/ Thursday, September 24, 2009 /
is it just me,

or did Nabil from Raja Lawak ( woerkhhhh, I know)

has emerged to be a handsome, young man? uishh, like goofy-hot punya kind.
Think Ross Geller!

nabil hot3

nabil hot2

see what I mean? well at least, I think he's hot 'tho he ain't got that so man-ly body.

I just finished watching Spontan, a new hit game show by Afdlin Shauki my mannn, haha
and my eyes keep coming back to Nabil, he's sooo fineee.

If anyone in the world knows me better, they would SO knoww that I have a soft spot for funny, spontaneous people. They could just crack me up all day long and I would laughed all over the floor and never looked back. hahaha

ps: I should realllly finish my assignment faster, the clock's ticking.

pps: You'll be updated with my faaaaabulous raya ever pictures soon, hang in there!

French Guys are hot!

/ Wednesday, September 16, 2009 /
Good Morning Loveliesssss, I'm home for raya, already.

here's a morning boost fer you guys.

World, this handsome gentleman here is SLIIMY. say it right, sleeee - meee.
and he's French alright. ay ay mamma cita. ok, that's not right.

Je ne soigne pas, je l'aime juste autant de !
it means, I don't care, I just love him so much!

that's nothing, I know my French.

okay, a little.

okayyy, I don't.

I looked it up in the dictionary.

I had to put the meaning here, so I don't forget what it means the next time I read this. hehe

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