat me world here in uitm. friends nowadays, haih. oh and, if you're looking for fairweather friends, its all here. and the best part is, they're free. ceitt.

these are a few of the pics at UiTM.

weee huu.

/ Monday, August 6, 2007 /
the laptop's hereeeeeee!

u know what that means kan kan? hahaha. i love u family! :}}}


/ Sunday, July 29, 2007 /
tired week. u'll know if u see my face. mcm org hilang suami. haha. im busy with the assignments, orientation that never seems to end (i dont know how many orientation i've attend to, there's so many of them), and i finally registered my hotspot. a BIGGGG relief okayy. internet is something i dont appreciate much when im at home, before i came here and when i have something else to do, but here, its like a major needs tau. pergh, u have nooo idea how important internet is here, at least, to me its quite.

and ayah cute la, he wont allowed me balik KL naik bas. haha. too dangerous, he said. awww, you DO care. and mama said, let him come to u(segamat) every week. and when he tak larat to come down every single week, he will SURUH kottt naik bas. hahaha. we'll just see about that. :))

ps: friends here are THE 'best'. blahhh. :{{{

i still miss the family, the bff hny, the kucing. i misssssss.



/ Sunday, July 22, 2007 /
sunday morning kan? supposingly, everybody's mooning around, zzzzing around, but not me ok? i got tons of assignment, u dont need to know. i mean, pleaseee la. it is only my 2nd week here, in fact it is quite advance for me since this is my first time entering a UNIVERSITY kannn???!! i felt like an adult already. can they at least go easy on us sikit, for the part one-ers specifically. and tambah lagi, we were only been here for 2 weeks je . clueless sgt kott. sheesh.

oh and, i really really really need that freaking laptop here now. i need to register the hotspot, register elictrical app license yada yada yada. see what i mean? and the freaking assigment need to be done, neatly typed. dah la last wednesday, i used my roommate's laptop to do the BEL presentation, no nak mintak lagi? malu kott. and thats why i end up here, zamrud's cyber cafe. i walked all the way from mutiara college. jauh okayy. jangan cakap ar. i need the laptop so baddd.

ps: i missed the family, the kucing, the bed. ugh.

PPS: i reallllly need to borak2 berjam2 dgn hani. there's so much to tell. sheesh, i missed her so much kot. :

hey uuuu.

/ Friday, July 13, 2007 /
wei wei i miss u la. finally, i got around to online. i know i know, my blog had gone RIP for these past 2 weeks. UiTM got me la sayang. well, i miss u gile ok blogger. for my loyal reader, thank u for the visits. um, i dont think i got THAT much time to bebel so much, so i'll keep everything short k?

uitm's orientation, sucked. period.

and oh, happy belated birthday to me. yay. haha.

what? dont u think a girl cant wish herself ey? nvm that.

ttyl. :)

out and about.

/ Wednesday, June 20, 2007 /
just got back from a so called farewell outing with farah hira izzati amalina. and altho we only went to metro prima, the older sister to selayang mall, but up sikit, said izzati, we had fun jugak. mmg kott. we went to see fantastic 4. i dont quite remember the storyline for the first sequal but i dont think it related that much. and i loved it. chris evans HOT sgt kott. tgv metro prima was not bad tho. and very selesa i must say.

after a popcorn 2 large popcorn, lots of cokes and a toilet visit, konon nak jalan2 but seriously, there's nothing much in here to jalan2 about, so we went to crepe. oh sumpah i loveeee this thing la. i had one chicken toast and bungkus another 3, to bawak balik, since the guilt of leaving opah alone has grown inside of me as big as the size of afrika. :) but of course, by the time i got home, the crepe dah hilang kecrispyan nye. :D:D but ok lah tu, its the tot that counts kann??

and time balik pulak, omg i hate this part. saying goodbyes. i knowww, as if la im going to somewhere jauh sgt and will never see them again but, u know la kan. i just cant believe the fact that we all semua dah besarr, by besar i meant grown ups. and everybody going separate ways, to college, university and all, for some reason, i broke downnn, :{:{:{ i dont know why i got all emotional when everybody else doesnt, eish malu pulakkk. we hugged a dozen of times, then i dont think i cant tahan lagi, so i said the very last goodbyes, and masuk rumah. haih miraaa, typical you laaa.

anyways, i definately will treasure the wonderful days with u guys back in high school. im sure going to miss u guys a lot.

ps: i miss u guys alreadyyyyy! :X:{

pss: oh yeah, the camera, buat hal balik, somehow, i think it some kind of a hint that we needed a new camera kot. mcm tau2 je, the camera rosak in the place where it first bought by ayah, metro prima. maybe it wanted to meninggal in her hometown kott. just maybe. haha :D:D

whats up puddy tat.

