/ Tuesday, May 29, 2007 /
did u realise, myspacers gotten fake-ier and fake-ier every day. and i dont really know why i still put up with it til now. why oh why do i have to check in every single day to see whether there's new comment and worrying abt putting up new pictures every week, and asking for ppl to comment ur pictures. not that i asked ppl to do that, but most myspacers does that, u know. how tak malu kan. it becoming somewhat like an ongoing routine, like my everyday job mcm tu. sumpah tak suke. as if i have REAL friends there, i just dont know why.

and ohh, some on the contrary, were sooo friggin proud, when other myspacers tegured them whenever they bumped into each other. try klcc, there's 12345678 of them lepak2 at the park. this ppl, i dont know la, dont u have something to do than duduk sane, make a scene and some girls, gedik-ing, trying to make guys notice them. oh please. none of that seems to excite me. i dont care if i dont have any FAMOUS myspacers to approach me and talk nonsense. yeah, they talk nonsense if u know what i mean. seriously i dont care abt all that.

grow up please.



/ Sunday, May 27, 2007 /
went to klcc yesterday, since mama disappear the whole day picking up kak siti and go klang after that, go kg pandan AFTER after that :) actually im not really in the mood for anything including shopping, omg i cant believe i said this. but yeah, im broke danggg. remind me to rob the bank later ok. and we never get to watch any movie pun sbb wth, the loooong line never seem to end yeah. but, thats what to expect on weekends kan? so, end up eat, jalan, eat balik and jalan balik. most of my dosh went to entertaining my tummy je. gosh, major dieting after this. went back at 7 cos i dont think i can stand my bleeding feet, not literally bleed, but swollen mcm tu lah. note to self - wear thicker socks!

today, had urut-ing session with kak siti and hell it hurts so bad ok. kak siti is my first maid's daughter. and she told me abt her daughters, and how they live and how dreadful life can be when ur less fortunate over there. she said, they dont even have much money to buy exercise books, yes, buku garis2 kat sekolah tu. and the wore the same old clothes from their hand-me-downs, which appears to be mine, 10 yrs back. im speechless. and they still thanked me for all the baju and all. to know how appreciate they were with the small contribution, made me feel so selfish. here i am, shop for new clothes every year, there're still people who really in need for clothes, so bad. but apparently cant afford to buy them. this really has been an eye opener for me. i will fully try to do my best to figure something out here. promise.



/ Thursday, May 24, 2007 /
yahuuuu. im done with the things to prepare before the big day. i just have to deal with mama's borang J je and after that im really really done. cehhh, mama konon la said "ei, borang J ni so yesterday la kaklong. abt 10 yrs dah office mama tak gune." hey mane boleh. they stated there that u have to have ur parent's borang J. kalau tak, cannot register. eish. i deal with that later ok. mama, we have unfinished business. :]

today, went back to school after i really really thrown away any memories abt school ( okayyy, im being a tad exaggerating here ) and seeing ppl u used to see everyday backkk when i were part of the school, yes i admit, its a little nice to have the feelings sometimes. and ppl go like "kakkkkk miraaaaa" and yeah, they yell, is sooo nice. im hilary duff suddenly. hahaha. okayyy, after certified all the docs, went to selayang mall and we went to the arcade while farrah seems to take her own sweet time coming here. heee. and irdina lapar, so she ate nasi goreng USA. whoah, i dont know ppl in the USA ate nasi goreng too. and its quite a big serving for a person like irdina. i think the nasi did not go anywhere even after abt 10 minutes. she ate verrrry s-l-o-w-l-y. hahaha. sopan. :)

and at 1545, what do u know, farrah came. haih. naik kereta lembu ke ape. but nvm, im starving so went to kopitiam. oh i missed their mee kari like hell la. i swear i do. and it taste heaven. hahaha. and later, hani came, and izzati went back sbb irdina penat. eyt. and farrah asked us to come and see her staff room and otw there, omg, there's Mr. A. why why why do i have to bump into him today. i dont want. but he's as usual looking soooo fineeeee. haih. but, u, u can stop with ur overly-terkejut face expression tgk orang la. mcm terkejut tgk ape je. wtv la he's so cute la. :]


i'm set.

/ Wednesday, May 16, 2007 /
hell yeah i do. i've finally finally finally done thinking. here's my verdict for my own case. ;)

i'll be taking business studies, as planned before, for a semester only. yay. and im applying to Diploma in Interior Design for my next semester. but of course, it'll be my first semester for my interior course so that i wont missed a semester-long lessons. anddd, it will take a lot of tukar this-tukar that, interview and all, but i sooooo want this one. i'll do wtv it takes.

and the best part of it is, ayah seems very please to help me. without his babble saying, "ish complicated la" and "menyusahkan orang la" tau. im so flying. :]

what more could i ask for? i've got my parents blessings and i'd get to study business as well, altho for a short semester only, but at least ade la kan. hahaha.

oh yeah, and thats final!



