Our Roma Adventure // Part 2

/ Monday, June 16, 2014 /

So basically, this post is to scram all those Roma photos I had and never get the chance to post them anywhere.

And to continue off from the last post, after hours being mesmerized by the big, round & hard structure that was the Colosseum ( what were you guys thinking? LOL) we continue on walking towards the old cities of Rome.

You should know by now, I am PARTICULARLY OBSESSED with windows. Oh yessss, MORE COMING. haha

The Gelateria I didn't get to try because our tour guide didn't think it's a good idea to stop here. What ever do you mean? It's always a GOOD IDEA if it involves gelato! ALWAYS.

Oh and doors, they're pretty innit innit ?

See? Purrrdyyy windows!

 Again, meeting the star of our history textbooks, Pantheon! Starstruck sangat!

I jumped at every chance I got to stop for Gelato. Hey, I'm on vacation! It's Italy some more. It 's a crime not to have as much as Gelato you can handle :D


Our last stop before heading back to our accommodation was The Trevi Fountain, of course! We did the coin tossing and people watching, the whole shenanigan! We were soooo tired, we literally could not speak to each other the whole time we were walking to the fountain, but we understood each other I guess. Just soaking in the beauty of the city :)

And look at how packed this place was with tourists doing all the tourist stuff, us included. So, we knew, it was time to go back to our hotel.

Such a beauty, you had to be there. Trust me, I would sooo jump in the fountain if it wasn't because I didn't bring my swimming attire, and because of there's other people, and mainly because it was illegal. hehe

Here's a video of our Roma Adventure, in case you missed the previous post :)

Stay tuned for Cinque Terre!

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