/ /

the little princess i've been telling u about. and i didnt mentioned this before, but she's drawer-obssessed. this is her, in a verrrry small drawer and she thinks she sooo thin that she can fit in there. hahaha. she's living in denial weh.


/ Tuesday, June 19, 2007 /
i read athira's blog, and she's definately right on 1 thing. sleeping IS a waste of time. ok, i'll try to sleep less from this day on okay. i said i'll try. :]

things about cats is, they pampered way too much la. watching my cat everyday routine made me realised, she's gone over princess-y lahh. my cat, lembu, what hani called her, wont eat her makanan if whats left, only bits of it. sure, no one does, but still boleh makan lagi la banyak die tu. buttt, she wants it menggunung baru she eat them. mengade takkkk? haih. so i have to put more to make her eat. as if she finished her food there and then kan? sheesh, talk about tamak. but, in a way, that makes her sooo cute for me. :)

and i cant imagine leaving her nanti, when i got into uni and not having her around the house so i can peluk2 kiss2 her until die lemas. oh i canttt. i'll go insane.


daddy's day.

/ Sunday, June 17, 2007 /
happy father's day ayah!

and to all the wonderful daddys in the world too. keep on being a supportive and cool daddy okayyy. and handsome too. i love u ayah, altho i dont usually showed it. :]

doa selamat.

/ Saturday, June 16, 2007 /
today pulak, went to suhaila's with my other circle of love. farah zati me sesat2 nak cari rumah suhaila okay. as usual, I, yes me, saved the day. pfffttthahaha. tak la. but kan, dont u think doa selamat shud be at night? kan? pandai la tu suhaila buat pagi2 buta. nvm that. i love suhaila's little friends la. haha. her cousin were the cutest thing. peramah lagi tu. and this maisara, kepoh sial. kids nowadays ;] these are some pictures, most of them are that little budak2 tu, considering they took over my camera and fell in love in photography instantly. sort of. and they even said to their mom, "mama, tadi adik main gambar." kelakar la u guys.

ps: told u the budak2 wont let go the camera and wont let us four only take pics, they'll enterframe. trust me. ;]

nandos get-together.

/ /
well, sort of. went to nandos yesterday with diana tag along. boy oh boy this time i can really talk to them about everything around nandos. they dont like this girl la, this girl like this la, yada yada yada. and the mak cik kepoh nye is none other than faizul, hahahaha, and kak nariti. like of course. and pie, stop with ur charmness right this second please before i really really fall for u dear. u know how easy i am around charming guys. stop, but i hate the fact that u know how to make me go crazy all over u dear. but i loike! :] definately.

so there were kak nariti, linda, kifli, viky, faizul, faiz, abg zaimi and mr rao. yes, there were only that much only people left, that i know la. but i so so so missed achin, kak liza, apai, shida, apai, and zizi. ey, did i say apai already? and oh yeah, APAI. hahahahaha. hell i missed that guy so much k.

these are a few pics. love them okay? :]

genting with love. :)

/ Friday, June 8, 2007 /


/ /
well well well, what do u know. the camera is back in action. oh i miss u soooo much!

