sprts day.

/ Friday, March 30, 2007 /
Went to the st mary’s sports day and was having the time of my life. Izzati took us hiramalinasuhaila&me at mine’s in the morning not knowing that she’s already got ppl with her. So hiramalina & I sandwiched at the back seat. And then farah came.
We’re Big Mac. Then went to selayang baru because smarty pants farah wants us to go there. But end up balik with muka malu because they seems to not having seats for 9. kinda figured that actually.

Then, I suggested we go to my fave roti canai restaurant, bbs. And we went, thank god, I’m starving, for crying out loud! We sat there about 10 minutes je kot because I was rushing. And hani called saying that we missed Pope’s cheer. Shaite. Thank you god for still let us watched Mc Neil’s. That was the best. Suraya, suraya. One entertaining show.
And syafikah cameeee!! I was sooo happy. I missed her like crazy. It’s syafika, hani’s bff. I love that girl. Seriously.

The rest of the day, we just sat in the tent watching the sukaneka. Well, I must say, Playnians really did 'menyerlah' from the last time. Big time. And sure, I did expect for Playne house to win the champion title, and we did. We kinda sapu bersih all the pingat and making all the other houses bengang. We won the champion title, !st place for cheerleading and tent decorations. And without saying, the discipline cup is ours. So, it’s officially a decade we'd won the cup. Proud, yes. Although the ppl not so discipline pun.

But what frustrating me was that ayah, yes, he fetched me justtt 2 minutes before they about to announce the champion. Eeee, geram nye. Thank you for making my day ruined just because the 2 minutes la. Sakit hati betol.

And oh yea.

Daniel, you’re fucking ass hole! For not wanting to go out with u, ur throwing all the bad words to me. One of them was so not acceptable ok. Thank you for finally showing me ur true colours. I’m so glad I never went out with you. && never will kott.

p/s: I’ll put up the pictures at the sports day some other time cos I haven’t got the pics yet. So, sabar. ;)

what women ( i ) want. ;)

/ Thursday, March 29, 2007 /

omg. this guy is so freaking hot ok. i know u agree with that. i swear to marry him && if only i can do that. god! i'm in love with this Hafiz Adnan.


speaking of which, i'm sooo missing that other hafiz. i'm sure he's doing fine at his place now and all but i miss him. i really should get over it by now but he's sooo my type u know. what satisfy me that is. except for some small things he didn't do, which for me is quite important, i don't see the future's there. god i miss him. i felt like texting him and say

"hey, lets meet!"

no, i just cant. he's not like that.

ohh i'll be dead if he finds out abt my blog, this post and me talking abt him. dead meat. but, nayyy. i dont think so. he's not all abt this techy thingy. at least, thats what i think. hopefully.

presley, elvis presley.

/ Wednesday, March 28, 2007 /
elvis, you kannn. for soooo long i've been wondering ur song la. the one in Lilo & Stitch tu and only justtt now i finally got the answer. Hound Dog, why is it sooo hard to search for it huh? Amazon.com played his part jugak ok. thanks a bunch. god, and now i hooked to the song. haih.


some people la kann, we just can't change them la. well, now i know, geeks will always be geeks, altho hell freezes over. suka hati la weii.


/ /
ugh. seriously. i think doctors realllly creeps me out kay. i had a medical check-up just now and i never thought she was going to do that. u know, THAT. i know i really shouldn't be saying this here but ugh. yeah. not here. i think i'll go express my disguise somewhere else. but, u know, ugh.

and ewww.



/ Monday, March 26, 2007 /
the purpose ppl blog is bcos they have something to share. kan? well, i don't have something (or anything) to share today but as it does most of the time, it gets me to write something, anything. and i ended up writing craps bcos i had nothing. nada.

well, today was just like all the other day after a week past my working days. a normal-boring-sleepy days is how i put it. woke up in the morning, work my ass off on the life-saver machine we bought the other day. i want a nicole richie's body so mama said then u have to put effort on it. TONS of effort, more likely. fine, i'll try.

thats just it. i just hope all my work-outs pay off. they better be.

rain, rain.

/ Thursday, March 22, 2007 /
well today didn't turn out to be as planned. we didn't went swimming and we can't transfer the pictures in the computer. all thanks to izzati's phone. and for the swimming part, rain, tq. but i did enjoy myself today. we feet-soaking and walk (& talk & sing & dance) under the rain. which was a bit weird but we had fun. thats all we did this one day.

people people.

/ Wednesday, March 21, 2007 /
i've started a new blog.


you know me. well, that just it. lets just hope i'll stick to this one. ;)
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