birthday wishes

/ Saturday, July 12, 2008 /

i turn 19 today! yay, im old. hmph.

how worse can my birthday gets? i cant even get to celebrate my 19th birthday, the last 'teen' of my age with my family and friends. and im now stuck to my laptop, and going to the cc which is milessss away from the university, doing this toilet asgmnt. how niceeee. best birthday ever kot. ugh

i miss the family.and the cat.

who would have thought

/ Friday, July 11, 2008 /

guess what im doing for the first project?

you got that right! toilets! what a wayyy to start a new semester, haha
and i've been in and out from the uitm for the billionth time already now to do a research on toilets and i gotta say, i dont need to see any toilets anymore for a reeeeeeeally reeeeally long time. i think i've seen enough toilets to last me a lifetime, hehe


/ Tuesday, July 8, 2008 /
diana, i've read your post about the ungrateful friend which i knowww you are totally referring to me. yeah, i cant blame u for saying all those things. and im so sorry for not keeping in touch, for not keeping promises and for making you feel all those things you're feeling towards me. it just that, i dont planned all those things, yeah, its a tad cliche for me to give this reasons but its true.

and that night when we were suppose to chat together, my msn cant seem to work properly and my internet is just as bad. i dont believe in coincidence u know, but shit happens. u can think whatever you want about me, but to make u feel like a total idiot and push u aside was never my intentions. really, and i definitely "terasa pedasnya" when i read that post cos i know thats me you were talking all along.

but at the end of the day, its u who make the choice to still talk to this ungrateful friend of yours, i totally understand.

im here

/ Sunday, July 6, 2008 /
already, back in uitm perak. wait for the series of sleepless night, againnnnn.

ps: my new room suck! my locker cant even hold half of my things, so u go figure. ugh.


bye bye

/ Thursday, July 3, 2008 /
it's that time again. im going to perak for my second semester. saying good byes to the family, the cat, the house. who would've thought its 2 months already. how time flies when you're having fun. so i guess, i blog again when i got the time okay?

now offfff to perak, again. hmmphh.

i hate going away from the family. haihh.

diner & drive thru

/ Tuesday, July 1, 2008 /
i came across a few great diners and drive thrus, and i thought i should just post it here. and it kept me thinking why cant malaysia have all this kind of diner. the small-and-scattered-all-over-the-town kind of diner. cos i think its very convenient and definitely low cost(i think) and i sooo think any restaurant owner could afford it. plus, they're super cute! they can be a new attraction as i dont think any malaysian have ever tried the attempt on opening this kind of diner here, so.

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