just yesterday, we went to genting since we hani adik me continuously annoying ayah complaining abt us not going anywhere this school holiday. seems like ayah annoyed gila kot and booked us rooms in genting right away. haha. so okay, our plan to redang did not go so well and we end up going to genting instead, but, that'll do cos i swear i'll die from this boredom. and genting was a chaos okay. but very nice punye chaos tau. i, yes, the human scarediest cat ever, for the first time ever, rode ALL the rides. even the space shot, yeah that thing, that big giant pole (?) that humban people atas bawah tu. sumpah scaryyy and i gotta say i almost pee myself for getting so freaking scared. but the one thing i did not do was the spiderman roller coaster. well, it did not exactly called after spidey, but the ride were pretty much like it. both my sister rode the ride, TWICE kott. but no thank you. and i did felt the warm in the air. screw you global warming! :

and i did not get enough sleep okay. thanks to the tompok2 merah on the room's carpet. dont blame me, i heard stories abt ppl getting killed in genting's hotel, i just dont know which hotel. and that tompok2, i assumed, were dead ppl's blood. oih mira. i sooo hate myself for worrying to much and thanks to that again, i slept at 2. TWO!

and i do realise this, the theme park staff, the guys were sooo cute okayyy and thats why la im sooo thrilled to take all the rides. haha. they should have done that looooong before this to make me like going to genting. :p

bday girl.

/ Monday, June 4, 2007 /
happy 44th birthday mama!

mama mama, ily ily ily! sumpah syg. xtau apsl :p

i know this picture is a bit tragic, haha, the quality i meant, bear with me. this is all i got and she, being all cute in this gambar, how could i not put this picture kan? anyways, i love being around u mama. we shared everything kan ma? our dirty little secrets and all. mama, ur simply the best. ily okayy. sgt sgt kott. :]

some mama moment: yesterday, went to this wedding la. and everything mcm biasa la until julia was eating her fruit cake in front of mama. and we alllllll KNOW la how mama just loveeee fruit cake and mama went on like, "hish, mane julia dapat cake ni?" u got to see her face la. mmg yg jenis terkejut slash curious gile punye kind. and hani and i gelak tak ingat dunia ohh. and then, she asked us to go get the cake for her. mama said "ambik la about 3 ke 4 ke..or 5." hahahahahaha. mama! buat perangai ohh. and tau plk malu mase balik when she asked me hani adik hold each one of her cake so that she dont look like a some budak yg, u knowww, every hari raya, if they liked the kuih so much, they hide the kuih inside the bag raya and all. hah, that kind la. comel la mama. mama and her fruit cake. :]

out w the gals :]

/ Saturday, June 2, 2007 /
yesterday i had a so called sleepover party slash movie marathon night. it would be a party alright, except to the fact that theres only 3 people ONLY turn up, well not like i invite other people, okayyy, so, no, not a party at all. saje mengade :p

well, the 'crowd' include izzati hani me. wthellll, izzati brought mi sedap along. hahaha. i wont denied that it tak sedap, just okay but mi sedap? hahaha. u shud have think of something better next time, if, there's next time la kan. okay, then we watched nacho libre and not really a fan, but it was definately a fun to watch. then, I suggested anchorman cos i tot its ben stiler who r playing the role, but its will ferrel. do u know how much did i hate that guy? he's stupid and i've never liked any of his movie. and yes, i've watched a LOADS of his movie but not feeling it. halfway thru it, i broke the silence. "eeeei, bosan oh." sumpah, it was that bosan okay. then, we watched ice age the meltdown since im not strong enough to finished the movie alone. haha. yeah. the movie's storyline was tooo kiamat-y. it just too scary. of course, i would've known, hani slept off the second the movie had started. cehhh. so there were 2. the incridible 2. :p

and we all woke up at 11 in the am today. well, its quite okay cos for crying out loud, we slept at 0500 so, there u go. and we all off to shower and went out at 1158 to OU. dropped hani at the ktm station and went to fetch suhaila. there, im feeling soooo friggin helpless la. i dont know how ppl can stand window shopping-ing. i just cant. its so depressing dont u think? so, guess where did all the dosh went? yeah, makan la. surprise surprise. later that evening, at 1830 went straight home and were so freaking exhausted yea. and depressed. but it was fun alright.

ps: this time, i've finally at the right day, time. i've met kak ida againnnn. oh how i missed that kakak kann. and i definately got around to see faizul. he totally went to the gym. i just knew it. he looked sooo fineeee today . heee. and pie tooo. he's definately a cutie pie lah. haih.

