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/ Monday, April 12, 2010 /
these past few, errr, months, I've lost interest in blogging, anything at all. To say I have nothing to say tu, tipu la kannn. But ever since I started the working 9 to 6 life, I got tired so very easily. I only seek fr my ever so comfy bed the minute I got home and if mama ajak go out to look for kain baju raya, I said, "Malas". I know righttt, I said "malas" to shopping kan, hmmm, see what working did to your used-to-be very energetic life. haha

anywhoooo, need I clear the air here, my current life I'm living did not have anything to do with my workplace, I loveeeeee it there, its the journey I walked to start the day ( not walk la, drove) that I cant stand sangat sangat. I can whine for monthssss about how baddd I hate being in the dem jammed for nearly 1 and a half hours everyday, yeah, go figure. Going back is no different jugeee. haih

but I should be grateful that I'm not the one who's driving, it's the Daddy in the morning and the Mommy in the evening. They're the best parent you've ever asked for, I loveeee you guys sangat2 mamayah. Thank you for everything.

okay, moving onnn, lets talk abt something less stressful, shall we? obviously it'll be abt my favourite people in the office that really made my day. first, THEEE Superb Designer-cum-Supervisor, Encik Rozi. He's not really the chit-chatty type, but I like his sooo experienced ideas whenever I got the nerves to go and chat with him. He's a Man with Very Few Words but every words that he said, means so much already. that's why I looked up to him so much, he's an Idol. And Jeff, the owner, really is so sweet, so very friendly to everyone and always so sarcastic in whatever he said, but in a funny way ;)

Next, my next-table-neighbour, Encik Hissam, a great designer as well. He's a very polite man, if u ask me. Very polite punya, and very friendly. We liked the same genre of songs and we did enjoy lagu raya so much ( yeah, we sang lagu raya in the office in the middle of march, haha) . he's very helpful in design and stuff. And the first day of my working there, he asked me to go see kak rai , because he said she's so lovely and all, and turn out to be his wife jugeeee.

mmg punnn, kak rai sgt sgt sweet, they make the cutest couple. Kak Rai did help a lot, and gave me something to do, rather than sit around doing nothing. We gossip2 sikit, and to make everything easier, she's a UiTM graduates , so we have something to talk about.What I'd do without you kak rai? hehe.

and then there's kak syikin who helped me in all ways, I can say that I survive it there because of her. She helps in sooo many ways. Without her, I dont know where I'd go for lunch, bank-in the salary check and maybe, never tasted the ever so sedapppp Thai Laksa at UOA building. hehe. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

and all the fellow collegues that really made my day, Abg Fozi ( super funnnnnny tau, dengan loghat kedah pekat dia tu), Kak Nona ( I always bugged her with my never ending questions, hehe), Encik Helmi & Encik Azhar who are never serious in whatever they said( hehe) , Abg Isman ( super cute senior!) , Abg Acap Ashaari ( who is really Awal's big brother, hehe & helps sooo much with the tech-y thingy), Abg Amran ( he always got very creative with his detail drawing), shamil( a very,very sweet kid and we always got teased by the abg2 because we were the only budak2 here) , Kak Adida, Kak Hasnah ( I loveeee gossiping with her, she takes gossiping seriously, haha, so cute), Kak Nor, Kak Lin, Kak Kas ( I climbed the stairs with her once from Level 14 to 19, to lose few extra pounds kononnye, haha), Abg Sheikh ( Dr Khi's favourite student, he's sooo niceeee & very helpful), and Abg Faiz ( always helps with the server thing, He's our own Jimmy Neutron here, hehe), and Kak naz ( sgt prettyyyy ), Abg ezzrie ( who always whinning just abt anything, but in a cute way punya, hehe), Abg Shahril ( sgt sarcastic, but sgttt baik), Abg Azrul, Abg Herman ( sgt kelakar, u have no idea, haha) , Abg Azli la, Abg Harris, Abg Fahmi lagi, Kak Julie la, Kak Fiza lagi, oh sumpah sgt banyak to state here.

I know I got over reacted by listing all of them here, but really, I don't want to leave anyone behind, because I really really liked them, because they're the only ones I looked forward to seeing everyday. and I really meant it when I said they're all so baikkk, u'll know if you're here. I can't thanked you guys enough.

regardless all the lovely people I got on the job, the jammed always go around ruining it all.

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Anonymous on: May 12, 2010 at 5:37 PM said...

Why thank you for all the kind words!! And I am glad you enjoy my sarcasm.....

hope you will come back to work with us when you are finished school.


{ Amirah Farhana } on: May 13, 2010 at 8:09 PM said...

my pleasure, and I really meant every words I said abt u guys.

and I be happy to work with u guys after my studies :)

{ jengg00d } on: May 14, 2010 at 7:14 PM said...

don't miss out any opportunity given,
there are so many wonderful things you will find here in stunning designWilkes. >('',)<

Anonymous on: May 14, 2010 at 9:30 PM said...

yoyo..thanks for your thoughts..very meaningful to everybody..

you are very nice girl too,i can see your effort on learning new things in the office.kudos to that..keep on diggin' all the knowledge there,it is worth diggin,minus the sarcasm.. ;p

Jimmy Neutron

{ Amirah Farhana } on: May 16, 2010 at 3:05 AM said...

awwwhhhh, thank you for the lovely comments abt me, and for sugar-coating it too, haha

now I'm so sad to leave dahhh, :'( haha

so much to keeping quiet abt my blog at any of u guys, haha, mmg tak boleh la kan.

Anonymous on: May 17, 2010 at 12:11 PM said...

hahaha..yup I am serious when i am gossiping... because i know, gossip will always lead to 'something' else in your u can always be prepared...even the PM loves gossip...!..

Its not how much you take the gossip seriously that counts, Its how you handle and manage the gossips around you... be prepared!

{ Amirah Farhana } on: May 17, 2010 at 11:20 PM said...

well said, i couldnt think of anything better than that, kak adida,

kak adida kan? ke kak hasnah? haha

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