try listening to this!

/ Wednesday, May 28, 2008 /
my current favourite right here, very cool. this is not their official video clip tho, but it kinda fun. haha

Song lyrics | Shake It lyrics

mtv the hills season 3

/ Sunday, May 25, 2008 /

so i've watched full episodes of the hills season 3 (part 1), and boyy there's so much drama going on. and i myself, who've been worshipping lauren all this time, think that she's gone a little too far now. i felt like i dont who she is anymore(cehhh, haha, mcm la kenal). yeah i know, when you revolve around fame too much, they got your head too. there's too much drama in her life. i think lauren is exxagerating the situation too much. i mean, it is so stupid too break your friendships over other people's boyfriend u dont like. mind your own business, i say.

wtv, but i think whitney is still the best, i'd marry her if i were a guy. haha, she got this soft-looking, demure face, and she hardly put make up on. audrina's becoming more clingy, and irritating as she already is before, heidi, ummm, she's okay. and spencer can be so sweet and gentleman sometimes but a jerk at the same time. dont you know, a wedding mean so much to a girl? pfffttt. regardless the drama, and fakes going on here and there, it's strangely addictive. i just cant get enough of it, the fashion, the clothes, the city, the glamour, the hot guys, how would i? hehe
ttyl :)

just maybe

/ Tuesday, May 20, 2008 /
went house hunting in Shah Alam yesterday morning, andddd

MAYBE, this is our little winner. just maybe.

and oh!

if you're a movie buff, but a cheapskate, no offence, this is just a thing for you.

they got like tons of movies which some of them are pretty hard to find here in Malaysia.

and u can try as well, but not recommended. i prefer the other one, but its up to you.

its been a great day, ttyl.


/ Monday, May 19, 2008 /

well, u know how in career day you'l be filing up thousands of forms by this and that college when actually u already know where you're going after highschool? yeah, this is the case with hani. she filled cenfad's and she got invited to cenfad's annual icon show last saturday. so she asked me to come with her and of course i'd go with her. and the other day, simran was so furious bcos i didnt tell her that i was on holiday, and she insisted on a get-together, i just cant seem to find the time. and so, i thought since this icon show thingy is going to be held in cenfad, her college (which i just found out, her status now is ex-CENFADians cos she'd just transferred to TAYLORS, which leave me a reason to be mad at her, cos she never told me that, just to be even) i should just meet her there.

and we did. altho she did not go there anymore, she just thought she'd meet her friends and lecturers anyways. and i just knowww she's going anyway cos going to events (any event!) just have been her thing, she wouldn't missed it for the world. futhermore, it was saturday nite, do you think simran will stay at home, not a chance. i just know u la simran. haha. i sooo missed that twins okay, i swear to god. before the fashion show starts, she just talk and talk and talk, leaving nothing behind. haha, i missed all that, back in school, when we sat next to each other, doing nothing but talks and gossips.

nothing really new with simran and sheetal, but the now-simran is kinda flirty. haha. ok, i wouldnt say flirty, just a little brave-r than she used to. but u know i always love u kan simran altho how flirty u can get sometimes :) btwayy, u'r not going to believe who i met at the fashion show. it's SYARIFAH SAKINAH! (she's the one in the red dress) haha, she's actually one of the models of the students artwork. she's still the kepoh syarifah i once know and liked. and she's now doing LAW in HELP Uni. like, law? its the last thing i expected from her, but its true so, why so sibukk kan? haha. she still pretty easy to talk to even until today. i just thought the make up on her is too much cos she really a pretty girl without them. hehe

then, we went to see the student's artwork, some of them were simran's ex-classmates. i have a few shots with the designers. and i'd come accross damia, she's an interior designer student as well, 2nd year. she presented her mock-up, drawings, perspective for her f&b design, and i must say, im quite liking the concept of her design, its a cafe with a twist of laundromat. its kinda like 2 in 1, u can have your lunch, while doing your laundry, and i think its really brilliant. hehe, credit to u damia.

and then, we went to the seniors final projects, and there this communication design guy, he's okay, clean up very nicely. he's just so adorable to look at, and i think he's pretttty cute, haha. if only i had taken his business card, darnnittt! haha. whatever, i forgotten his name already punn. and hani got her eye on this guy's younger brother. haha, what a chemistry we got here hani, haha. anyways, it was a hell of a night, thanks for the company, hani, simran and sheetal.



/ Thursday, May 15, 2008 /

is it pathetic to...

- cry over someone whom you'd thought to spend your life with bcos of his ignorance?

- always have him played continuously in ur mind when he's not really were thinking of u?

- listen to love songs whenever u were thinking of him?

- feel super happy when u got a message from him tho it was a plain "Hi"?

- read his messages in your phone, over and over again, and then smiling while you're at it?

- think there's something between us, when most of the time it really was nothing?

- said u moved on but never actually?

- said you're not in love when you're actually hopelessly in love?

- love someone even if you know he's not really available?

- always thinking about what he's doing right now, whether he's thinking of you?

- do things you never do/like just to impress him?

- forgive him easily even how jerk he had been to u?

it still sound so pathetic to me, but u cant helped being so in love kan?

i put up the daisies picture is because i feel like smiling and calm just by looking at it. i even dreamed of having a white daisies on the first date, in my wedding and to have it everywhere in my garden. heaven there. i can imagine myself drinking tea in my garden full of blossom flowers, listening to bird's chirps and growing old with my husband. i'll wait for that moment.

haha, why am i saying this? ttyl

n/a ;p

/ Monday, May 12, 2008 /
the war has started alright. and it tastes so very sweet (not in a good way), a little bit of orange-y but one thing fer shore, im not liking it. i guess i just have to bear with it til the end of time. haha, im good at exaggerating, you know me, haha. at the meantime, i'll try to make myself busy with on9-ing, read the stack of magazines that i bought but havent had the time to flip through it and maybe--just maybe if i can find my pilates compilation cd, to get back on track like old times. hehe

and oh yea, i forgot to wish all the mothers in the world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. keep being such a great mother, it's the best job in the world. you know you're loved by your children, i know i did. mama, you know i love you kann? it goes without saying. hehe, you're thee best.

andd, mama's bday is coming next month, and im looking fr pressie already but cant think of any. help anyone?


1, 2 go.

/ Sunday, May 11, 2008 /
im out of ideas to write here, so i'll catch up with u guys when im in the right mind ok. later.


/ Friday, May 9, 2008 /
yeap, the title said all. u know how im the biggest scaredy cat, like ever on earth? well, people change. haha. for these past few weeks, i've been watching a LOT of ghost movies, violent, man kill man and that includes scary movies(not scary at all) haha. idk, i still have the i-think-im-going-to-wet-my-pants kinds of feeling but i dont knowww. it is soo freaking scary but strangely addictive. i just watched pocong just now with the adik beradik, its my fourth time (fyi) for god sake, and i still scream my heads off at some of the scenes. and most of the time i'll cover my face with something, anything but i left out some hole so that i can peek at what is happening that time. well thats basically explains how i watched horror movies. so people, if u ever ask me to join for movies, horror especially, be very well aware that im gonna scream like hell in the cinema, without even care what'll the neighbours say, and leaving you, not-screaming people, sat there, malu. haha

ok that was it. im catching a movie now, so ttyl.

hey you!

/ Thursday, May 8, 2008 /
haha, poyo.

this is an abandoned blog, yes, im perfectly aware of that and im sorry but im back, so. hehe
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