pps: im lovin the sneakers ayah bought me yesterday. love love love. when everybody's one by one surrendering, not walking properly i mean, me on the contrary were the last one standing. thanks to THE shoes, i'll be walking forever. izzati and suhaila, they even have to buy themself some plasters. even hani who wore her kononnye mahal-er sneakers, too, collapse. heh, exxagerating kott. haha. wtv.

pppps: and i've found the perfect bday pressie for mama. at last.

ttyl :]


/ Tuesday, May 29, 2007 /
did u realise, myspacers gotten fake-ier and fake-ier every day. and i dont really know why i still put up with it til now. why oh why do i have to check in every single day to see whether there's new comment and worrying abt putting up new pictures every week, and asking for ppl to comment ur pictures. not that i asked ppl to do that, but most myspacers does that, u know. how tak malu kan. it becoming somewhat like an ongoing routine, like my everyday job mcm tu. sumpah tak suke. as if i have REAL friends there, i just dont know why.

and ohh, some on the contrary, were sooo friggin proud, when other myspacers tegured them whenever they bumped into each other. try klcc, there's 12345678 of them lepak2 at the park. this ppl, i dont know la, dont u have something to do than duduk sane, make a scene and some girls, gedik-ing, trying to make guys notice them. oh please. none of that seems to excite me. i dont care if i dont have any FAMOUS myspacers to approach me and talk nonsense. yeah, they talk nonsense if u know what i mean. seriously i dont care abt all that.

grow up please.



/ Sunday, May 27, 2007 /
went to klcc yesterday, since mama disappear the whole day picking up kak siti and go klang after that, go kg pandan AFTER after that :) actually im not really in the mood for anything including shopping, omg i cant believe i said this. but yeah, im broke danggg. remind me to rob the bank later ok. and we never get to watch any movie pun sbb wth, the loooong line never seem to end yeah. but, thats what to expect on weekends kan? so, end up eat, jalan, eat balik and jalan balik. most of my dosh went to entertaining my tummy je. gosh, major dieting after this. went back at 7 cos i dont think i can stand my bleeding feet, not literally bleed, but swollen mcm tu lah. note to self - wear thicker socks!

today, had urut-ing session with kak siti and hell it hurts so bad ok. kak siti is my first maid's daughter. and she told me abt her daughters, and how they live and how dreadful life can be when ur less fortunate over there. she said, they dont even have much money to buy exercise books, yes, buku garis2 kat sekolah tu. and the wore the same old clothes from their hand-me-downs, which appears to be mine, 10 yrs back. im speechless. and they still thanked me for all the baju and all. to know how appreciate they were with the small contribution, made me feel so selfish. here i am, shop for new clothes every year, there're still people who really in need for clothes, so bad. but apparently cant afford to buy them. this really has been an eye opener for me. i will fully try to do my best to figure something out here. promise.



/ Thursday, May 24, 2007 /
yahuuuu. im done with the things to prepare before the big day. i just have to deal with mama's borang J je and after that im really really done. cehhh, mama konon la said "ei, borang J ni so yesterday la kaklong. abt 10 yrs dah office mama tak gune." hey mane boleh. they stated there that u have to have ur parent's borang J. kalau tak, cannot register. eish. i deal with that later ok. mama, we have unfinished business. :]

today, went back to school after i really really thrown away any memories abt school ( okayyy, im being a tad exaggerating here ) and seeing ppl u used to see everyday backkk when i were part of the school, yes i admit, its a little nice to have the feelings sometimes. and ppl go like "kakkkkk miraaaaa" and yeah, they yell, is sooo nice. im hilary duff suddenly. hahaha. okayyy, after certified all the docs, went to selayang mall and we went to the arcade while farrah seems to take her own sweet time coming here. heee. and irdina lapar, so she ate nasi goreng USA. whoah, i dont know ppl in the USA ate nasi goreng too. and its quite a big serving for a person like irdina. i think the nasi did not go anywhere even after abt 10 minutes. she ate verrrry s-l-o-w-l-y. hahaha. sopan. :)

and at 1545, what do u know, farrah came. haih. naik kereta lembu ke ape. but nvm, im starving so went to kopitiam. oh i missed their mee kari like hell la. i swear i do. and it taste heaven. hahaha. and later, hani came, and izzati went back sbb irdina penat. eyt. and farrah asked us to come and see her staff room and otw there, omg, there's Mr. A. why why why do i have to bump into him today. i dont want. but he's as usual looking soooo fineeeee. haih. but, u, u can stop with ur overly-terkejut face expression tgk orang la. mcm terkejut tgk ape je. wtv la he's so cute la. :]


i'm set.

