selamat hari raya :D

/ Wednesday, October 17, 2007 /

alrighty, first things first.

thank godddd my hotspot turn out OK, just ok, after weeks of baiki-baiki here and there with the ustaz-know-it-all tu. not badd, he's actually turned my XP to Vista, not bad at all. oh you know local universities, they banned many many many websites that are unappropriate for students kan, ok, i dont mind that as i dont usually goes to that kind of websites. heee. but, out of everything else, you have to ban la kan? why do you think i wantttt the internet so baddd? to blog kottt, duh. so, its like i went thru freaking many tiring days of melawating the ustaz for nothing, at all. and that is why i havent update my blog. million sorry for that. you shud've blame the ustaz k. :XX

coming to the couples of the very last weeks of finals, the lecturers gila gila give assignments to us students. helllo, in case they havent notice, we have final exams coming and RAYA kot. and dont they think they shud've given us more time to study and raya peacefully? i mean, be considerate. i know stress is good, but i KNOW from the beginning this is not a good stress to me. *sigh* and oh, koko said, i've been sighing a LOTT lately. why eh, i wonder. i hope my application to change my course will be accepted. pleaseeeee.

RAYA. one word. BORING. why niii? i've been looking forward to raya before i even start my puasa. and i got this kind of raya? i dont even feel the raya-feeling i used to get every raya. u have no idea how boring this raya feels. thira raya kat melbourne. cittt. mengade. and yea, duit raya sikitttt sgt. blahh.

and now, i really really need to get my ass to open the book and study. my finals are coming realll soon, and i havent read a single alphabets ok. my finals start next week and try this

22/10 monday - BEL 120 (english) , MGT 162 (management :X)
23/10 tuesday - CTU 101 (agama kott)
27/10 saturday - ACC 115 (accounts ; u know how i just 'LOVE' accounts kan? ish)
7/11 wednesday - MAT 140 (maths)

and the sakit hati part is, why in the worldddd they have to make 10 days gap between accounts and maths ni? sakit hati kot.

wtv. ttyl love. :D:D
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