/ Saturday, February 23, 2008 /
hey, i guess it'll be like this for quite a long time. i've been preeeetty busy with the assignments and stuff. ah, who would've thought taking ID is this handfull ayy? well, think again. but its all gooood. all the money-gone-gone-gone, all the sleepless nights, all the bigmugs of nescafes paid off well. we, the fab 5 (ha-ha), me nina yasmin dini kyrie had a blast doing the assignments but of course a few misunderstandings here and there but our little model is loooooved by the lecturers and we managed to get over ourselves somehow. hahaha, how great is that kan? i know. hahaha. so, i just wanted to sharea piece of joy with everyone. here is our baby. enjoy

task task

/ Sunday, February 17, 2008 /
im now having a blast doing my current task. LOADS of nescafes, series of sleepless nights and eye bags, but yeah, its a blast. i havent got the time to update the blog but i'll post something to keep this blog alive. oh yeah, yesterday, nina, yasmin, dini, kyrie and i went to ipoh.. by ourselves!! yasmin n nina were driving, and of course got lost couple of times but, wtv, we got the hang of it. bangga kot cos fr us the newcomer without anyone in familiar with ipoh, here in ipoh, we could've lost forever. haha.

talk abt yesterday, it was hell-lot tiring. went to kamdar, jusco, and ipoh parade. u see, we went to quite a lot of places and we still got back in seri iskandar in one piece. hehe


ps: actually, mama helped a lot. she called to lead the way. haha. hands-down to mama. :)

balik ):

/ Saturday, February 9, 2008 /
oooooh, how i miss people i left in segamat. one person i know have been missing me so much is KOKO. awww koko, dont la miss me like that, u leave me feeling guilty for leaving u la. nini and kak tasha have been telling the same how u always mention me, and how u missed me. if u have to know,

I MISSED U TOO! sooooo badddd ok.

and some other people there. classmates, course mates, college mates bla bla. i just havent got the time to stay in touch. jangan marah mira k? im soo sorry. ok ok, im not as happy as i used to be when im back in segamat ok, if that make u feel better. i have to find (all over again) my cliques, i have to start PART 1 again. ugh. but its ok since i looooove this course.

and oh yeah, after a week of mid-term breaks, i finally going back to perak today. yes today. sad kan? and i even missed the family day. u know how i love love love going to any family event, and I MISSED IT! shaite. thanks to LOADS of assignments that needed to be settled before going back to perak. next time k mira.

ok lah, ttyl dear.

ps: u know im so busy now kan, and the internet is so stupid in perak, i cannot blog selalu sgt, so sorry for that k.


/ Monday, February 4, 2008 /
I didnt mean for any disrespect or raciscm, but this is remarkably hillarious. watch this video and you know.

see what i mean? this genius, this (MBB) person, made the lyrics and its a hit in youtube. you can watch more of his work, just type MBB and enjoy the jolly ride (:
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