/ Wednesday, May 16, 2007 /
hell yeah i do. i've finally finally finally done thinking. here's my verdict for my own case. ;)

i'll be taking business studies, as planned before, for a semester only. yay. and im applying to Diploma in Interior Design for my next semester. but of course, it'll be my first semester for my interior course so that i wont missed a semester-long lessons. anddd, it will take a lot of tukar this-tukar that, interview and all, but i sooooo want this one. i'll do wtv it takes.

and the best part of it is, ayah seems very please to help me. without his babble saying, "ish complicated la" and "menyusahkan orang la" tau. im so flying. :]

what more could i ask for? i've got my parents blessings and i'd get to study business as well, altho for a short semester only, but at least ade la kan. hahaha.

oh yeah, and thats final!



/ /
i've added some links to my blog. some of it are the fashion blogs and i've drool over them. promise me u'll check it out. :]


/ Monday, May 14, 2007 /
yeah, mind the title, i just dont know what to fill there.

ok back on what i'd came to blog on.

about the changing my business studies course to interior design, i have good news, and i have the bad ones.

good news: is, ok, so ayah said, i can change my course. yahuuuu.
bad news: is, i only will be starting my U on the 2nd intake, which is, in the december. hollly shaite! waiting for july seems taking me forever and ur asking me to wait till december. yeah, i'll think about that.

but i reallly desperately wantttt to study that course. haih. and farah said i can change my course even after i got in U. yay. at least there's hope. phew. i'll try that.

tq farah! ;]

the change of mind.

/ Thursday, May 10, 2007 /
well, when i was watching my new favourite channel just now, Channel 77 ,ayah came across my offering letter, the manual book and all. and he started his bebel, well, not bebel i would actually call. the talk. the U talk in my case. he's like, "why kaklong took this course in the first place?" and "why tak discuss dgn ayah dulu before apply this course?" and other related questions. i've always expected that ayah would probably say this for that i know he did not seems very happy that i got in to do business, from his face, obvious sgt kot yah.

but, what else i could possibly say at this time kan? all i can say is, "get over it ayah, i got in already". but of course, i didn't blurted it out. duhh, nak mati ke? lol. so, i just sat there, listening. masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan. ;p but then ayah said, "why dont u try taking commmunication and media?" nahh. not in million years okay. being a reporters have never been in my thoughts. its like a freaking paparazzi jugak la. and, who loves paparazzis? not me.

and then ayah said, "or you can try interior design." interior design? are u kidding me? ayah is actually telling me to take interior design? AYAH? woah. i'm dyiiiing to do interior, oh yes i do. but hearing this from ayah?? seriously, i have never ever ever expected this kind of course that ayah would suggest me. not in million years. and im loving it too! ayah said he could help me to change my course from business studies to interior design! omg, is this really my ayah? hear that people? im actually going to study interior!! why la i didnt discuss abt this with ayah earlier? wtv it is, thanks ayah!! ur THE best!

sometimes, ayah can be beyond expectation. ily ayah. :]

ps: but, idk, this may take a while to change the course and everything at the very last minute, but ayah said, he'll try his best. and i dont really know this is or isnt my final decision. i just dont know. haih.

Jon Bon Jovi, could you get any hotter?

/ Wednesday, May 9, 2007 /
i mean, seriously. this man is ridiculous. he's just oozing out the sexy from every pores of his body right now. any women who stands even 20 feets before him will probably get pregnant. no joke here. i know i will. haihhhh. ;]


/ /
hey u know what? i've got placed in johor. as in segamat, johor. e e e e! are u fcking kidding me? why do i have to get segamat? as if it not torcher enough going there to nenek's 2nd house, and i get to live there for 3 whole years? smooooooth. what do they even have in there? im sure , nothing but at leastttt, please give me one mall. one mall that have everything - magazines, at least. please please. oh lord. help me survive.

justtt when i tot everything's gonna be very smoothly. not really, miss smoothy pants!


