eat your heart out

/ Friday, December 12, 2008 /
these days, i spent nearly most of my waking hours on the couch with the laptop cling to me almost 24/7. even so, i cant seem to update this blog with anything. its not like i have nothing going on these past few weeks, plus i've encounter many great sites to share with everyone else. i just cant seem to have the mood for it.

anywayss, i've just read my mails and there's one from en nizam (my lecturer) that really caught my eyes. he's truly a born designer, reflected in his email as well. his email always very design-ish. everything is always related to what he tought us and what inspires him. he sent me videos of phillip starck--very thoughtful. and one about a restaurant in Latvia, im not sure what is the name of the place but here's something for your eyes.

i say, the owners really has so much going on in his head, in a very creative way. check out the nurses who'll be serving u, a bunch of hot nurseses with red wigs on. thumbs up for you mister!

the bartender :D

Grilled New Zealand mussels in spicy tomato sauce

Beef carpaccio with the syringe and the pinset. i cant say its very tempting, but thats something new. hehe

ps: eating anything here sounds very fear factor-y to me. hee

source:encik nizam :DD
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