/ Tuesday, October 28, 2008 /
we're so sakai, we dont care :)

long time no write kann? im sure you would have known why kan? going to the 2nd year is harder than i thought it would be. you have to be really, i mean realllly really ready then only the lecturers will release (is that the word?) you to the 2nd year.

honestly. i myself dont really think im up to that standard, yet. and i dont even think im gonna top my previous semester's pointer this semester. when i looked at the previous seniors works, lecturer's work, i swear im so scared, i can even die that second. their drawings took my breath away, like sumpah kot. and it got me thinking again on me taking this ID thingy.

dont get me wrong, i love ID, its just that im afraid that im not good enough to be a designer. help?

BUT, tak la sampai nak quit kan. haha

ps: i missed blogging so much. wait til the holidays, i blog gila2 kot.

pps: through out next month i'll be sitting for my finals, wish me the best guys, love ya

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