/ Monday, May 7, 2007 /
heee. getting all excited about my going to the university thingy baby! all night i've been listing out things i shud be bringing. i think i've listed everything kot. haha. there's soo many things u wudn't want to left kan? ala such things like magazines, ur bantal, which have been ur best company for years. tak kan laaa? kan? and the list were just 2 and a half page je. okayy, a bit too much but can somebody pls stop me! i cant. im sooo pumped people. hahaha. im such a minah over okay. people, if u're reading this, and its ur first time, dont worry, u'll get the hang of it. :]

omg omg!

/ Sunday, May 6, 2007 /
ohhhmy LORDDDD! omg omg! i GOT innn! UiTM, i mean. oh my god! u dont have the slightest idea how much i were shaking just now to click THE button. and thank godddd, i got in. now i can start packing! haha :]

ps: i'll be doing business studies ppl, just so u know.


/ Friday, May 4, 2007 /
yahuuuu! my the hills dah siap!!! and im now burning it to the cd, so, my the hills won't go vanished like that je okay. tq god.


/ /
Amirah Farhana bt. Abbas,

i really really really think u should stop beeeing sooo freaking perasan already. what is SO wrong with u? pls x_x

and ohhh.

i missed my deanna from Nandos, so MUCH la.
i wish i could go jalan-jalan buang masa with her again. but im being busy and all, i even havent had time to call her. top that with my running out of prepaid. im a jerk la. haih.
she must've tot that i forgotten abt her already, im not, deanna, if u ever read this.


/ Monday, April 30, 2007 /
thing with crushes is, they supposed to be well kept secret and nobody in the world should really know abt it kan? yeah, til u meet this haziq, he always seemingly love doing his pranks on me and u know what, he succeeded every single time. the day before yesterday, i've got a msg from him at Friendster to go to this link to calculate ur love with ur crushes and everything. and it does sounds very tempting, u know. at least, i tot, what have i got to lose kan if i try pun. then i listed only one names, but they want 3, fine i give them 3. and i clicked 'calculate'. then,

'ooppsss. u have been fooled. all the name u listed just now have been sent to'

omg. haziq. i swear i want to crush all his bone down, really.he already knew all my crushes. thank god its only 3 names. thats were just a teeny weeny bit of the crushes i had been set my eyes head heart ears foot on. i dont know how in the world he did it but he did! and i hoped it to be the very last time he'll get me in wtv matter. im not trusting him ever again and he knew that. hahaha. u deserve that. god knows how i felt when i clicked the calculate button. im seriously going to kill this haziq. ugh.

nvm that.

yesterday, i went to a wedding. seriosly, this is not like a typical wedding where 2 YOUNG people in love with each other and just wanted to settle down wedding. nothing close. my uncle's wife's daddy was gettng married yesterday. when mama said we're going to a wedding, im like, awww wedding for i had always love going to the wedding and eating nasi minyak and all. but when she said an atuk going to marry a 48 yrs old swinger, i was like, what a bummer. no, like seriously, he's a 70+! should he be focusing on something else than marriage? but then, what can i do rather than just go. its not like i can stop the wedding or something kan? wtv i think.

then, i got there, omg the atukkkkk, he's soo freaking cute la. he's like glowing, eeee takkk la, bukan glowing but very happy like that. like a peson-going-to-be-married punye happy tau. seriously, he's so cute. no wonder that mak cik terpikat. hahahaha. but no pelamin. thank god. but i felt kesianed to the mak cik. its her first wedding and no pelamin. crushes a girls heart kan? lol. wtv it is, they seemed happy. but the rendang was very very yucky ok. but i love the nasi tho. thats all kot.


sleepless night

/ Saturday, April 28, 2007 /
its 3 in the morning, and i cant sleep for heaven's sake! ugh!


