/ Thursday, January 29, 2009 /
you know how i always love seeing all the beautiful things or designs to be specific. i dont know abt you but my taste has always been keen to anything related to nature, with all the flowers and green that creates tranquility when i looked at them. i found a few pictures where i just got to post it here. the flowers creates a sense of calming and serene you dont get anywhere else. dont u think?


i really really really want this book. hani, i know if u read this u'll say im mengada cos baru dpt the spa book that i wanted and i still asking for more. i've been longing to post abt the book since last year, since the book is published, but slipped from my mind. now that i remember, i better post it now. hehe

this is a 2008 must haves, and i still didnt get my hands on itttt. i wantttt

oh yea

/ Monday, January 26, 2009 /
super quadrillion thanks to mama and hani for getting me the books. im super excited to start my design already. been a helper so much since ever. now, back to workkk. fyi, yasmin, dini, greg and i have been a regular studio comer over the holidays. sgtt rajin. hehe

ps: oh, the family is busily enjoying the family day now, and im a busy bee working on tons of drawingsss. niceee

and oh,

enjoy ur first year of not being a teen anymore. haha


happy holidays.

/ Friday, January 23, 2009 /
i should be the happiest person on planet earth but happy is the last thing that crossed my mind right now. haha, i sound so cheesy. wtheckk.

all plans to go to kak yui's wedding, to go to the family day to meet that abang cute (cousin of mine) all goneeee. all because of the truck loads of assignments, due rightttt after the mid term breaks. not fairrrr. i didnt get to go back last semester's mid term, and so does this sem.

so, guess what? im stuck here, in uitm perak, doing this drawing thingy til the end of time. adui. thank goddd mamayah post me something so very crucial at this point, broadband! hehe. ily mamayah. and its pink! i so freaking love ittt!

biarlah, so td went stroling the campus to give a rough tour to yasmin's new friend and we had quite a blast (ye la tu) but, this is all i can do through out the week. kill me please.

ps: kak yui tira wanyah ayaman, million sorry from the very bottom of my heart for not able to attend the wedding. i can already feel what im going to miss out for not coming to the wedding. SHEEEEEEP!!

SPA updates

/ Sunday, January 18, 2009 /
regarding the project im working on, im having minor difficulties with it. see, im doing an english garden spa and i cant seem to have any reference til now. i've searched high and low at the library, no luck. all i can get is 3 books from the horticultural section. which was a help in a way, but still not enough. i've go to my friends, and well, asian spas is more of their flavour. and i called mama for help, to buy a few books on spa, so she called hani for help and what do u know, hani got THEE PERFECT BOOK. well, thats what she said. hehe. but please please please at least let it be almost thee perfect book. cause im sooo gonna need it.

im rooting for this book, this exact book ...

but whatever hani got for me, it's fine with me. :

its not like i dont want to look for the reference mysely, and get my tush to KL cos i so knowww there's a hell loads of SPA references there but i just cant find the time. yeap, always with the time.

lets just hope the book arrives before my assignment dues, and at the meantime, i should just live with my 3 horticultural books and find something helpful from it anddd prayyy that i can combine all of that element from the pic above to a DAY SPA. tiring? tell me about it.

ps: dont get me wrong, i AMMM excited about the whole spa thing, im just a little cranky about not getting to search for the reference myself, and the lack of sleep, of course :DD


Happy 2009

/ Thursday, January 8, 2009 /
happy belated 2009 people.

i sorry about not posting anything for a decade now, but in my defense, i had so many things going on this semester break. i've finally moved to Shah Alam! yay. so, there's a lot of pack, unpack, loads and unloadings i've to go through and for now, i can actually say im sick of moving although that was my first time. hehe.

just imagine how we survived the whole weeks with no refrigerator. u should tryyy. not easy, haha. anyways, im back at uitm now and im a week behind every other students, since i skipped the whole first weeks to "run" the house while the parents gone for work. hehe

but Alhamdulillah, everything sails smoothly this week and i got two new lecturers, and theyre very nice people. haha. and oh yeah, fyi, we're doing SPA this semester. im pumped! hehe

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