/ /
i've added some links to my blog. some of it are the fashion blogs and i've drool over them. promise me u'll check it out. :]


/ Monday, May 14, 2007 /
yeah, mind the title, i just dont know what to fill there.

ok back on what i'd came to blog on.

about the changing my business studies course to interior design, i have good news, and i have the bad ones.

good news: is, ok, so ayah said, i can change my course. yahuuuu.
bad news: is, i only will be starting my U on the 2nd intake, which is, in the december. hollly shaite! waiting for july seems taking me forever and ur asking me to wait till december. yeah, i'll think about that.

but i reallly desperately wantttt to study that course. haih. and farah said i can change my course even after i got in U. yay. at least there's hope. phew. i'll try that.

tq farah! ;]

the change of mind.

/ Thursday, May 10, 2007 /
well, when i was watching my new favourite channel just now, Channel 77 ,ayah came across my offering letter, the manual book and all. and he started his bebel, well, not bebel i would actually call. the talk. the U talk in my case. he's like, "why kaklong took this course in the first place?" and "why tak discuss dgn ayah dulu before apply this course?" and other related questions. i've always expected that ayah would probably say this for that i know he did not seems very happy that i got in to do business, from his face, obvious sgt kot yah.

but, what else i could possibly say at this time kan? all i can say is, "get over it ayah, i got in already". but of course, i didn't blurted it out. duhh, nak mati ke? lol. so, i just sat there, listening. masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan. ;p but then ayah said, "why dont u try taking commmunication and media?" nahh. not in million years okay. being a reporters have never been in my thoughts. its like a freaking paparazzi jugak la. and, who loves paparazzis? not me.

and then ayah said, "or you can try interior design." interior design? are u kidding me? ayah is actually telling me to take interior design? AYAH? woah. i'm dyiiiing to do interior, oh yes i do. but hearing this from ayah?? seriously, i have never ever ever expected this kind of course that ayah would suggest me. not in million years. and im loving it too! ayah said he could help me to change my course from business studies to interior design! omg, is this really my ayah? hear that people? im actually going to study interior!! why la i didnt discuss abt this with ayah earlier? wtv it is, thanks ayah!! ur THE best!

sometimes, ayah can be beyond expectation. ily ayah. :]

ps: but, idk, this may take a while to change the course and everything at the very last minute, but ayah said, he'll try his best. and i dont really know this is or isnt my final decision. i just dont know. haih.

Jon Bon Jovi, could you get any hotter?

/ Wednesday, May 9, 2007 /
i mean, seriously. this man is ridiculous. he's just oozing out the sexy from every pores of his body right now. any women who stands even 20 feets before him will probably get pregnant. no joke here. i know i will. haihhhh. ;]


/ /
hey u know what? i've got placed in johor. as in segamat, johor. e e e e! are u fcking kidding me? why do i have to get segamat? as if it not torcher enough going there to nenek's 2nd house, and i get to live there for 3 whole years? smooooooth. what do they even have in there? im sure , nothing but at leastttt, please give me one mall. one mall that have everything - magazines, at least. please please. oh lord. help me survive.

justtt when i tot everything's gonna be very smoothly. not really, miss smoothy pants!


/ Monday, May 7, 2007 /
heee. getting all excited about my going to the university thingy baby! all night i've been listing out things i shud be bringing. i think i've listed everything kot. haha. there's soo many things u wudn't want to left kan? ala such things like magazines, ur bantal, which have been ur best company for years. tak kan laaa? kan? and the list were just 2 and a half page je. okayy, a bit too much but can somebody pls stop me! i cant. im sooo pumped people. hahaha. im such a minah over okay. people, if u're reading this, and its ur first time, dont worry, u'll get the hang of it. :]

omg omg!

/ Sunday, May 6, 2007 /
ohhhmy LORDDDD! omg omg! i GOT innn! UiTM, i mean. oh my god! u dont have the slightest idea how much i were shaking just now to click THE button. and thank godddd, i got in. now i can start packing! haha :]

ps: i'll be doing business studies ppl, just so u know.


/ Friday, May 4, 2007 /
yahuuuu! my the hills dah siap!!! and im now burning it to the cd, so, my the hills won't go vanished like that je okay. tq god.


/ /
Amirah Farhana bt. Abbas,

i really really really think u should stop beeeing sooo freaking perasan already. what is SO wrong with u? pls x_x

and ohhh.

i missed my deanna from Nandos, so MUCH la.
i wish i could go jalan-jalan buang masa with her again. but im being busy and all, i even havent had time to call her. top that with my running out of prepaid. im a jerk la. haih.
she must've tot that i forgotten abt her already, im not, deanna, if u ever read this.
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