/ Thursday, April 26, 2007 /
you know Viggo Mortensen? alaa... that super hot cute handsome buff gorgeous(mind me) from LOTR tu. omg he's hot kannn? i knoww! when i first watched LOTR, i fell in love with him already. when i watched for the second time, i've fallen for him again, this time like really really fall punye. haha. so, i searched for his pictures at yahoo and i just cant believe my eyes. he's not as gorgeous as he was in LOTR. seriously! has he gotten old or something? just look at his pictures. well, he still got the manly-kind of look but still.... ala.. why la like this? haiiii...

this one is the hottest kann?? <3

see my point? he's geting older kottt. well dont get me wrong. he still is gorgeous like he used to but not as. why laaaaaa?

DVD marathon.

/ /
i've finished my 2 of my LOTR sequals! one more to go babeyh! :)


/ Wednesday, April 25, 2007 /
logging in just now had almost giving me a heart attack. i thought im going to lose my blog again. i cant seem to log in. thats what happened to my previous blog. there's this problems about my cookies and stuff and hell should i know what a cookies is except for the eatable one. so i yahooed abt it and then im like, "ohhh, so thattts cookies!" so this cookies la that have eaten all the space in my last computer. stupid cookies. then after i deleted them all, here I am ppl! phew. hee x_x

MySpace is sooo getting on my nerves. i hate it soo much that i've deleted more of my friends that left after the last time i deleted them. it have now came down to 18 friends only. real friends that reallly kept in touch. well, thats what i do. raze them all down. fake friends that is. bear with me darling. :)


U talk.

/ Tuesday, April 24, 2007 /
just when i thought i've nothing 'interesting' to post today, izzati came. yahuuuuu! she's from school to pick something up and too bored to head back to her house. haha. thats what i thought la. right timing darling. im bored too! so, we dont really have anything to do except for searching the net about diet recipes that we both thought would be really a should-dos before going to the U. hopefully the UiTM. speaking of which, we did talked sooo many things abt it. how izzati flunk her interview the other day, what to or not to wear there, where we'd be placed and so on.

ugh. its stressing to even think about it. what if i got placed in melaka or johor or terengganu??!! (please no) i sometimes think that maybe im not ready to leave mama and ayah yet. but to think about all the freedom and the life from what i heard its so surreal! maybe i'll survive. but no astro, at least tv is ok, and magazines, and mall? mama, i sure will come back every week! pls dont throw away my things yet. ;) cehh, pandai2 je cakap. the real question now is, what if i didnt make the cut? for heaven's sake! this is making me crazy i tell u. and what if i didnt get any friends there? and aunty faiz even mentioned abt every U except the shah alam campus and penang campus to be tempat keras. wth was that supposed to mean? dont u think u should puji2 sikit that place so i didnt get all scared, which im beginning to right now. um, not helping. but thanks for the tip. :)

so i guess, ttyl!

its raining men.

/ Monday, April 23, 2007 /
well, not really. whoa, today was the worst. i woke up very v.late. 11 am kott. i've watched in her shoes (its a good movie) last night so i had a late night last night. and i think its verrry reasonable for me to wake up that late kan? ahaha. wtv. ok so, when i 'terjaga sekejap' at 9, ayah was using the computer so i continue on sleeping la considering i wont go on9 if he's in the same room kan? then, when i woke up at 11 just now, he's still using it. okayyy i thought. but what the hellll. he's still using it when i got upstairs at 2 pm. what in the world was he doing on9ing for soooo long in front of the computer. well, if it hani, i can understand but him? i dont think he got myspace or friendster that requires him to reply all the comments dont u think? ahahaha. then i asked him, what were u doing sooo long in front of the computer? he said he was checking his mails but is he some kind of a superstar that have sooo many fans emailing him? no, i dont think so. well, he said usually mama would print his email all out and that he did not familiar with all this thing with emails. ohhh, ye ke? then i thought, awwww, thats so cute okayy. for mama to do all that. :)

oooh btw, i find it very cute when men are very helpless and just dont know what to do. its good to have women lead the way sometimes for a change. by lead the way, i mean, tell them what to do. they reminded me of my former employer, Abg Zaimi. he just so cute when he's very helpless. so does his little brother, apai. :)



