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/ Thursday, November 20, 2008 /
as i browse around the net looking for inspirations for the new home, i came across Co-housing Intentional Communities only to realise that how great idea this co housing is. this got me thinking why on earth the Malaysian government never would've thought of this before, or the developer or whoever which is concern.

Malaysian government has continuously instill the Malaysian with courtesy but not working so perfectly, im sure everybody is aware of this kan. haha, not to criticise the system but what the Malaysian really need is togetherness, dont u think?

so, the co-housing concept forms a close community of friends and caring neighbors, a safe, supportive environment where children, elders, and families of all types can live in an energy-efficient and Eco-friendly environment, sharing communal resources and facilities. i can just imagine myself living in this neighbourhood, listening to the birds chirping, with children running around the neighbourhood without even worrying about the possibilities to get knocked down by a car. this feelings is just wonderful.

these concept is very similar to how our grandpas and grandmas live yesteryear, and there is nothing wrong in bringing back the old days with a few drops of modernism to go along. I believe that people now are seeking for a friendlier, people-oriented way of living based on communities and pedestrian living with closer neighbours where they can chat with at tea. community spaces with open areas and parks - all connected by green pathways and biking trails. that is definitely one step to a happy community, dont u think?

ps: i would've bought one house for myself if there ever be a neighbourhood like this in malaysia.

curtain closed

/ Sunday, November 16, 2008 /
finally, just what i needed, semester break. holidays! Alhamdulillah, the exam went well, at least, i think it went well. i really need a few days of sleeping without any disturbance cause these few weeks my sleeping habit kind of reversing. similar to jet -lag except that i did not went anywhere with time differences,so, u know what i mean kan.

and i need to plan my holidays so that everything i need to do will be done this holidays. with me moving in to the new house, my holidays gonna be really busy and messy. but, i just cant wait to move out, sumpah seronok.

ps:im sooo going to missed de jamboree, but hopefully my holidays is great enough to top de jam off.

oh yeah, im home now :D

break me

/ Friday, November 7, 2008 /
After my English paper, I have a super long break, an 8 freaking days to anything but study. So what a better way to fill that 8 days? do u have to ask? haha

We ‘accidentally’ went to Ipoh on the Monday because the salon we intended to go was closed that day, so that practically an ‘accident’. An accident worth getting (was that even the right words, idk)

The next day only we went to the salon. I got myself a hair treatment, which was so relaxing and I don’t even have to pay so much money on it, compared to in KL, obviously kan.

The rest of the week, I stayed in watching movies, movies and movies! Really, I’ve watched like 13 freaking movies and one japan series already by now, in a 1 freaking week. For me, that’s quite a record. Haha , I have to tell u this, that japan series I watched was HANA KIMI. Im so in loveee with this series because it had everything I see in everyday life. Sweet, fun and a little bit of sentimental value to it. Sumpah I cried like a baby, (even worse I think a) at the very end of the series. At the beginning I kept wondering when will this series ever ended, it felt like forever going to the end of it. When I finally come to the end of it, I really don’t want it to end.

In the series, I really love nakatsu, he’s the happy-go-lucky guy I’d ever see, and he’s hot too to top everything off. And also sekime, everyone keep on forgetting his name but obviously not me. How can I, with the hair like that, so cute! And of course, everyone’s gotta love nanba-senpai, the senior, head dorm and also a playboy, but he’s cute anyway, wthellll kan. Oh and sano pun okayy la. Hehe. I can talk about them and never shut my mouth ever again if I don’t stop now. Ok stop, shut. :D

So, u should should should must must must watch hana kimi. Its like theee best Japanese series I’ve watched, like everrr, so far. Okay I should shut up now.

Til then, pray for my next paper okay, its on the nov 10th, and the last paper is on the 16th and then im coming home baby. Hehe.


Ps: my dear lecturer, puan suzy has successfully delivered a baby boy named Iman Danial. Its their (en. Nizam & pn Suzy’s) first baby. I just wanted to congratulate them on their welcoming of the newborn baby, may Allah bless your family en nizam.


/ Sunday, November 2, 2008 /
im counting the days people..

CTU 283
BEL 311
INA 152
INA 162

these are the hardest time of the year, examinations week. but whats makes the week easier is always the family. i have always had mamayah's prayers, hani and adik(who wishes me "4 flat along!") which is cute. im trying to live up to that, but i dont think i will go near to that number 4.

to what is worth, i really think i did my best and i really hoped that i'll cheer the family back home with my results again. because the reaction i get from them, 2 semester in a row, i cant really describe in a words. i just love the look they gave me. i want that look all the way until i graduate for my diploma. InsyaAllah. and everything wouldnt happened if it werent for Allah, and because of the family really believed in me and dearest lecturers. i couldnt thank them enough.

gosh, this gets really emotional, hehe

anywayss, i wanna wish
hani - best of luck for ur coming spm, i know u can beat me.
adik - i know u already got that 1A for agama, tambah lagi.
and thanks mamayah for everything!
and all the friends who'll be taking exams this year. ttyl

ps: tak sabar nak pindah,yayyy
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