I Got The Blues For You .

/ Wednesday, January 13, 2010 /
I was blown away when acik wati told about her going to Greece this Chinese New Year break. I was reallllly. okay, you have to know, I have this list in my diary of places I should go, or things I should do before I die ( or probably after I have enough $$$ to go ) , and I've been carrying that little diary with me for years now. and Greece was like in 2nd place, well of course first would be Makkah and the third would definitely be Paris! and the list goes on til the number 11th already, for nowww. haha

ok, where was I? oh yea, GREECE! my most favourite place in Greece, that I think no one should NOT not go, is the Oia Village in Santorini. I remembered reading about Santorini at MPH when I'm always too early for work, when I was working with Nandos back then when I'm 18. and I fell in love since.

I mean, how can I notttt???

the houses are small, yes, but they're cute. and all that
vibrant colours all over the town, how can you resistttt?

Ahhhh, if only the myths about treasures at the end of rainbows is true,
I'll go dig for them in my imaginary garden. :D

oh ! I found this cute map for those of you who are going to Oia ! you're welcome ;))

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{ kyrie } on: January 15, 2010 at 9:07 AM said...

just what they have picture in 'the sisterhood of the traveling pants' gosh! the ocean really caught my eye. and yeah!! the colours too! but how about the people? esp the guy? i wonder...

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