/ Sunday, April 22, 2007 /
went nowhere today. just wanted to stay in today. but uncle shafie came (hurrah) to fix the comp. and when he check-check, nothing seems to go wrong yea, and the stupid internet went running smoothly. omg im sooo freaking pissed. dont la nanti he thinks i've made the whole story up. hish. and what do you know, he brought his little brat (son) along. well, so, in the beginning, i treated him verrry nice, like what a grown ups will treat a little kid like him. but, he found a ball and a place to throw the ball at. MY FACE for god sake! then, i took the ball and wasn't going to give him back but that rat, yes RAT, keep punching my body. ohh suddenly, im his punching bag la? i give him back, and as what i expected, he threw the ball back at me. i swear to god im gonna punch that kid right on the face if uncle shafie wasn't there. ugh. god knows what im gonna do to that kid. i hate that stupid little brat that happened to be uncle shafie's. poor him. i like uncle shafie. if it wasnt for him, this internet thingy wouldnt be fixed for years. trust me. well, i guess, one hyper-active, stink kid, ruins my day. he did.

p/s: failed to keep my records clean by getting up early. i woke up at 9. haha. ;)

adik's sports day.

/ Friday, April 20, 2007 /
god! im getting up earlier and earlier nowadays. well, thats good news. and had breakfast, watched trading spaces, my faveorite, then work out a little then off to shower cos ayah said adik's having her sports day and he wanted to be there. well, i, as usual, are verrry excited abt this kind of occasion that requires to jerit2 until my lungs plop out, i dont care. count me in. so, went there and adik already ran her first 100 metres. and she was just abt to run her 200 when we got there. u cant imagine how my face was that time cos, i were screaming my hearts out. well duh! of course, im a good kakak and i am very very proud of my 2 sisters. they've both been olahragawati and im the one who bangga like i were the one who won that title. talk abt kepoh! and oh yeah, adik won that title. you can guess what i'd do. lol.

after that izzati came to fetch her irdina and so i tot of going selayang mall to grab some brunch. geddit? breakfast/lunch? wtv. and we had cake. haha. then zati sent me home and she went home too. ohh, we hung out with hira as well as she was working at elianto. she's so cute in her uniform. but too much make-up kott. even she never wore that much of make up before. but she said, everyday working with the make ups, its almost heaven. yeah, knowing u. ;)

p/s: oh yea, ive just known that adik is the house captain. the green house/petronas(long story). i mean like, really? well, i guess she did deserve the designation, but seeing her on the field im like, whats the purpose of house captain again? ;) cute la this sekolah rendah people. haha.

thats all for today. ttyl.

night falls in.

/ Thursday, April 19, 2007 /
my 4th post of the day. u cant stop me. im just, in the mood kot. um, tonight, we had a nice dinner together. all 5 of us. the reason i said 5 of us is cos usually, like, most of the time, there'll be like, "ma, mira xnak makan today" , or "hani dah kenyang la ma, xnak makan". but today, nothing special really, we only had this ikan jacket what mama called it and hani's kicap with cili padi. i cant miss that. trying to stick with eating based on the 'moderate is the key' whatsoever, but, cannottt la. lapar tgk ikan tu. its a lovely dinner. we even laughed abt things.

p/s: for some reason, i think my cat is not a cat tau. i dunno. she doesn't seems to be attracted by fish. i mean, all cats MUST love fish kan? weird la you sayang. should i be worried? haha.

look at this!

/ /
i know i know. i've posted like 2 post today. why not make that 3. 3 are better than 1 kan? wtv. sorry but i just cant help it okay. i havent read my emails like, forever. but im in love with all the mails. i could do this everyday! cik wati sure have some great emails. so does mama. i say this cos 99% of my mails were from them. haha. and some from myspace, of course. sureee. well, im sure u'll love my emails too. so, i just wanted to share some of them with u. i've posted the CATS earlier. these are some great pictures. believe me. they are. its actually an art. im sure will appreciate arts from now because they're just great. its amazing how these people figured such things. prepare to be amaze people.


they look so freaking real kan?? freaky kan? but amazing punye freaky. ;)

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