Our Roma Adventure // Part 1

/ Wednesday, May 14, 2014 /

I knowwww, this post is long overdue, but bear with me, I had a lot going on so I can't find time to update but now that I got the time, I want to share this with you! 2013, was by far the best year yet, because I managed to plan my first ever, Eurotrip, and backpacking somemore

It was my final year in UK, and I wanted to travel some more before I head back home and also because my friends from Malaysia is coming to visit, so we plan the whole thing together.

Our initial plan was:


BUT, because we were all still students, and had a budget, we had to cancel 2 destination :'(


We'll come back for you Istanbul & Greece, just you wait :D

But for now, here's bits and pieces of our adventure in Rome. 

This was when we had to recheck our luggage, the weight, what you can and cannot bring in the flight because we were on a budget flight (Ryan Air), so they were quite strict on this matter. 

What I did not show here was, myself wearing 5 layers of clothing because, oh well, my luggage was overweight and I'm soooo not paying for the excess baggage, so I WORE those excess baggage. Yeap, half of my clothes, ALL ON MY BODY. hahahaha. 
Upon arriving Rome, we had a bus already waited for us outside (the one that I booked months and months before this trip) to get us to the city center where we stayed. Checked in, left our baggage and we're off to the train station to get to our first destination, COLOSSEUM of course! 

As some of you may know, all 4 of us is a design major students (Interior Design & Architecture), so the moment we saw Colosseum, we couldn't believe what's right in front of our eyes. So much emotions staring at the ruins because all this while we only read about it from our history books and now we're here! I wanted to cry, but that's okay, can tahan lagiiii :D *emotional*

So, the rest of this post, as you guessed, is filled with Colosseum pictures, at every angle. Trust me. haha Memang jakun macam tourist habis. You guys get me, right? hehe

This is Kyrie, my bestfriend who came alllll the way from Kayyy Ellll! We're the mastermind behind this trip!  

And yes, she brought the sketch book all through out this trip :)


These were all tourists from the US. Sometimes, we would sneak inside the crowd just to listen to what the tourist guide was saying, explaining about the building. haha cheapo, I know.

You can't tell, but it was dripppping hot, and my clothes, WAS NOT meant for this kind of weather :O LOL

Here's a short little video I put together on our Rome trip. It's merely a 3 minute video but mind you, I was busy soaking in all the greatness of the building, forgot to take lots of video on it. hehe

I WAS LIKE A KID HIGH ON SUGAR, can you tell? hahaha

Seriously, the journey has just begun. We have no idea what is coming for us next!

Stay tuned for our Rome Adventure Part 2!!! 

PS: Don't hesitate to ask me where I stayed and ate within our budgets all through this trip! Sharing is caring :)


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Sho much loveee ♥♥♥
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